Trranslation Services, While You Wait

Here’s Minnesota governor, transcribed from a “virtual fundraiser“:

“ They are using this as a way to try to divide us along cultural lines, along ethnic lines“

Clearly the DFL has a problem in greater Minnesota; look at the results of the last three or four elections. The DFL is losing, not gaining, traction among those whom Governor Klink refers to as “rocks and cows“

Let’s translate this.

In 2018 Governor Klink threw “Greater Minnesota” under the bus and french-kissed the Metro Progressives to get into power.

In 2020, the DFL is all but extinct outside the Metro – and his hamfisted, incomptetent Covid quarantine has disproportionally affected Greater MN. Klink has to try to make inroads in what could be a pretty monolithic GOP vote outside the Twin Cities, because the Metro vote alone may not be enough.

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  1. Minnesota’s DFL openly embraces racism, sexism, and religious bigotry. Hard to get more divisive than that, unless you count fomenting hatred. But of course they do that, too. Whatever loyalty Walz has it is not to “greater Minnesota” (whatever that means), it is to the DFL party and the government that has put food on his plate for fifty years.
    And what are these dog whistles that only liberals can hear?

  2. From what some Democrat business owners and laid off restaurant employees tell me, Kim Jong Wally can’t necessarily rely on as much metro support, either.

  3. I think Walz’s unpopularity outside the metro is worth discussing. This is not a new thing, it has been the case ever since Wendy Anderson got voted out of office for pissing off the iron miners.
    For those of you too young to remember, DFL’r Wendy Anderson resigned as governor so that his Lt. Governor, Rudy Perpich, could appoint him to the senate seat left vacant when Carter chose Mondale to be his VP. The political undercurrent was the DFL caving to metro environmentalists to essentially kill mining jobs in northern Minnesota. And it didn’t help that when declaring most of BWCA off limits to motorized boats (thus reducing potential tourism income), several high-ranking DFL’rs, including Mondale, carved out of the map exceptions for BWCA properties belonging to themselves & their cronies.
    So there is a history in MN of DFL state office holders screwing over the people of outstate Minnesota to benefit the powerful metro DFL.
    In this case the trigger is probably anger at the one-man-rule and arbitrary economic shutdowns that have hurt so many MN businesses near Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas.
    Walz is certifiable. While he loosens, a little, the bonds of Minnesotans’ public lives this afternoon, he sez “The situation in Minnesota is undeniably better than it was last month. We have reasons to be optimistic, and Minnesotans’ sacrifice and commitment to their communities helped change the pandemic’s trajectory and saved lives. But we need to protect the progress we’ve made.”
    Minnesota’s pandemic’s trajectory is virtually indistinguishable from the surrounding states that did not lock down.
    Here is a list of your loosened restrictions, Minnesotans. Read it and weep for your lost liberties. None of these restrictions are the result of laws passed by your representatives. They are utterly arbitrary. No scientific or medical evidence is given to justify them.
    But behave yourselves, Minnesotans, or King Walz will be forced to revisit his decision.
    Bars and restaurants will be able to operate at 50% capacity indoors, capped at 150 people, according to the governor’s office. There will be six people allowed per table and those tables will be required to be six feet apart. Bar seating will also be allowed, but only pairs will be allowed and must be spaced six feet apart. Reservations will be required and indoor service will not be allowed during a 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. window.

    Meanwhile, gyms will be able to operate at 25% capacity indoors, also capped at 150 people, the governor’s office said. Those exercising must maintain nine feet of distance from others and fitness classes will be limited to 25 people at a time. All will be required to wear masks. Pools are to open for the limited purpose of lap swim, lessons, and organized sports activities.

    Indoor entertainment—including bowling alleys, movie theaters, and museums—and events will be permitted, at 25% capacity and capped at 150 people, the governor’s office said. Masks will be required and if food is served, guidelines must match those followed by bars and restaurants.

  4. Wrote this this morning.

    Arrived in N. Virginia last night. We stopped along the way to buy complete rally outfits at Walmart, clothing which will be discarded along the way home tonight. (Has nothing to do with being photographed; we’re just aware there may be leftist trash at the rally, and don’t want to risk bringing lice or fleas home with us). Bland sweat pants, no writing…we are the gray men.

    While en route, a text message to one of the guys suggests we try Apple maps for directions. We don’t need directions, we’ve traveled this route several times the past year and could find DC with our eyes closed. But we try it…”Directions Not available”. Yeah, we get it; like the Germans moving sign posts around in France to confuse the US Arrmy during WWII; “Heil Pedo Joe!; Heil Kameltoe!”. We’ve been passed by many vehicles sporting MAGA and Trump flags and regalia. They wave at us and give the thumbs up. We’re not really feeling the party vibe.

    The **** hotel in **** that we stayed in last night was filled with fellow rally travelers. Room doors were open and people moved from room to room to talk with one another. Libations and snacks offered to all comers; not one stinking face diaper to be seen. “Our people”; we all feel the brotherhood, it’s quite exhilarating.

    From hand written notes.

    Left the rentals a distance away this morning and Uber’d in as close as we could. *** and *** are staying behind to guard the vehicles; they’re rentals, but we need them to get home. We will rotate them out at noon. All the streets around the Capital mall are blocked by public works trucks; arrived at the Ellipse at 8:00. We’re told that the leader of the Proud Boys was arrested yesterday for WHAT?….burning a BLM flag? You’re kidding! Nope. Evidently he’s been released, but the DCPD chief has run him out of town. Yeah, we’re getting a vibe now. We move as a group through crowds; single file, each man with a tight grip on the collar of the man in front of him. We’ve been through this; do not get separated; do not wander off alone.

    If you get separated from the group, meet at the rally point at 2:00. We will wait for 1 hour, and then you’re on your own. If you get arrested, leave a message on ****’s phone, and we will check it when we get back to the vehicles. None of us are carrying electronic pocket spies. We have 4 (cheap, disposable) radios split between our group; we do not plan to have to use them. *** has brought an expensive digital camera with him to document the trip. We told him that was a bad idea, but you know how *** is.

    Sounds like we’re on a military op, doesn’t it? We must be here to start fights, right? Not a bit. We are sticking to official venues to meet like minded people. We will avoid all contact with leftist vermin and be gone before the sun goes down and they scuttle out to the streets to burn shit and attack elderly white people not smart enough to avoid them. Only a fool would choose enemy territory to stand their ground on; the leftist reprobate leadership of DC has made it clear they hate us and everything we stand for. Anyone not clearly among the left will surely be arrested tonight, and we do not plan on being You Tube content or leaving any of our treasure in this rotting, fetid city. Yeah, we got the message; we were never here.

    This is simply what gathering together in the national capital is like for real Americans in the current year. Wonderful, right? Sure, bring the kiddies!

    If you’ve never been to DC, you’re in for a real shock. It’s a city of wealthy politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, poverty pimps, moochers, thieves and drug lords. Outside Capital Hill and the high $ areas immediately surrounding it which are swept clean for politicians, DC is dangerous trash heap; one big MLK Jr. Blvd..

    We were warned that everything would be closed, and it is. The only retail going on are cart vendors selling MAGA crap from China. We are carrying enough supplies with us to last; wouldn’t want to spend money here anyway.

    Most of the people around us are not wearing face diapers, but we’re abiding by the CDC guidelines and have our faces completely covered…for that matter there isn’t an inch of skin showing anywhere on any of us (it’s chilly). It’s impossible to know how many people are here, but it’s less than on Feb 12th. I’m guessing a lot of folks are too bummed out to make the trip; .

    There are people carrying flags from every state in the union; yes even California is represented; heard a few NY accents…poor things. Lots of groups from Evangelical churches are here. We saw dozens of those little church buses and vans parked around; I hope they left some folks behind to protect the vehicles; they’re bound to be a prime target for leftist hit and run squads.

    The one thing we all noticed is the lack of organized presence, such as you see at leftist riots. There are no union thugs, “social justice activist” groups or “non profits” carrying pre-printed signs. Soros is not in the house. These are just American people who got here from all over the country on their own dime and their own time to protest the destruction of America.

    The vibe at this rally is different than others we have attended. We’re used to seeing happy people shaking hands and patting backs, celebrating each others company and love for our country. There is music coming from somewhere, but no one is dancing today. These people are not happy; they’re pissed off.

    We’re going to head over to the WH, where Trump is supposed to make an appearance. We’ll wander around for awhile after, exchanging phone numbers with our people from other states. Organizing is key now. We plan to leave in time to visit the Manassas battlefield on the way back home, and leave the streets of DC to the roaches.

    PM Update

    Well Trump has finished his remarks. Turns out there are just a couple more people here than we thought at first. I guess they were waiting for Trump, or having a delicious brunch, idk. We didn’t try to get very close, there’s big screens and the sound system is excellent. It’s apparent Trump although he says he has confidence in VP Pence, he has reconciled the theft as a fait accompli, but he is not going to concede; he declared Pedo Joe to be illegitimate, and 1/2 the country agrees.

    We have seen crews from OANN, Newsmax and Alex Jones is wandering around, and the place is crawling with cops but we haven’t seen any representatives from the reprobate news media, not even Fox. Guess they’ll just ignore the tens of thousands out here…nothing to see, move along. We’ve seen a few groups of militia types, but no one is armed as far as we can see.

    We’ve talked to lots of people who are at their wits end. Everyone agrees the reprobates fucked us, and we cannot let it go unanswered. Haven’t heard the results from Georgia yet, but everyone expects a fuck job there, too. I mean, if they got away with it once, why stop right?

    We’re hearing the SHTF at the Capital building, and we can hear loud bangs (fireworks? Tear gas?). Lots of people are heading over there. Against better judgement we’re going to go take a peek.

    So there’s a huge crowd over here; it turns out the cops tossed a couple flash bang grenades at the crowd, and the spicy odor of tear gas has subsumed the stench coming from inside the Capital, but it doesn’t look like anyone is making a rush for the doors.

    Oh, shit. Now I take that back. Patriots have broken down the doors and are going into the Capital rotunda; the East side mezzanine is filled with Patriots. And they’re saying the traitorous Congress has evacuated. Oh no! Now NBC may *have* to acknowledge “a couple disgruntled people” showed up in DC today.

    There’s people running all over the place, some are literally crying with passion, and cops are looking antsy. Gonna be blood and no winning here; we’re out for now.

    No matter what happens going forward, Pedo Joe and Kameltoe have been shown how many people hate them, and their ilk, and are fully committed to making their illegitimate stay in office very, very uncomfortable.

  5. We’re back at *** hotel in ***. Just learned a couple of US citizens got shot in the US Capitol…one a woman? Super duper.

    There is an unofficial happy hour happening in the lobby. Lots of derision towards Fox News. We didn’t see any of their people, or any of their coverage but evidently Chris Matthews was weighing in; nuff said there.

    We are meeting people and exchanging phone #’s from people all over the country; everyone is jacked and pissed. The reprobates have gone a bridge too far, and we’re not going to stand for it.

    That’s it for now, I just got a fresh beer.

  6. lol. Jut heard. “we wiped our ass on Joe Biden’s adminiastration”

    Soo fucking true,

  7. So, videos and testimonies from eye witnesses, are saying that the woman who was shot, was shot in the neck by panicking DC cop(s). She was reported to be a younger Trump supporter and was unarmed. Alex Jones was reporting earlier that she died, but that is unconfirmed.

  8. BH, we hear the same thing. Some of our younger guys are chomping at the bit to go back in there tonight and git some, but there’s not one of us that hasn’t been drinking and I’m trying to talk sense into them.

    I blame the GOP leadership for this shit. If they had assured us they were standing firm, none of this would have happened.

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  10. There are some viral video out there showing at least eight white short buses full of AntiFa thugs, being escorted into the area by law enforcement. Still more show the dude in the Viking garb at other BLM protests. Of course, none of this will get covered by the media.

    Funny what a short memory they have though. Remember in 2018 when leftists stormed the capitol to protest Kavanaugh? They were all being hailed as heroes by the media and I don’t recall seeing any of them arrested or shot.

  11. Been watching the reprobate news while getting ready to go home.

    So *now* rioting is bad? *Now* it’s time for law & order?

    These scumbags make me physically ill.

    It didn’t occur to any of us to enter the Capitol yesterday. We knew it was not going to end well and recognized it was time to leave. But I’ll be damned if I’ll condemn anyone who did.

    The people who broke into the Capitol yesterday were displaying their anger at a corrupt system that has hijacked our Democracy. As far as I know, they didnt destroy or burn anything, and I never heard anyone suggest physical violence against any politician. The only violence I’m aware of is the unarmed woman the cops shot.

    Our voting franchise has been tainted friends; the courts have refused to give us our right to due process. The mainstream media has been complicit in it all. This is what it looks like when you cheat and steal.

    Pedo Joe and his slut of a VP are not legit. I will not abide by anything they or their ilk prescribe. And now I learn that the reprobates took both Senate seats in GA…If we don’t stand together now, we’re finished.

  12. Ari Fleisher:
    If you don’t like what’s happening today, maybe you should go back four years, look in the mirror and ask if it was a good idea to declare #NotMyPresident, declare yourself the Resistance, and boycott an Inaugural. When one side violates norms, the other side will too.

    More than four years, it goes back through the 2000 election, to the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal.

  13. “The whole point of protesting is to make ppl uncomfortable.
    Activists take that discomfort w/ the status quo & advocate for concrete policy changes. Popular support often starts small & grows.
    To folks who complain protest demands make others uncomfortable… that’s the point.”
    -Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez

  14. ^ Yeah, I see you’re hitting all the threads with that point.  You must think it’s a great one.

  15. “to the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal.”

    yes the Clintons have truly been a metastatic cancer in the body politic.

    unfortunately we will likely have to endure another 10 years of them.

  16. Kinlaw,

    Twitter has not taken over my blog, but I lost control of Akismet, my open source content filter, long ago. Repeated attempts to get back on top of it have failed.

    I may give it another shot when time allows.

  17. Huh, I see that leftists stormed the Capitol, the Hart Office Building, and the doors of the Supreme Court when Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed as an associate Justice. Maybe we ought to impeach and remove the person coordinating the “hit” on Kavanaugh, Senator Feinstein, as well as another instigator, Elizabeth Warren.

    The more I see, the more I’m persuaded that the difference between Trump and the Democrats isn’t as much what they do, but rather how well people cover for them. I’m not a fan of storming the Capitol, especially on what I consider to be a lack of actionable evidence, but….well, that’s again exactly the case with the Kavanaugh invasion, too.

  18. I agree with Mark Steyn: ” The political class (represented by a Speaker who flies home to San Francisco on her own government plane) has been largely insulated from the pathologies they have loosed upon the land. For a few hours yesterday they weren’t. “

  19. In the United States, in 2021, censoring political content is the rule, not the exception, in the major media. One-man-rule has been adopted by many major states, and these new dictators have placed restrictions on which businesses can operate, even when and for what purpose citizens may leave their home. Travel to some states w/o government mandated papers is illegal and may result in fines or imprisonment.
    Tell me why again your surprised that there are riots?

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