Shot In The Dark: Today’s News, Delivered In 2013. As Usual.

Remember when “Electronic Pull Tabs” were going to get the taxpayer off the hook for paying for Zygi Wilf’s big real-estate upgrade? Yeah, someone pointed out that that was baked monkey doodle, and it wasn’t someone with a tin “Journalist” badge.

Of course, Minneapolis and Minnesota government has been busy rationalizing riots and carnage in nursing homes lately, so the ongoing – and utterly predictable disaster – of the Vikings Stadium has slipped from the headlines.

But, as predicted, Minneapolis is going to be going to the state taxpayer because it just can’t afford to pay for Helga Braid Nation’s entertainment anymore.

However, now that the city’s first debt payment of $17 million is about to be due, DFL state Rep. Mohamud Noor says his city can’t pay, according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

Noor, who was recently appointed chair of the House Workforce and Business Development Committee, said the coronavirus pandemic makes it impossible for his city to afford the stadium.

That was then,” he said, speaking on the payment deal Minneapolis signed eight years ago, “this is now. We’ve got a global pandemic.”

If you recall, the city was on the hook forl about 13% of the cost of the stadium – about $150 million (emphasis added by me):

Who’s got two thumbs, writes a blog and hosts a weeken talk show and predicted this about the time the stadium opened?

“I’m just kind of surprised that they’re taking this approach,” remarked Republican state Sen. Julie Rosen, according to the Star Tribune. “It [the original agreement] was a very good deal for Minneapolis.”

Arguing economics, finance or logic with the Minneapolis City Council is a little like arguing hip-hop technique with Mitch McConnell. Neither party is equipped to play the game.

11 thoughts on “Shot In The Dark: Today’s News, Delivered In 2013. As Usual.

  1. Are you suggesting Noor is saying City will welch on the contract and walk away from the responsibility? But of course he will! And since the rule of law had been abandoned and ignored, there will be zero consequence. Do you think anyone will ever get into a contract with the City?

    What the fuck are you people still doing in this banana republic you call MN?

  2. Today’s post delivered a month ago.

    I shared this info before Thanksgiving.

    “That was then, this is now” is a quintessentially Sammi quip.

    And as I said then, I give you joy of your People’s Stadium.

  3. Presumably the city can make up those millions easily if they just hike property taxes on all those businesses that burned in the riots. Seriously, the fact of the matter is that Minneapolis is not a city capable of self-government, and hence as long as the state is run by people amenable to urban liberal rule, the rest of us are going to end up holding the bag.

  4. This is actually great news!
    It is a great example of liberal mismanagement of finances because they cannot predict the future.
    Empirical evidence is the conservative’s best friend.

  5. It wouldn’t take very long with make up that money shortage at all. Not with your wise and intellectual governor. He could start with a big fat fine for people caught without a mask at $1,000. Standing closer than 6 foot from someone? Another $1,000. I could go on, but you can see how fast the money could roll in.

    You know some people are already thinking about the endless possibilities.

  6. Paying for the stadium isn’t interesting when Radical Democrats Are Turning Minneapolis Into A Violent Wasteland.

    If you want to know what the real-time self-destruction of a city looks like, Minneapolis offers the perfect model. This is no Detroit-esque collapse prompted by the degeneration of an industry-dependent metropolis. This is the willful push down the path of ruin of a city burgeoning with opportunity and rife with promises of the American Dream. It is suicide.

  7. jdm,
    There is another article on that edition about an interview with the clueless and brain dead Lisa Bender, pulling out the white privilege card. That woman is seriously not well.

  8. boss, I’ve taken to reading Jesse Kelly tweets of late and his take on the left is
    Leftists only see things they haven’t taken over yet. It’s a religion of domination. They see things you haven’t even noticed and say to themselves, “How can we destroy that?”

    There is no “polite” way to defend yourself against that religion.

    Kinda ties in with both the destruction of Mpls and the ongoing attempts to destroy SITD.

  9. The MN house has already declared ‘systemic racism’ to be a ‘public health emergency.’ Imagine the possibilities!

  10. jdm,
    I enjoy Jesse’s comments and views.

    Justice and Drew on KTLK, usually have him on for a segment on a weekly segment.

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