Congratulations Are In Order

When I went over to Night Writer and read “The Son@Night” writing…:

Q. What do you get when you cross a pastoral intern and a hairstylist?

…my first response was “an ABC sitcom with lots of “edgy” culture-war jokes”.

But then I remembered – S@N’s wife, Mall Diva is the hair stylist in question.  Which can only mean…:

Yes, Faith and I are expecting a little one to arrive in August.  That is to say Faith is pretty pregnant.  And she’s just plain pretty too, but that’s not new news.

Well, congratulations!  And it’s time to step up that search for a preachin’ gig!

Speaking of the the whole “family way” thing – my stepson and his lovely wife told me last night that they, too, are expecting.  Which means I’m going to be a…stepgrandfather?

That can’t be right, can it?

5 thoughts on “Congratulations Are In Order

  1. Thanks, Mitch. I like the sit-com idea. I see writing into the show a 20-something lefty slacker brother-in-law that lives in the basement that everyone calls “Uncle Snarky.”

    Congrats on your own addition!

  2. Ne’er you fear about the “preaching” gig. I’ve talked with James Cameron and will be working with him on Avatar 2: The Return of the Liberal Tropes.

  3. Mitch, I’m not sure what the duties of a “stepgrandfather” are, but I’m guessing you’ll warm to them quickly. Most likely they are ceremonial, which is just the way you should want it….

  4. Listen to the voice of experience: there’s no such thing as a step-Grandfather; you are a Grampa, plain and simple. Revel in it.

    The little ones will learn to call you Grampa B (or maybe Tall Grampa) to distinguish you from all their other Grampas; but they’ll be just as happy to accept cookies from you as from the rest of the crowd of grampas — biological, adoptive, or marital. To a grandkid, we’re all the same.

    Words like “step-Grandfather” are spoken by the same howling idiots who say “You wouldn’t understand, you have no kids of your own” as if it’s easier to raise somebody else’s kids as if they were your own flesh and blood than it is actually to raise your own flesh and blood kids. It’s not easier, it’s harder, as those of us with clues know damned well.

    Mitch, you EARNED the title of Grampa the same way the rest of us did – by raising someone as your own child till they proudly presented you with kids of their own. Don’t let anybody water down your victory!


  5. Spot on Nate.

    There are ways to differentiate.


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