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Liberals are all excited about the number of Covid cases.  Not me. 
Cases don’t matter in a public policy discussion, only effects on the
public, i.e. hospitalizations and deaths.

Think of it this way: Covid is a virus, as is the rhinovirus, which
causes the common cold; influenza, which causes the flu; and herpes
simplex, which causes cold sores.  Those viruses are everywhere and
everybody has them lurking in their bodies all the time, but most of the
time they cause no symptoms so nobody cares that they have the viruses.

We don’t count cases of cold sore outbreaks because nobody dies of a
cold sore.  We don’t count cases of the common cold because nobody gets
hospitalized for it.

We do count cases of the flu because that does kill people – very young
and very old, mostly.  But not inactive cases.  We don’t go around
randomly testing people to see if they have influenza virus in their
bodies.  We only count cases that are bad enough for hospitalization or
result in death, because those are the cases that have a public impact. 
People walking around with virus in the body but no symptoms are ignored.

That’s how we should be handling Covid.  Count hospitalizations and
deaths, only.  By that measure, the epidemic is over.    125 people die
every day in Minnesota, from all sources.  The number of people being
hospitalized or dying from Covid is in the single digits.  If we weren’t
specifically searching for it, Covid would be indistinguishable from
statistical background noise.

The epidemic is over.  We won.  Open everything.

Joe Doakes

We have an entire generation – and on the left, probably more like two entire generations – who think “hardship” was “losing the 2016 election”. They hear people talking about the Spanish Flu, the breakdown of Europe, the Depression, World War 2, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Stagflation and the National Malaise, the Cold War and the Nuclear Arms race, and seem to feel left out of the Existential Dread sweepstakes.

And so Covid will serve as an existential crisis for a generation that doesn’t really know what existential crisis is.

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  1. Add in that American has “been at war” since 2001. And, less than .45% of our population have served in that war.

    Soft times make for a soft people. Soft people make for hard times.

  2. The softies will get what they are asking for, in spades. It will make Wuhan Flu look like a minor distraction.

  3. Angela Merkel has ended contact tracing in Germany because she says it will not work when active cases are higher than 50 per hundred thousand population. It is then spreading faster than the tracers can work.
    Furthermore, people are aware that testing positive for covid (even if you have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic), brings with it a host of trouble. Being named as a contact to a contract tracer, ditto.
    As a result people who get sick are not being tested, and are giving incorrect information to contact tracers.
    Take common sense precautions, protect at-risk populations, and quarantine the sick. All the “public health care” experts in the world, working hand-in-hand with compliant politicians, can not improve on this simple, obvious advice.

  4. Sweden never had a lockdown, death rate per capita less than a tenth that of the US, and a fifth of Germany’s death rate, and about a 30th of the death rate in European countries where covid is surging under various lockdown regimes.
    Florida lifted all covid restrictions on September 27th, covid case rate is up slightly, but covid death rate has plummeted.
    It could not be more obvious that pro-lockdown people are believers in two things: government power and superstition.

  5. I asked my pathologist friend at Mayo about whether people are indeed getting permanent, beta immunity. He had read a paper, I believe out of Johns Hopkins, that indicated that yes, immunity is lasting more than six months, which is apparently a benchmark for long term immunity.

    My reading of the U.S. infection and death rates parallels MO’s. Infection rates are skyrocketing, death rates are in a holding pattern. I think public health officials are indeed also coming around to the notion that we have to quarantine the sick. We’ll see where that goes with the election results.

  6. The thought I have is that those who have recovered ought to be tested every month or so for antibodies, and then given a card that enables them to go about their daily business. Nine million survivors coudl be a powerful economic force.

  7. Re: Chancellor Merkel
    “Ms Merkel said Germany was in a “dramatic situation” and insisted the new shutdown was “appropriate, necessary and proportionate”. “The winter will be hard — four long, hard months — but it will end,” she said. However, attempts by populists to play down the crisis were “not only unrealistic” but “irresponsible”.

    Tough times need tough decisions. Merkel is exactly the sort of straight talking politician you want in charge during a global emergency.

  8. so if Europe did everything right and we did everything wrong why are we pushing to return to normal and Europe is headed for lockdown part 2: Electric Boogaloo?

  9. POD – be cautious, or you’ll trigger someone. Electric Boogaloo is now a codeword for white supremacy men in hawaiian shirts. Next thing you know, you’re driving up from TX to smash windows while under mind control from Orange Man Bad.

  10. Antibody testing is a joke. I had covid – and several months later was tested for antibodies, in July, by Fairview. Results were negative and the nurse told me – don’t worry – all of these tests have come back negative. Maybe the Fairview test was just for revenue generation.

  11. Re: Chancellor Merkel
    “Ms Merkel said Germany was in a “dramatic situation” and insisted the new shutdown was “appropriate, necessary and proportionate”. “The winter will be hard — four long, hard months — but it will end,” she said. However, attempts by populists to play down the crisis were “not only unrealistic” but “irresponsible”.

    You left out the part where Merkel said contact tracking (aka “unobtanium”) was useless when you got over 50 cases per hundred thousand population.
    Also you left out the part where Merkel showed that her lockdown was based on reason, rather than superstition.
    Merkel is closing pubs, restaurants, gymnasiums, and concert halls for a month. She did not show that these venues were covid spreaders. In Hawaii, the covid spread events have been large families that live together or family gatherings like funerals.
    Merkel wants to believe that closing pubs restaurants, gymnasiums, and concert halls will help because it is a tool she can use with relative ease (these are all public spaces). It’s much harder to prevent a large family gathering in a home.
    This is the opposite of the politician we need right now: dull, unimaginative, unwilling to question the experts who have put her nation in the sad place it now is.

  12. Looks as if Biden wins with 270 electoral votes.

    In other news, the price for a 20-round Winchester White Box of .223 Remington 55 grain FMJ is $29.99 today. That’s a buck-and-a-half every time Mr. McCloskey pulls the trigger to defend his home from the mob.

    I’m not saying those two news items are related, but . . . .

  13. If I’m right that Democrats seized on the Covid virus as an excuse to promote mail voting so they could steal the election, then Covid will no longer be useful to them when Biden takes office. Instead, they’ll want to build Biden’s economic record for his own re-election which means dropping all restrictions to put people back to work.

    The way to do it would be for Biden to declare that we’ve flattened the curve as much as we can; now, we need to move as rapidly as possible toward achieving herd immunity so working families can prosper and school children can catch up on the education they missed under the Trump administration. Biden will declare the pandemic ended, which also ends the supplemental payments and subsidies related to Covid, so medical providers will join ordinary citizens in demanding Governors end the Damaging Trump Lockdowns. The health department will reclassify all Covid news as “confidential patient information” not available to the public.

    The media will forget everything that happened this year and will applaud President Biden’s bold leadership leading the nation out of the dark days of the worst virus known to man, ushering in a new era of prosperity and equality.

    And then it won’t be a tin-foil hat conspiracy theory any more; it will be history.

  14. JD, I wrote pretty much same thing a few months ago. I stated politicians instead of Biden or really the Democrats, but I meant the latter. Your great list of changes didn’t include what to do about all the women who have been the emotional life-blood of the lockdowns and masks. I wrote then that I think the dictate will go out to argue against them, ignore them, or just make fun of them, as is needed.

    However. It also occurred to me as I wrote this, that perhaps some variation of the Curley Effect, although on a national scale (something like this) is more likely. In this approach, the lockdowns and masks become even more strict and the Karens given even more free reign.

  15. jdm, I agree with you on the female vote.
    Women during their child bearing years use the health care system more than men. They also use the health care system more after their child bearing years.
    This isn’t a knock on women, men may be the crazy ones. Men won’t see a doctor even if they suspect that their smoking has created a tumor in their lungs. Men are crazy that way.
    Women, more than men, tend to work at low skilled jobs where they may not get health insurance from their employer.
    So the GOP needs to deal with that. Not whine about personal responsibility and the principles of capitalism and the free market.
    Ideally, you should not have any voter think that there is any difference in the health care that they and their family receive under GOP or Dem administrations.
    Sorry, Paul Ryan. You were wrong. Man is not Economic Man. The proper goal of every American is not to add to the GDP.

  16. People will compare our elections to banana Republics, but that’s not fair to banana Republics.

    They didn’t ask for Democracy; it was forced on them by the CIA.

    We willingly conduct ourselves like a bunch of crooked fucktards.

  17. 40 states can conduct an election with ease. 10 are a clusterfuck.

    Guess which ones.

  18. Supporters of failing Warlord Donald Trump demand entry to voting facility to prevent counting of votes by dissidents, revolutionaries, peoples of color, and others deemed “sub-human” by ruling republican junta. ~ DPRK News Service

    Is unfortunately the best bet for Trump fans but just doesn’t roll off the tongue as a chant.

  19. Babble on, Emery like the buffoon that you are.

    It figures that a low rent dog like you would object to GOP poll watchers. The actions of the Dems at the polling places is legitimate voter suppression, not to even mention tampering.

  20. Vote by Mail is convenient but man, it’s pretty clear, that’s where a lot of fraud happens… like the Gateway Pundit story, a 170 year old man voted in Michigan. Mail fraud.

  21. “Supporters of failing Warlord Donald Trump”

    Wow, somebody is stuck on stupid.


    North Korea firing missiles off willie nilly?

    8 year Libyan Civil War, still going on some?

    A, refugees from the Obama/Biden/Clinton supported coup in Honduras in 2009, yes, everyone even Democracy Now, Huffpo lay the blame on them.

    It is any wonder we get some idiots elected with idiocy like Major Clouseau’s stupid post? Troll? Right??

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  23. This is, what, the third or fourth time Emery has fallen for the fake DPRK twitter feed?

  24. MO, you’d think that someone at the Emery Collective would put up a Post-It note or something so all the trolls would know.

  25. I am sure by now you have all seen the graphic of registered vs projected votes. Way to go MN! 107% participation rate! No fraud here, no sireebob!

  26. look at front page in place where they usually have a cartoon. I have seen table a number of times but this is what I can come up with on a short notice. Veracity claims are in the legend of the graph. You be the judge, I am but a messenger.

  27. It would be good to know what ‘registered voters’ meant in those graphs.

    In Minnesota, you can register to vote when you get your driver’s license even though the election might be years away. But Minnesota also has same-day registration: you show up at the polls, register to vote, cast your vote.

    If ‘registered voters’ meant ‘registered Before the election,’ then of course the totals won’t match because of Same Day registrants.

    If ‘registered voters’ meant ‘total number registered Before and On election day,’ then the totals damned well better match or you have too many ballots and that suggests somebody voted twice.

    It seems like nit-picking but definitions matter. Let’s not get sucked into a losing argument because we misunderstood the terms of the debate.

  28. I went there too, jpa. As you probably noted, the lucianne site misled you because the registered voter number were from 2018(? I think), but the link you gave above showed an increase to cover the discrepancy. Note, however, that this doesn’t affect my belief in MN voter fraud.

    I would also note that a few days ago someone here commented on the fact that Ilhan and her crew engage in massive fraud, not so much to serve her needs as the party’s. Meaning while the fraudulent ballots are being filled out for Ilhan, Biden, T Smith, et al are benefiting as well. And this, dear friends, is why Ilhan’s power in MN politics will continue to grow: she is both totally shameless and totally reliable vote source.

    You mark my words, Ilhan will run for governor – or maybe the Senate, depending on her aspirations – and she will win.

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