If We Start Giving “Walter Duranty” Awards…

…I hereby nominate Twitter:

Bonus question – which late-night host or CNN “personality” will be the first to parrot this?

3 thoughts on “If We Start Giving “Walter Duranty” Awards…

  1. a better question would be: “when will the Bidoon administration unleash eugenics squads to sterilize conservatives?”

  2. I don’t watch those networks enough to name any of the hosts, but I predict several of them on several shows will have identical comments within a short time. Almost as though they’re scripted by the same source. I know that’s not possible. Because journalists and pundits are independent.

  3. Golfdoc, that has been happening for a long time already. I remember when nearly every network had people questioning George Bush’s “gravitas” on the same day. For them all to use the same rather esoteric word on the same day stretched credibility. Rush even did a montage of it.

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