Where Have You Gone, David Dinkins?

New Yorkers are leaving NYC in record numbers.

I’ve added emphasis in a few places:

City residents filed 295,103 change of address requests from March 1 through Oct. 31, according to data The Post obtained from the US Postal Service under a Freedom of Information Act request.

Since the data details only when 11 or more forwarding requests were made to a particular county outside NYC, the number of moves is actually higher. And a single address change could represent an entire household, which means far more than 300,000 New Yorkers fled the five boroughs.

Whatever the exact number, the exodus — which began when COVID-19 hit the city in early spring — is much greater than in prior years. From just March through July, there were 244,895 change of address requests to destinations outside of the city, more than double the 101,342 during the same period in 2019.

As long as they don’t bring their infantile New York politics with ’em…

18 thoughts on “Where Have You Gone, David Dinkins?

  1. “As long as they don’t bring their infantile New York politics with ’em…”

    That’s exactly what is happening out west. People leaving the stinkhole of Cali, once the Golden State, now ruined by one party (dhimmi) rule, then moving to Arizona or Nevada or Colorado and yet still voting dhimmi. Slow in the uptake, lefties are.

  2. kinlaw is right.

    The New Yorkers are moving to Tennessee, Kentucky, the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida and f-ing up those states with their left wing politics, too.

  3. Some friends retired to Texas. Lots of Northerners do – their senior community is full of Packers, Vikings and Bears flags.

    The Texas electoral map is bright red except for a few blue dots for big cities, and a blue stripe along the Mexican border. Most people think that’s due to Latinos living there but I suspect a large component is snowbird retirees bringing their Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois politics with them.

  4. My Montana friends say lots of folks leaving Cali for Montana. Mostly folks more left leaning than the average Montana resident.

  5. Whatever they may bring with respect to politics, i could care less. it’s the petulant little man-child Trump who is engaging in a scorched earth policy after he lost (throwing a temper tantrum).

    It’s also YOU GOPers who are soliciting local pols and officials to overturn the results in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Arizona (conveniently ONLY in the states Trump lost) apparently fraud only happened in state with close results AND where Trump lost… I’m sorry, who is it who is playing dirty politics and debasing our elections? Who is it that is destroying the public’s faith in elections by fraudulently asserting non-existent wide-spread fraud(and only in states where you lost, to include, apparently GOPers who what, helped the Dems – you guys are pathetic and worse, destroying our democracy) and it’s YOU who want to complain about dirty politics? My God the projection you engage in to try to throw off blame is appalling.

    Speaking of NY (and the FAR more important issue of this virus, the single most important issue facing the US and btw, the issue this President since he was resoundingly beaten – has totally ignored) NY state had 36 deaths yesterday and Texas had 121. Texas just passed 20k deaths, and candidly they will very likely pass NY long term, so again, your sophistry is on full display. While you may not want their politics (though you SHOULD clearly they are far more ethical than places like the corrupt GOP pols like Lindsey Graham) – they are also CLEARLY better at health care administration than say, NORTH DAKOTA or IOWA or SOUTH DAKOTA. You know , the red states your were previously thumping your chest about in August, as somehow better at managing Covid than blue states, creating a false and disgusting attempted competition between states/philosophies on this virus. This virus isn’t political, you shouldn’t be either. You should pray and hope for the best outcomes. What we are seeing, though, is that red state after red state, is now finally admitting the truth, that this wasn’t a hoax, it wasn’t some democratic fraud attempting to hurt Trump (sound familiar), and that science and the truth matter and need to be followed. Kim Reynolds issue a state-wide order yesterday – too bad she did so only after having been beaten over the head with the truth. The same lesson exists on your supposed political corruption rant. You (the Repugs) have denied fact on voter fraud, you’ve lost time and time again in court because you can’t prove your claims (Norm Coleman’s counsel, for example, when asked about supposed fraud, told the court they would not make that claim – the reason, there’s a requirement in court that you are only to make claims you have some reasonable basis in fact you can prove) – and Trump’s lawyers have repeatedly withdrawn their claims (NV) OR said they have no proof (in PA), just like Coleman.

    The point is this Mitch, and sorry to have to beat you over the head but like Reynolds, it seems necessary. You, the GOP, have baselessly (once again) asserted election misconduct WHILE engaging in election misconduct. You deny fact, and sew chaos and stoke violence, leading to needless frustration at a minimum, and in the case of the virus, needless deaths. You should be ashamed, and yet YOU want US to not teach you to be better people and not require you to pay attention to fact? Sorry, not gonna happen.

  6. Did anyone bother reading Paddyboy’s thread Jack screed? I regret reading into the 2nd paragraph.

  7. Paddywhacker, the deranged, delusional hypocrite, talks about TRUMP throwing a temper tantrum, after his party has been throwing one for the past four years!

    Sorry, PW. Texas has a long way to go before they catch up to Andrew “Kevorkian” Cuomo’ body count. Further, your sources aren’t reporting a key factoid. A lot of those “new cases” and several of the deaths, are illegal aliens.

  8. If we must have a threadjack about election misconduct, how about all those votes for Trump that have been hidden in Georgia for the past week?

    Oh, not the narrative Paddy wants, never mind.

  9. Fascinating.

    Mitch posts about Liberals fouling their own nest in New York, then bringing the insanity which ruined their former home to their new homes.

    Several comments that it’s not just New York, Liberals do it in other states, too.

    Then the P-meister shows up to demonstrate how it’s done in virtual reality: Liberals spreading misery everywhere they go.

    Is this like a Berg’s Law or something?

  10. Actually, Joe, Dennis Prager beat me to it.

    “Everything the Left touches, it destroys”.

  11. They found yet a third stash of votes in GA. And yet again, it was mostly Trump votes.

    Reprobates confidently predicted recounts will not change the outcome, and they’re right. When you’re recounting the same crooked ballots you counted the first time, you can expect the same results. They’re not allowing observers, so we can be sure that’s what is going on.

    The reprobate media isn’t covering the efforts going on in Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, and the concerted effort at a blackout is as informative as anything, but there is lots happening. Right now, there is one case pending before SCOTUS; Pennsylvania Democratic Party v. Boockvar, which involves the reprobates accepting ballots after the polls closed.

    There are a dozen more wending their way through the various state and circuit courts. We can expect the SCOTUS will hold off hearing any of them until they are all ripe.

    Once again, the best path forward is to keep this thing in the air until it is handed off to the US House of Reps, where cooler heads will prevail and we can all relax for another 4 years.

    In the interim, we can also expect a bloodbath among the Reprobate ranks in ’22.

  12. Some leftist dickheads think the rulings coming from Reprobate judges in leftist shithole states means Trump is losing the fight. To laugh.

    The SCOTUS cannot take up these cases until they go through the lower courts. It’s all going to plan.

  13. I was listening to a legal podcast today that talked about the case in Pennsylvania. The short version is that the Court tossed the equal protection case because it said both the Democrat and Republican observers had to follow the same rules, therefore there’s no equal protection claim. It mentioned nothing about the claims that the counting cannot be effectively observed from so far back that you can’t see anything more detailed than yes, that is a ballot.

  14. “..admitting the truth, that it wasn’t a hoax…”. Well, the truth is that Trump never said it was a hoax, rather the “hoax” was the media (shockingly) claiming that nothing was being done about it. Sorry

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