All About The Science!

Cornell – the Dollar General of the Ivy League – is requiring students to get vaccinated for Covid when a vaccine is available.

Well, most students:

That is, unless those students are “Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC).” Those students aren’t subject to the same stringent vaccine requirements of their white classmates, and though they are strongly encouraged to get tested and get the flu shot, the university offers them an exemption should they choose not to. The university even describes the requirements foisted on whites as “suspect or even exploitative” to its students of color.

Cornell won’t dispatch racial scientists to check the skin tone of any of these students, or ask for a DNA test. Merely identifying as “BIPOC” is considered grounds for exemption, meaning bonafide crackers like Shaun King or Rachel Dolezal could avoid the shot, were they students at Cornell.

Because apparently one’s stated identity has physiological effects.

We have the dumbest ruling class ever.

10 thoughts on “All About The Science!

  1. If you are part white, I guess we will return to the “one drop” theory of racial pollution.
    The achilles heel of the racial bean counters is that in the US, we don’t issue racial identity cards. You can identify as anything you like! Use your imagination!

  2. Exactly, MO.

    Apparently, a BIPOC who is half-white is only required only to take half the vaccination. Since the course is two shots, they can elect to take either the first or the second shot.

    I mean, gosh, taking the second shot without taking the first would make it the first shot……but this is Cornell where things like that make perfect sense.

  3. Guess I’ve done too much headbanging. Thought all those POCs got disproportionate amount of Covid. So we don’t wish to protect them after all?

  4. Then, we have quack in charge FAUXci, making a statement “To my African American brothers and sisters, this vaccine that you’re gonna be taking, was developed by an African American woman. And that is just a fact.”

    And we’re the racists?!

  5. I think its time to dig out Peter O’Toole’s The Ruling Class and watch it again to marvel at how prescient a movie it was.

  6. This reminds me of when I was a freshman in college, fresh off trying to qualify for the service academies (I failed due to asthma), and my journey away from the liberal denomination of my youth became complete when I saw a pamphlet arguing how horrible it was that black soldiers were being ordered to shave.

    Left unsaid is that the reason they were told to shave was so gas masks would seal. So in the minds of the left back in 1987, it was more important for blacks to avoid facial irritation than to avoid dying in a puddle of one’s own blood after a gas attack. With friends on the left, African-Americans don’t need any enemies.

    Same thing here. If the vaccine is crucial, let’s not discriminate and pretend that a virus that could rage through vulnerable communities is no big deal.

  7. Covid disproportionately affects Blacks, so Democrats exempt them from vaccination requirements. More Blacks will die.

    Abortion disproprortionately affects Blacks, so Democrats insist on protecting abortion from restrictions. More Blacks will die.

    Gang violence disproportionately affects Blacks, so Democrats insist on defunding police, refusing to bring charges and refusal to demand bail. More Blacks will die.

    Plainly, Republicans are racists.

  8. Well, well, we’ll. Whoda thunk it? President Trump was right all along, because it has been revealed that the AMA has rolled back their recommendation that Hydroxichloroquine not be prescribed for the WuFlu, stating that the “benefits of giving it to affected patients far outweigh the rare and minimal side affects.”

    So this means that every arm chair “specialist” aka the media, Fauci, every doctor that spoke out against it, social media companies, feckless governors and their health directors and advisers (do you recognize yourself, Eric Osterholm, you freaking fraud!!!), are complicit in the largest mass murder in history!

  9. Ilhan Omar’s “father” died of covid in June of covid, just ONE DAY after the FDA, under political pressure from the Dems & the media, withdrew approval of off label use of hydroxychloroquine to fight the covid.
    Ironic, isn’t it?
    Yet somehow, looney lady Omar blames Trump for her father’s death. Hell, if it had been up to Trump, her father would have been pumped so full of hydroxychloroquine he’d smell like a gin & tonic!

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