Your Lying Eyes

Whenever we discuss election fraud, Liberals are quick to point out the lack of convictions.  No convictions = no fraud.  They are using the wrong measurement and therefore reach an incorrect conclusion.

To obtain a conviction for voter fraud, the County Attorney must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a specific individual cast a specific ballot with full knowledge that it was against the law to do so.  That’s a high burden and in cases of massive fraud, would take years to clear up all the trials plus it would cost a fortune. No prosecutor wants to spend time and money on paper crimes over violent crimes.
In contrast, to find election fraud, we look for evidence that not all of the ballots were legitimate. A ballot cast by a person who’s been dead for years, cannot be legitimate, and there were lots of them cast.  A normal voter marks most of the races.  A ballot that only marks one race, a highly contested race, is not normal.  Is it possible that it’s a valid vote?  Sure, but when you get tens of thousands of them, all voting for a single race, all voting for the same candidate, the candidate who was losing until those ballots showed up . . . you begin to wonder.

Further evidence that not all ballots were legitimate comes when we see the supposedly neutral election officials violating established procedural safeguards. Election judges count ballots while poll watchers observe. Both sides having poll watchers is a quality control measure to ensure fairness.  But when the election officials kick out poll watchers but only one side’s watchers are expelled, that increases the likelihood of fraud.   

Ballots delivered to the polling place in an unusual manner, at unusual times, raises doubt about the legitimacy of those ballots.  Backdated ballots cannot be legitimate.  When the voting software incorrectly assigns votes to one candidate, always to the losing candidate, across several states, that’s an indication of fraud. 

Ridiculously high voter turnout (in some cases 200%) but only in select counties, is a red flag. 

Finally, the distribution of tallied votes can be mathematically analyzed using established formulas which have been used to detect election fraud in other elections.  The science shows likely fraud in key places.

Does this prove there was serious and widespread election fraud?  It does for me.  There’s just too much evidence to ignore.  If I had a Facebook account, I’d be changing my background.

Joe Doakes

The hard part, of course, is proving it in court, in blue states where the election laws were written to protect ballot-stuffing.

The real answer, of course, will be to take the Presidency in 2024, and clean out the leadership at the DOJ, and then go after Blue city election authorities the same way they went after Klan-run boards in the sixties and seventies.

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  1. Let’s talk about the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

    First, Rule 8 and the Supreme Court requires that all complaints include FACTS, not legal conclusions.

    Next, let’s talk about Rule 9(b), which says that fraud complaints are SPECIAL! In order to survive dismissal, a fraud complaint to allege who did the fraud, the date and time they did the fraud, where they did the fraud, and how they did the fraud.

    So general allegations, like “how could he get that many votes when no one came to his rallies?” is just not gonna cut it.
    It also has to allege damage, i.e. enough votes were affected that it would actually change the results.

    And finally I bring to you my favorite rule! Under rule11, when you file a complaint you are making a representation to the court that the facts contained in your complaint actually have evidentiary support.

    If the complaint doesn’t have evidentiary support or it’s unlikely to lead to evidentiary support, it will not only be thrown out, you’ll be subject to sanctions!

    While it’s true that Rule 11 rarely gets enforced, but when a lawyer starts talking “But, Rule 11??” what they’re actually trying to say is that the complaint is a piece of shit.

    Trump and his allies are now 0-10 in post-election court cases.

  2. Emery’s evidentiary standards have changed quite a bit since the days went he went he was convinced that the Trump campaign colluded with Russian intel to influence the 2016 election.

  3. Let’s not forget that the Dominion vote scanners, that have had all the “glitches” in other states, are used in Hennepin County (at a minimum). It’ll be interesting to see if MN is one of the states that gets a lawsuit today.

  4. Thanks, E, I knew I could count on you.

    One additional piece of evidence (and for me, it’s the clincher): when confronted with evidence of massive election fraud, Liberals do NOT say: “It didn’t happen;” they say: “You can’t prove it.”

    Which for me, is basically an admission that it did happen.

  5. If I wake up and see that my lawn is covered with powdery white stuff, I conclude it snowed over night, even though I didn’t witness the process.

  6. More evidence. And it’s SCIENCE!

    When ballots are cast in the polling place, or mailed in from absentee voters, they arrive in the counting bin shuffled, randomized, Biden versus Trump. But when somebody sneaks a bundle of fraudulent ballots into the counting bin, they arrive together, all cast for the same candidate.

    Here’s a statistical analysis of the counting pattern in several key counties. Same pattern each time: hotly contested race until early morning hours when there’s a sudden jump in ballots for the same candidate. For the same pattern to occur, at the same time, in key counties of key states but nowhere else, is more evidence of fraud.

    Democrats had a few ballots prepared ahead of time, maybe 10,000 or so, but they relied on the polls saying Biden would win so they didn’t pre-mark enough fraudulent ballots. When it became apparent Biden would lose, they had to stop counting ballots, mark a bunch more ballots, rush them to the polling place and throw them into the counting bins to bring up Biden’s vote totals. That’s why the ballots were marked for Biden but nobody down ballot, that’s why the statistical distribution of Biden-v-Trump votes is skewed beginning after the fraudulent ballot dump.

    Notice this: Liberals usually are all about the SCIENCE. But this time, when we demonstrate that it’s mathematically impossible for those ballots to be legitimate, they deny the science.

  7. In “The Adventure of Silver Blaze,” Sherlock Holmes pays attention to the dog that didn’t bark in the night time. Events that ought to happen but don’t, are worthy of investigation

  8. Trump’s crack legal team should be sanctioned by the courts for these frivolous lawsuits.

    Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure requires attorneys to conduct due diligence on the merits of the client’s claim although jurisdictions differ on whether “good faith” is required.

    There is a reason no serious or reputable law firm will represent Trump at this point.

    No evidence to back up the court claims, as usual, and Trump is begging contributions to pay the costs instead of putting up any of his own money, also as usual.

  9. I am eternally grateful to Giuliani.

    I have had to do work in crap💩 locations. Next time I find myself in a less than brilliant setting, at least I will be able to have a laugh thinking about Giuliani going nuts about losing the election, standing in an industrial estate between a crematorium and a sex shop. Even Sacha Baron Cohen could not humiliate Giuliani that much.

  10. The devil takes a call from Trump

    Trump — ‘ But we had a pact — you promised me more male votes! ‘

    Devil — ‘Oh, I’m sorry I thought you meant ‘mail votes’

    Trump is getting the full 2020 experience of Covid, job loss and eviction.

  11. RICO is the Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organations Act, a federal law that permits prosecutors to charge ringleaders for crimes they committed, or assisted others to commit.

    Vote counting was halted, and Republican poll watchers were expelled, in key counties in key counties of states at about the same time. Extra ballots were delivered to those counties, then ballot counting started again without Republican poll watchers to oversee it. The final distribution of votes Biden versus Trump, and Top versus Down ballot, shifted when those new votes were counted. The evidence hints at a coordinated crime. How could that happen?

    Both national parties know that in-person voting is hardest to fake, mail voting is the easiest. They also know which counties have the greatest opportunity for fraud (more votes in Hennepin than Koochiching), which counties have volunteers willing to commit fraud, and which counties are run by corrupt election officials who will cooperate with the fraud.

    Everybody in the nation was watching national vote totals as they were reported. Some Democrat on the national level – call him or her X – figured out that Trump was headed for victory. X told corrupt election supervisors in key counties to stop counting and to kick out Republican poll watchers. X called volunteers in key counties to churn out ballots marked for Biden only (no time to mark down ballot, we need too many and we need them too quickly). X told volunteers to where to deliver the ballots, which election supervisors were corrupt enough to accept them. X sent talking heads to television shows to claim victory and X told sympathetic reporters how to report the story.

    X isn’t necessarily Joe Biden (almost certainly not). X might be James Carville, or David Axelrod or Terry McCauliffe or somebody I never heard of. But if Republicans are correct that the election was stolen, then there’s definitely somebody who saw the disaster unfolding, called in the markers, coordinated the fraud, nationwide.

    Find that person.

    Start by checking the cell phone records of every election official in the disputed counties (not just the top guy, everybody who stayed and counted after poll watchers were kicked out). Check their bank accounts. Send FBI agents to take their statements, under penalty of perjury. Treat this like a Mafia case, because that’s what it is.

  12. Yes, my second step uncle Ernie who lives in Vegas heard from his neighbors brother that he heard at work from a guys wife there was voter fraud in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia.

    Trump will have no trouble convincing North Dakota to believe all his claims. North Dakota just elected a Dead Republican to the state senate.

  13. Althouse (who did not vote for Trump this year):
    Only 4 Republican Senators have publicly congratulated Biden — Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Ben Sasse.
    All the senators listed are #nevertrumpers.

  14. The narcissistic injury to Trump from admitting defeat would be too great for him.

    Malignant narcissists are incapable of admitting defeat. When confronted with its reality, they will unleash smears of their opponents, trying to discredit and delegitimize them. Their desire for revenge is relentless.

    You know Trump supporters are going to spend the next four years fabricating voter fraud stories.

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  16. If you can read minds, Emery, why were you wrong about Trump winning the 2016 election? Wrong about Trump colluding with Russia? Wrong about Biden & Ukraine?
    Like listening to the wind blow down a drain pipe.

  17. A lot of people screaming about vote fraud don’t really understand what they are talking about. As someone who actually defended elections (and challenged them) based on vote fraud, let me explain how daunting it is to throw out a statewide election on vote fraud.

    First, vote fraud happens. It happens in almost every election. But it is rarely enough to throw out even local races. But let’s take Trump v. Biden in Michigan.

    Right now in Michigan, Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 146,137 votes. If Republicans find 50,000 fraudulent votes in Michigan, Joe Biden would still lead by 96,137 votes. But wait, there’s more…

    37,706 people chose not to participate in the presidential election in Michigan, so the President’s lawyers have to either find 146,137 votes that they are 100% sure were cast fraudulently in the presidential race or they have to find 183,843 fraudulent total votes because you aren’t allowed to ask anyone how they voted. And that’s just Michigan. If they proved that, then they’d subtract 16 electoral votes from Joe Biden. Assuming Biden has Georgia, he’s still over 270. So now rinse and repeat for PA.

    The President’s team can’t just throw out the votes in one states, but must do the same thing in each state over 270 electoral college votes.

    It is not enough to show voter fraud. The standard is voter fraud to an extent that casts doubt on the election. That standard means the margin of the vote if proven specifically or the margin of the vote + margin of votes not cast in that race. It is very tough.

    Absolutely, we are going to find voter fraud. It happens every election. The question is how much and I’ve never seen voter fraud in the hundred thousand vote range. Hell, I’ve never seen it in the 10s of thousands vote range.

    All of that is to say Joe Biden is President-Elect of the United States and it is not going to change.

  18. Barr tells DOJ to probe election fraud claims if they exist ~AP

    For what it’s worth, though I expect the worst of Barr and he’s earned it, to me that language doesn’t convey a forceful call for investigations. It’s qualified in a way to give the USAOs an out.

    I Hope this will give Trump supporters the emotional closure they need to move on…

  19. Part of the problem for President Trump will be convincing the low-information public that a national conspiracy exists. Democrats will play on the tinfoil-hat theme hoping MPR listeners don’t think too hard about it. In order for Trump’s national election fraud story to be true, it must have gone somthing like this:

    Everyone in the nation was watching vote totals being reported on the news. Both campaigns also had their own exit polling data arriving in real time. Someone at Biden headquarters saw which way the wind was blowing, instructed corrupt election officials in key counties to stop counting until enough fake Biden ballots could be manufactured and delivered, mobilized volunteers in those counties to mark ballots (President only, we don’t have time for down-ballot races), arrange to have the fraudulent ballots delivered under cover of darkness; and got Republican poll watchers expelled (or quarantined on the other side of the gym) so they couldn’t challenge the fraudulent ballots.

    Who could imagine an organization so large, so corrupt, so . . . evil? What is this, some James Bond SPECTRE guy petting a white cat?

    No. It’s how it must have gone down. Couldn’t happen any other way. And we know it, circumstantially and statistically, even though we haven’t seen the video, yet.

    Every presidential is a national campaign coordinated from a cental headquarters. Every campaign knows that counties aren’t equally important – some are more important than others. Taking all the votes in Koochiching County won’t swing the state because there’s not enough voters, you need Hennepin County to do that. And Hennepin County is where dedicated zealots reside, people who would happily break election laws because Trump is so bad. We have the key county identified, we have the volunteers, now all we need is election officials willing to look the other way as fraudulent ballots are delivered.

    In Minnesota, that’s done by early voting, mail voting, absentee voting, and ballot harvesting, all methods for Democrats to submit fraudulent ballots. They don’t need many, since Minnesota is deep blue already.

    But in other states, where the pre-election polls showed Biden ahead but the real-time results showed Trump winning, the cheating had to be more vigorous, more immediate, which made it more blatant. The Democrats probably had a few thousand Biden ballots on hand for immediate delivery, but he was losing by too much. Counting had to be stopped, fake ballots manufactured and delivered, Republican poll watchers prevented from challenging them. And not just in a few precincts in Detroit because that only gains the electoral votes for Michigan. They needed to pull the same scam in several states, simultaneously.

    Can you imagine the panic in the DC headquarters, watching vote totals roll in? “What the actual F** is going on out there? We’re getting our a**** kicked! We need like, half-a-million votes in half-a-dozen states; there’s no way we can hide all that.” But they did it anyway, because they had no choice. They manufactured and dumped the necessary number of frautulent ballots in the key counties and immediately shifted to Plan B, the Blue Smokescreen, relying on their partners in the news media and social media to call the election for Biden, discredit every affidavit, bury all the evidence, run out the clock.

    It might still work. Biden might be sworn in.

    But we saw what they did. And we won’t forget it.

  20. Weird that Trump supporters accept the results of the House and Senate races. All the offices were on the same ballots.

  21. Two points:

    1) You did not address my 9:51 comment from an election attorney.

    2) Want to see some scale of the defeat? Biden had 4,588,488 more votes than Trump (so far). That number is comparable to every single republican vote Trump got in all of Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Iowa combined.

  22. I failed to respond to a point you made? That YOU made? That’s laugh-out-loud funny. You NEVER respond to rebuttals. But you think I must? Laugh out loud funny.

    Trump doesn’t need 4.5 million votes. You’re confusing popular vote with electoral vote. 4.5 million is Biden’s popular vote lead and it includes places like Minnesota. Trump needs to reduce Biden’s vote total in key counties in key states to win those electoral votes.

    Let’s try a simple example for simple minds to understand. The electoral college is like playing golf. We’re not playing total score, we’re playing match play. I shot a 96 on the First Hole to your 4. You won that hole. But since we’re playing match play, the score is not 96-4, the score is 1-0.

    Similarly, if Biden wins Minnesota by 5,000,000 votes, he doesn’t get 5,000,000 extra votes toward being President. He gets 10 votes, our Electoral College total. If Trump wins Wisconsin by 1 vote, he still gets all of Wisconsin’s 10 Electoral College votes. The score is not 5,000,000 to 1. The score in the Electoral College is tied, 10-10.

    If Trump can flip certain key counties in certain key states, he can win the Electoral College despite losing the popular vote, same as when he beat Hillary.

    If your election lawyer doesn’t undestand this, he’s an idiot. I already know you are.

  23. Good talk JD!!

    I don’t think there’ll be enough fraudulent votes shown to throw out the election, but I think we should all be concerned about any vote fraud and we should all want our elections to be without fraud so I welcome the Attorney General’s investigation.

  24. Mitch, if they successfully steal 2020, there won’t be a 2024 or even a 2022. Combine a thoroughly demoralized voter base with a lack of Trump enthusiasm landslide, and any Republican lead can safely be disposed of with the normal 50,000 fraudulent ballots in Philadelphia counted by midnight instead of 500,000 counted 3 days later. And Milwaukee, Detroit, etc.

  25. Any luck with that ABA code question, E-boys?

    You confidently asserted lawyers should be punished for representing their clients (which sounds Stalinesque) but when challenged, you seem to have lost interest in defending your assertion.

    Could it be that you were completely, utterly, entirely wrong and are too embarassed to admit it?

    If you were wrong about that . . . what else were you wrong about?

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