Speaking of Retribution

John Kline and Michele Bachmann were joined by Jim Ramstad in voting against the Pork ‘n Pullout bill in the House. 

And while I expected nothing better of Walz, McCollum, Ellison and Oberstar, it’s distressing to see Collin Peterson has voted with his vacuous caucus.  He’s normally this state’s sole responsible Democrat.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Retribution

  1. WHAT!! They voted AGAINST funding the troops. How can you stand for that. When the Dems voted against funding the troops that was the worst thing possible. But . .wait for it . . now it IS OK to deny money to our fighting forces.

    Think back to all the commercials that the Right ran against those that voted against funding when the GOP was in control. What has just happened is another step closer to given the Left 60+ votes in the Senate after the next election.

    You guys need to crawl out of your box and quite the flip flopping. I am not all that thrilled about a possible Left wing landslide either. But you all are making it more inevitable each moment.


  2. I can hardly argue the ‘fool’ part, but I’d like to think I am not a liar.

    My point is real simple here, ya can’t have it both ways. When the GOP was in control, the Dems were lambasted for ‘not supporting the troops’ when they refused to vote for funding bills that contained unacceptable ‘to them’ provisions included in the legislation. All you heard from the Right was that these no votes must mean that they were against the funding, when it went a lot deeper than that.

    Now the Left is in the majority and the Right is presented a bill that has unacceptable provisions. The Right wanted nothing to do with debating the provisions that was the catalyst for the no votes when they held the gavel. Why should anyone on the left be any more forgiving in this instance. Regardless of why, the Right has voted against funding the troops. That is the Right Wing spin machine’s logic, not mine.


  3. Flash is probably confused by the media’s description of cloture votes, now that the left is in control of the Senate. When the Right votes against cloture, it is not to cutoff debate, but to continue debate. A vote for cloture is to end debate and bring the matter on the floor to a vote.

    That Flash wants to support passage of un-Constitutional provisions, and some how thinks that the Right is wrong for failing to support un-Constitional matters is not surprising.

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