It’s easy to wonder, if you’re a conservatve in Minnesota, whether voting matters. I’ve even heard that from some Third-Party and Never-Trumpers that “your GOP vote won’t matter in Minnesota, so why not vote third-party?

But while I, like all Minnesota conservatives, have had the Lucy Pulling the Football Away moment far too often, and I don’t really trust polls on either side of today’s questions, there are at least some indications that today’s vote does matter, a whole lot.

And if (as my pessimism tells me is unlikely) Trump is ahead tonight, look for them – the Democrats and media – to try to undercut it. They already are.

So if you’re a Conservative / Republican, get out and vote as if they’re going to be trying to lock us up if we lose. Which, it seems, they are.

See you at the polls.

10 thoughts on “Consequence

  1. I heard the first 100 people in line get a free ballot to vote for President. Absolutely free! But wait – there’s more! They also get a sticker that proudly proclaims “I voted” suitable to wear on the forehead. Or shirt, whatever.

    SWEET !!

    I’m outta here.

  2. In line at 6:51 a.m., halfway down the block to get into the building.

    Cast the deciding vote for Jason Lewis at 7:31 a.m.

    Line was moving pretty good.

  3. They will lock us up, or in, as I expect a President Biden and Democrat Congress to impose national mask mandate for all outdoor activity. They will also try to take our guns, remove the First Amendment, pack the Supreme Court with activist judges, mandate equal outcomes in everything except professional basketball and football, eliminate fossil fuel use, tell your daughters they have to share bathrooms with M2F trannies. Vote like your life depended on it, because it does.

  4. You keep on believing that your vote counts. But prove me wrong – please! This is one bet I will gladly pay up on.

    Our voting has so much integrity, it reeks of it. My son is at a school out of state and has to vote absentee. His vote never showed up, just like the majority of his house. Kids are driving home to vote, some 4 hours each way. Oh… and some kids got two votes. Go figure! Our election is in the best of hands, because the bureaucratic machine that controls it says so.

  5. Golfdoc, you are clearly mistaken.
    Jonah Goldberg tells us that normal democratic processes and institutions, and a ‘backlash,’ will stop the Harris agenda, even though they could not prevent Trump from destroying our constitutional liberties, throwing immigrant children into death camps, and violating presidential norms by not starting any unwinnable norms.

  6. Oh, MO, Goldberg won’t be paying attention to the Harris agenda, he and his ilk are much more interested in taking back the Republican party and re-instituting their pseudo-intellectual hegemony over the conservative movement. So they can back to being not-conservative Good Losers and getting invites to all-the-best-people cocktail parties. And, oh, yeah, no more mean tweets!!

  7. The party of Dave Durenberger and Arne Carlson. Gracious losers.

    I much prefer Rudy and Reagan and even The Donald. Winners.

  8. MBerg: They say the definition of an optimistic is someone who believes the future is uncertain.

    And a pessimist is always right but they derive no satisfaction from it.

  9. “A pessimist gets nothing but pleasant surprises, an optimist nothing but unpleasant.”

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