Planet Of The Humans, Part 2: The Donkey In The Room

Pardon a brief, but I believe illuminating detour into psychology.

For this detour, I’ll ask your brief indulgence; try to go back to a time, five short years ago, where the term “Narcissism” hadn’t been hijacked by cancel culture to refer, like “Racism”, “Whiteness” and “Fascism”, to refer to “anything that triggers me or refers to people I hate but can’t reasonably define why”. Like all those terms, and many more, modern leftist academic and media culture has dumbed it almost out of existence. Remember a few years back, when the term “narcissism” was both an ethical description of a personality trait – solipsism to the point of self-destruction – and a clinical diagnosis, one of many flavors of “Personality Disorder”.

With that indulgence asked, onward.

I may be the only pundit in the world who refers to this article, 20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths And Psychopaths Use To Silence You – a key tool for describing modern-day “progressives”.

And when you read through them, it’s not even a stretch.

  • Gaslighting: “Mask (or climate, or white supremacy) denialism shows you don’t care about others!”,
  • Projection: This blog has made a virtual science out of cataloging that trait.
  • Nonsensical conversations from hell: the language of modern academic “social justice”, which has been leaching into and leeching from public education for decades, is the very definition of the “word salad” that defines this trait.
  • Blanket Statements and Generalizations: “One in five women will be raped at university”, and the concepts of “Toxic Masculinity (Whiteness, Individualism, etc, etc)” leap out at one.
  • Deliberatelly misrepresenting your thoughts and feelings: Here was a master class in the subject.

That’s just the first five. I could – and soon, no doubt, will – go on from there.

Indeed, I commend you to read the list, and think of how it applies to the Progressives you deal with.


Captain Obvious phoned in with the following statement of the plain-as-day: As the Democratic Party has moved sharply to the left, and been taken over by people who reject the tenets and goals principles of the civilization that the United States has always led, control of power has become the goal.

“Yeah, but that’s all politics”.

Sure, in a sense. And I don’t want to overidealize the way 240 years of American politics have hewed to those principles.

But it’s not a stretch to say that Hubert Humphey would be laughed out of today’s Democratic Party; that Lyndon Johnson would be revered not for his principles, but for his tactical acumen; that Jimmy Carter would be treated like a naive college kid.

You can say, if you want, that the Democratic party doesn’t itself exalt the worst, most toxic traits of modern “progressive” culture – cancel culture, identity politics, an academy that would have made Orwell recoil in horror, and a desire to control not only the narrative but history itself that Mao would have loved.

You could say – as many Democrats have said to me – that the fact that Biden is, himself, proof that Democrats reject this. To do this, you have to ignore the fact that his mental shelf date is (I take no joy in saying this, dealing as I am with a parent with dementia) very obviously approaching, and those waiting in the wings make no bones about their own goals and means. You have to ignore the way the left is governing at the state and especially local level, looking at the left’s “bench”, the Lori Lightfoots and Gavin Newsomes and Fredo Cuomos and Squiggy DiBlasios, not to mention the endless self-adoring prattle of The Squad.

And you can look at the tortuous rationalizations – “Nonsensical conversations from hell” – by which they justify the months of rioting to which, it’s fair to say, last week’s rumble at the Capitol was in large part a response.

But let’s be clear on something, here:

Where Blame Is Due

The blame for the Capitol riot goes to the rioters, and those, up to and including the President, who fomented it. No way around it.

But it didn’t happen in a vacuum.

Progressivism – with its habit of hamfisted power that rules by turning people against each other – was the fuel for the fire, not only last week but behind our society and country’s downward arc this past few decades.

And like all fires, it needs a spark and air to start burning.

We’ll come back to that next.

11 thoughts on “Planet Of The Humans, Part 2: The Donkey In The Room

  1. Mitch, as someone that has had to deal with a parent who ultimately lost that parent to dementia, you have my prayers for strength and patience. It is not easy, especially watching that person’s mental decline as the disease progresses.

  2. File this one under “Captain Obvious”.

    Republicans had the choice and should have asserted themselves and held Trump accountable from Day One. Their silence in the face of his obvious abuses contributed to the formation of a cult that now threatens their lives. Never should have come to this.

  3. Em,


    Now you progs do “progressivism”, which is an awful lot like the worst aspects of “Trumpism” (seriously – on many issues, Trump and Sanders had the same message with different accessories) with about a century of head start.

  4. The blame for the Capitol riot goes to the rioters, and those, up to and including the President, who fomented it. No way around it.

    Absolutely disagree. Unless you are saying that EVERYTHING Trump had done in the past four years was the “fomentation”. Delivering on the economy, border control, peace in the middle east, showing china that they are not the boss, making America great again and putting American interests first. All while fighting against obstruction from the left who have cheered on seditious mobs and wished for the President and his family’s death? Really? YOU see NO way around that? As others have already pointed out, repeatedly, can you point to any one instance where Trump talked about a riot? Suggested a riot? Indeed, incited violence?

  5. Well then, Emery, by the logic of you lefties, Bernie Sanders and his supporters, are complicit in the attempted murder of a Republican Congressman and the wounding of two police officers.

  6. In morphing from the Democrat party, the Reprobate party has gone from “fighting for the poor, the disadvantaged and the minorities” to “Empowering the lazy, the degenerate and the mental deficients.”

    I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve run across a leftist that wasn’t a complete human garbagebarge from tiller to prow; present company most surely included.

  7. Despite his frantic tap dancing, Merg is going to have to choose a side. In the current year, middle ground in no-man’s land.

    Just watch what happens to the Filthy Five that tried to appease the reprobates today.

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