Greetings, New Absolutists!

I’d like to issue a hearty “welcome” to all of you “progressives” out there who, in view of Twitter’s wholesale de-platforming not only of President Trump but masses of fairly mainstream conservatives, have become zealots for property rights (private and corporate) and freedom of association.

Good for you! It’s a big step!

Now – you and your movement owe a bit of an apology to all those bakers, photographers and florists you’ve been legally harassing for the past decade.

But baby steps! You can do it!

7 thoughts on “Greetings, New Absolutists!

  1. People were always crazy, but they couldn’t find each other, they couldn’t talk and disperse their craziness.

    Exhibit A would be Alex Jones, who spoke at a pro-Trump rally in DC on Tuesday. And it’s also tough to reason with unreasonable people. Take a look at a video clip circulating showing a Trump supporter verbally accosting Mitt Romney at the Salt Lake airport; so many of our fellow citizens need a basic education in civics.

    It would be very American if Trump couldn’t destroy the First Amendment himself, but could convince us to destroy it to protect ourselves from him.

  2. More nonsense from the nihilist apparatchik constituency

    No respecters of property, the Emery’s(and adjunct toady Kraephamer) are sycophant apologists devoted to deflecting, defending, denying, and dissembling on behalf of serial murderers (lets name them; Cuomo, deBlasio, Whitmer, Lightfoot, Walz, Malcom, Inslee, Newsom, Pelosi, Schumer, and Harris) whom they knowingly aid and abet in their crimes.

    This blog is their platform

  3. 👆These guys believe in the sanctity of private property — until they’re on private property.

    I’m going to get whacked for this, but here goes.

    If you want the norms to be upheld, you have to uphold the norms.

    Trump was a historical atrocity. That doesn’t mean we’re going to stop criticizing other politicians, because that’s what you do to politicians. Anything that smells like Trump will need at least two generations before Americans can stomach the flavor again.

    Curious to see what happens long term to a political party now totally immersed in online conspiracy theories.

  4. “People were always crazy, but they couldn’t find one another.”

    Yup, back when I was a kid in the 1980s, there wasn’t any “Farm Belt Fuehrer” named Gary Lauck, no “Worker’s Weekly World”, and there definitely wasn’t any John Birch Society. Nobody ever worried about the Klan, or skinheads, Red Guards, or other extremist groups. Certainly nobody ever smiled and remembered their college days when they watched Perchik teach Bolshevism in Fiddler on the Roof.

    Well, except for those people who, say, read the papers and knew about all of this. Come on, Emery, you ought to be able to do better than that. The use of the printing press to enable political activism dates back pretty much to Gutenberg.

  5. Come on, Emery, you ought to be able to do better than that

    Is this based on any evidence that he ever did?

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