Clerk: “Here’s your change.”

First Customer: “Hey, you shorted me.”

Clerk: “Sorry, my mistake, here you go.”

Clerk: “Here is your change.”

Second, Third, Fourth Customers: “Hey, you shorted me.”

Clerk: “Sorry, my mistake. Here you go.”

All Customers: “There is something going on here.”

Store Manager: “No, we just make a lot of innocent errors, always in our favor.”

Policeman: “Nothing to see here. Move along.”

Reporter: “Haters claimed without evidence that the store systematically short changes people.”

Joe Doakes

When you bring an allegation, they say “bring it to court”.

When you bring it to court, they say “it doesn’t meet the standard set in a law that was written by the party that benefits from the corruption”.

I suspect when and if that gets fixed, it’ll morph to “it wasn’t peer-reviewed”.

6 thoughts on “Mistakes

  1. Professor Justin Levitt of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles put it perfectly: “A lawsuit without provable facts showing a statutory or constitutional violation is just a tweet with a filing fee.”

  2. I recognize the damage done by Trump and his allies and supporters crazier and crazier election conspiracy theories, but I also appreciate the clarity he is providing to all, on his way out the door, about who he is.

    In fact, if you excluded all other voters and counted only Trump’s he would have been the first unanimously elected Supreme Leader of the World.

  3. The delayed concession of Al Gore in 2000 was the last straw that flipped me into the red party ranks. So Trump’s effort to find enough malfeasance to turn the election doesn’t warm my heart. The mail in vote system provided ample opportunity to game the system. That doesn’t make it outright fraud, but the system needs to be tightened. Voting is a privilege. Let’s keep it that way. Final thought: the blues disgraced themselves with the #notmypresident BS four years ago. Let’s not repeat their insanity.

  4. 👆 Nice little County Certification Board you got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it.

    Doesn’t the president calling up a local electoral board member who then promptly decides to change their decision count as illegal interference in the electoral process by a candidate? Serious question.

    Trump’s legacy will be that he will go down in history as the person who undermined confidence in the democratic processes and institutions of the United States of America.

    Unbelievable accolade for a President of The United States who won his campaign on the slogan “Make America Great” eclipsing what leaders of China, Russia or Nouth Korea could have dreamed about.

  5. Good one, Emery-as opposed to “a collusion without provable facts showing a statutory or constitutional violation is just a tweet with a filing fee”. I thought so.

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