Hear That Garment-Rending-y Sound?

That’s the sound of DFLers realizing they’re going to have to jam ten days worth of fraud into one evening.

And they’re not happy about it.

The 8th Circuit returned a decision in Carson v. Simon yesterday. The presser from the Minnesota Voters Alliance explains:

 The 8th Circuit reversed a lower court decision which authorized the Minnesota Secretary of State to accept ballots seven days after the election, and required an injunction against Simon for extending the statutory deadline for election day for receipt of absentee ballots. 

In our view, this was a scheme concocted by Secretary Simon in the first place, where he identified and encouraged his allies to file a lawsuit against him, knowing all along that he would enter into a consent decree with them just to circumvent the legislature and the will of the people.  We can not prove that of course, but in our view, that is exactly what happened.  

To sum it up:

  1. “Progressive” “group” “files” a “suit” against a “progressive” Secretary of State.
  2. The SOS “settles out of court”, signing a consent decree with his allies signed off on by a “progressive” judge.

Presto change-o. Law changed by executive fiat (under cover of a convenient bit of “litigation”), without any pesky “checks and balances” or “legislatures” getting in the way.

It’s an end-run around state law, and due process.

And it’s a foreword to what we can expect – well, expect much more of – if the Democrats win on Tuesday, or whenever the actual decision is announced.

The DFL PR nomenklatura are doing their best to obscure the facts:

Could Murphy have gotten anything about the story less right?

24 thoughts on “Hear That Garment-Rending-y Sound?

  1. Sadly, the DFL is more than capable of ballot stuffing in one evening. The party of Richard J Daley is up to the task.

  2. You are correct, golfdoc.

    I wonder how many ballots will be found in the trunks of Democrat party apparatchiks this time? Of course, if the MNGOP had even one ball, they would get out ahead of this with poll watchers and parking lot watchers, to watch these criminals.

  3. This is where all those “harvested” Somali ballots in CD5 come into play — if it looks like the tide is turning in favor of Trump or Lewis you can bet CD5 will have enough to cover it. And historically St Louis and Itasca Counties always took until 9am the next morning to tally the votes for the same reason.

  4. Could Murphy have gotten anything about the story less right?

    Esme Murphy couldn’t care less about the story. She’s devoted to the narrative.

  5. What they’re saying is Simon overstepped his authority.

    This is Step 6 of Minnesota Absentee Ballot Instructions: “Return your ballot Postmarked by Election Day (Nov. 3) to the address on the return envelope.”

    What the 8th Circuit said is the ballots that arrive after Nov. 3rd need to be sorted.

    The Supreme Court will likely hear this case next week and they’ll like rule that ballots received with postmarks as of Nov 3rd can be counted up until Nov. 10th.

  6. EI – it’s highly unlikely. The only case the SC has issued a decision on is Wisconsin. They declined to make a decision in PA and NC. The only time the court has gone on record, they said “no extension.“

  7. The Constitution? You mean that living document that means whatever the left wants it to mean?

  8. If the letter of the law/constitution was clear there wouldn’t be a need for a supreme court full stop.

    But the reality is that the vast majority of the constitution is not explicit about whether laws addressing modern day issues are legal or not (it is fundamentally impossible to cover all cases and future circumstances), that is where a healthy dose of interpretation is applied. Naturally different people interpret things in different ways.

    Think about how many people believe they live their lives following the letter of the bible but end up acting ways which are a polar opposite.

  9. Covid-19 is a hoax but voter fraud, which you have NEVER been able to prove, isn’t.

    Got it.

    You should wrap your whole body in tin-foil, not just your head.

  10. NEVER!

    Project Veritas dropped a video Tuesday on what the conservative watchdog group called “a ballot harvesting racket deep in the heart of Texas.” An undercover journalist with the group accompanied a “ballot chaser” who is seen on video coercing voters to change their ballot and even offering gifts. “We keep hearing voter fraud is a myth and anyone who challenges that notion is simply creating hysteria,” said Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe. “I went to Texas to be part of the Project Veritas investigation into election fraud and to be on the ground here with our undercover journalists,” he added.


    A former US Postal Service worker tossed dozens of other absentee ballots and other mail into a dumpster in Kentucky, federal prosecutors said. DeShawn Bojgere, 30, who no longer works for USPS, was charged with delay or destruction of mail-in connection to the ballot dump earlier this month in Louisville, the US Attorney Russell Coleman’s office said. More than 100 general election absentee ballots being sent out to voters were discarded in a construction dumpster, prosecutors said. They were tossed along with 69 mixed class pieces of mail, 320 second-class pieces of mail and two national election campaign flyers from a political party in Florida.

    And of course in your own back yard

    Ballot Harvester Liban Mohamed: “Money is Everything. Money is the King in this World. If You Got No Money, You Should Not Be Here, Period. You Know What I am Saying? Money is Everything and a Campaign is Managed By Money.”

    Mohamed: “Numbers Do Not Lie. Numbers Do Not Lie. You Can See My Car is Full. All These Here Are Absentee Ballots. Can’t You See? Look at All These, My Car is Full.”

    Paid Voter: “When We Sign The Voting Document and They Fill It Out Is When They Give Us The Money,”… “The Minute We Signed The Thing [Ballot] For The Election. That’s When We Get paid.”


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  12. While my other post is languishing in moderation, for what, I cannot fathom! Here is another example of NEVER!

    According to the election officials, a person in Columbiana, South Carolina, mailed 51 new voter applications, all of which featured the same handwriting, to the Broward County elections office in July.

    The Times also stated that the “Broward County supervisor of elections officials flagged the registrations as suspicious and turned them over to the Broward state attorney’s office.”

  13. What is missing is the fact that our POS SOS sent out ballots or ballot applications to everybody, and with a pre-paid return envelope that doesn’t NEED a postmark. Nor do the ballots require a legitimate ID, or a witness signature, all due to the SOS’s “interpretation” in clear violation of state law.

  14. 👆A ballot application is what the the voting public receives — period.

    No one in MN receives a ballot without first being verified (name, address, and either last 4 digits of SS# or DL #) in order to request a ballot.

    Perhaps Instapundit or InfoWars or Daily Caller claims otherwise. It’s notable you’re attracted to the conspiracy theories…

    You should go online and see for yourself what exact steps are involved to request a ballot.

  15. I should add — that if the president and GOP thought they were winning they would want all legally cast ballots counted…..

  16. ” It’s notable you’re attracted to the conspiracy theories… “
    How is that “Russian collusion” theory working out for you, Emery.

    No one is against counting all legally cast votes.
    But you have to have a deadline for counting them and awarding office or you will have chaos.
    Your buffoon dial is up to 11 this morning, Emery.

  17. EI – the Constitution gives state legislatures the power to establish election laws. That doesn’t mean Secretary of State or a court can substitute their preferred law in place of legally enacted law.

    As the 8th Circuit opinion said, there is no emergency exception to the constitution.

  18. 👆Isn’t that what I said? “Simon overstepped his authority”….

    Woolly: Biden or Trump, a high turnout should be applauded. Whichever candidate wins/loses its more legitimate if as much of the population as possible has had their say.

  19. Saw a Biden rally in SP on TV yesterday…Alpha news had a reporter outside the perimeter where 10x the slobs inside were cheering for Trump.

    I can’t imagine the pathetic few who drove their Prius in to toot their horns couldn’t hear the Americans cheering for Trump.

    Saw 3 Biden supporters mingling with the crowd of Americans, who were waving flags and laughing at them. (Was that you padded cell boi, with the pencil thin arms and sickly grey skin?)

    O much enthusiasm for Trump….such a motley bunch of reprobates for Biden….That’s got to be demoralizing.

  20. “The Constitution specifically gives states the power to run their elections”


    According to state law.

    Which Simon is systematically violating, far above and beyond the subject of Simon V. Carson.

  21. Apparently the Obamessiah is out stumping for Joe, trying to imply there is something wrong with Trump getting huge crowds.

    Believe me bitter clingers, not your lying eyes.

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