Covid Theatre

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Testing reveals the Covid virus is spreading rapidly throughout the state; therefore, we must lock down again to prevent a Surge of Covid cases resulting in a huge number of hospitalizations which will overwhelm the medical system, leaving patients to die untreated in hallways and parking lots.  So claims the Walz Administration.

Someone should tell the Star Tribune.  As of last week, they reported:

” . . . 614 Minnesota hospital beds were filled with COVID-19 patients, including 149 who needed intensive care . . . Minnesota hospitals still have intensive care capacity, though, with 1,028 of 1,467 immediately available ICU beds filled with patients who have COVID-19 or other unrelated medical problems.”

We have 400 ICU beds immediately available for all comers, not just Covid patients.  The “immediately” is important, because in his second press conference announcing the extension of the two-week Stay Home Order, Governor Walz admitted we had the ability to ramp up to 3,000 ICU rooms within 72 hours. 

Unless something has changed that the Walz administration won’t talk about, we are using 149 of 3,000 ICU beds for Covid patients DESPITE the virus spreading rapidly throughout the state. There is no evidence of a Surge and even if there were, the medical system has plenty of excess capacity to serve it.

There is no medical reason for the lock down. End it now.

Joe Doakes

Pretty sure it’s all about showing the peasants who’s boss.

7 thoughts on “Covid Theatre

  1. Here is Governor Oz’s reasoning: our models predict cases should be dropping but they aren’t, therefore the peasants are disobeying orders, because Science! Is never wrong. Correct reasoning: the models are worthless.

  2. Walz is not using reason, he is not doing anything. He is on record saying that the virus is behind the lockdowns, not him. He is an entirely passive operator.

  3. And his feckless minions in the house are are aiding and abetting him. Kim Jong Walz is like North Korea’s Rocket Man in that they both have a female family member waiting to take over for them. As I have mentioned here before, little Timmy is on a short leash at home, so he gets to play tough guy at work. I’m still waiting for the twit to prove that “we’re all in this together” and volunteer to take no pay, like he’s forcing his peasants to do.

  4. According to Walz (& the other shutdown maniacs in politics), ultimately the only way to counter — not defeat — the virus is for the government to finely control the social and economic lives of citizens (including the clothing they wear), forever, if necessary.
    This, it goes without saying, is unconstitutional on its face.

  5. Walz’s edicts earlier this week passively-aggressively blamed non-conforming Minnesotans for the surge in cases, rather than concluding that the numbers suggest that masks don’t do diddly-squat in preventing the spread.

    Not content with squatting on Minnesotans, he’s now passively-aggressively blaming the governors of North and South Dakota for Minnesota’s surge.

  6. Kristy Noem would chew your feckless Governor up and spit him out in a spat. He better watch his P’s & Q’s.

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