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  1. Typical “science” as it is practiced today.
    Long stretches of imaginative narrative, followed by a disclaimer that the science doesn’t really support the imaginative narrative. Then more narrative & disclaimer.
    The weirdest bit was where she explained that, based on human biology, maybe one in a thousand neanderthals was born intersex.
    If so (and she gives no actual evidence that ANY neanderthals were born intersex), they suffered from a genetic abnormality and probably died or were killed at birth. That’s the way it is among savages.
    And her reference to neanderthals living in caves is surprising. For decades archeologists have known that the idea of cavemen is a modern idea based on the non-representative nature of archeological sites. Some prehistoric people lived in caves, certainly, but those who did live in caves were very likely the minority. The cave itself and the bones and other artifacts in it are more likely to persist across the ages and so be found by modern archeologists. The remains and artifacts of prehistoric people who lived in temporary wooden structures are less likely to be preserved, and less likely to be found by archeologists.

  2. Silly Max! But science™! Down with critical thinking! Down with ologies! Studies forevah! We define the meaning of is, you are not worthy of an independent thought.

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