Just In Case Anyone Forgot

Violent riots were cool, before they weren’t.

I’m going to guess every “#Resist” and “Question Authority” bumper sticker disappears from every single Subaru in the country over the next two weeks.

10 thoughts on “Just In Case Anyone Forgot

  1. It’s been said often, bears repeating. If leftists didn’t have double standards, they’d have none at all.

  2. Per the new standards for treason, I suppose the mayors of Seattle and Portland will be impeached for fomenting violence and attempted takeovers of federal property.

  3. No justice, no peace (too many to name)

    Since when were protests supposed to be peaceful and polite? -cuomo

    And wasn’t it okay when “protesters” stormed the capitol during the Kavanaugh hearings? Why yes, yes it was okay.

    Don’t even read the trolls today, maybe they will just go away if we ignore them.

  4. Shouldn’t be hard to find images of protesters filling the capitol rotunda in Madison, day after day, beating drums, when Scott Walker was governor back in 2011.

  5. Or when protesters/rioters filled the Senate office building in 2018, when Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as associate justice. It seems to me that the big deal now is that the rioters got into offices and the Senate chambers itself. In other words, it’s a big deal because it’s Democratic legislators who are getting scared.

    Not a fan of riots, but the double standard is pretty bad here.

  6. Or the 2016 Democrat “sit-in” in the House of Representatives to demand more “gun control”. (None of the measures/demands they offered were passed, btw.)

  7. Off topic; Cuomo is apparently withholding COVID vaccinations from senior citizens. I guess at least he’s consistent.

  8. Shopping at Cub last night, the lady in line ahead of me was commenting how terrible it was, storming the White House, those Trump people are just crazy and they oughta be locked up.

    She has no idea what happened or where or why. But she’s convinced it was “those Trump people” who did it and the solution is cattle cars. When Democrats call for a purge of Trump supporters, she’ll be nodding right along.

    I wonder how it felt to be a Jew living in Germany in the 1930s, watching socialists blame Jews and promising the public they could cure all evils if only the Jews were eliminated.

    I wonder how it felt, knowing the darkness was coming but not knowing when; trying to decide whether to stay and fight, stay and keep your head down, or flee; and when to flee, and where?

    It must have felt terrifying. I hope I never find out.

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