The John Ireland Boulevard Speech

Mr. Walz, if it’s being perceived as a governor for all of Minnesota that you seek, come to this chain-link fence.

Photo courtesy Rob Doar

Mr. Walz, If you truly seek the “transparent” government to which you pay so much lip service, open this gate.

Mr. Walz, if you are serious about all of your “one Minnesota“ prattle, tear down this chain-link fence.

6 thoughts on “The John Ireland Boulevard Speech

  1. Mitch – pretty sure that after yesterday in DC that it will get torn down. Then, rebuilt higher and with razor wire on top. Can’t have dirty citizens getting in there.

  2. It strikes me that there is a huge opportunity for someone to make it big in politics by helping to turn down the temperature of rhetoric, and to do that for the long term, you’ve got to do it from a conservative viewpoint. We are fighting as a country because so much of our economy and lives are being brought under control of the government, and to roll it back, you’ve got to persuade moderates and liberals that it is actually in their interest, too, to have originalists/textualists on the bench and to reduce the number of programs devoted to paying off political patrons.

  3. BB – you’re not wrong. But, how does that even happen? How does this person get the word out to all concerned? What happens when they say X, and then the media go on a full-spree RHEEEE and say it’s a lie, racist, nationalist, anti-science, etc? Some lessons have been learned, and I don’t think anyone not toeing the line will have the ability to get their message out.

  4. I think you get a group of people together with a particular office in mind–say state legislator of some sort–and you put the platform together and see how it works. The media don’t cry wolf as much for the littler offices. Then if it works, you take that model to a lot more districts, and then you start moving up the political food chain to statewide races and races for national office. By the time the media catches on, it’s a movement that’s gained traction all over. Much harder to suppress.

    And if the media cries “rheee” and slanders you, letters to the editor and then to the courts. I almost wonder if the bigger risk is that too many conservatives won’t accept a campaign that tries to reach out to those on the left.

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