Fearless Prediction

The Star-Tribune “Minnesota” poll coming out on Sunday will show Biden with an absurdly large lead in Minnesota.

12 points?

18 points?

Eleventy-Teen Points?

Doesn’t matter. The poll will make Minnesota look like a dead lock for Biden and the DFL.

Because as I’ve shown in the past, the closer a race actually is, the bigger the margin the Strib always shows for the DFL right before the election. It creates – accidentally or by design (you know where my money is) it creates a “bandwagon effect”, causing less-zealously partisan voters to stay home if they think “their” candidate has no chance.

So – how do we know the race in Minnesota actually is close?

Here’s how.

Some say Minnesota is Trump’s “great white whale” – his ego would be fed by flipping Minnesota for the first time in almost fifty years.

Perhaps. I don’t think there’s any reason ego and opportunity aren’t at work, here.

16 thoughts on “Fearless Prediction

  1. You gotta give one thing to sTrumpet, he does no do anything that is not calculated nor would benefit him. So if he is coming, there is something there there.

  2. Ugh, does not do anything that would not benefit him. Too many negatives to spell out a positive.

  3. The saddest thing is that in a nation of over 300 million people that has given the world so much — that Biden and Trump are the “best” candidates that the two main parties could come up with to fight an election.

  4. Personally, I would be a far superior candidate and could easily win; but I’m unwilling to subject my family to the Politics of Personal Destruction perfected by Democrats and their armed thugs, Antifa.

    Voter intimidation is not the only way to keep good candidates out of office.

  5. Great point, Joe.

    I know three people that were considering running for office, but for the reasons you highlighted, did not.

    I have spoken to both Kendall Qualls and Lacy Johnson about their campaigns. After doing so, I have one burning question. If Republicans are the racists, why are they and their families, getting death threats and threats of harm, if they don’t drop out of the race and let their opponents win. Inquiring minds want to know. I‘m betting that many of those calls were directed by either Ken Martin and/or Keith Ellison.

  6. What Joe says. In a world where good people are trashed for no good reason, the winner is often the man who doesn’t give a rip about the abuse. Someonewho’s dealt with NY politicians and the Mob is then a good choice, and thankfully, he’s been mostly benign.

  7. If Trump did what Whitmer has done, Emery, you would be calling him a tyrant, and I would agree with you.
    Lansing — In a landmark ruling with far-reaching implications, the Michigan Supreme Court decided Friday that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer violated her constitutional authority by continuing to issue orders to combat COVID-19 without the approval of state lawmakers.

    The state’s high court ruled 4-3 that a state law allowing the governor to declare emergencies and keep them in place without legislative input — the 1945 Emergency Powers of the Governor Act — is unconstitutional.

  8. MO: “her”, but yes. You want someone whose bad government has killed thousands? Look no further than the governors’ residence in Lansing–not to mention Albany, etc.. Whitmer is especially vile because she actually vetoed a bill that would alllow nursing homes to refuse patients with known, active cases of COVID.

  9. These lockdown governors haven’t covered themselves in glory, have they? At some point you think they would reject superstition and cruelty as a basis for fighting the covid.

  10. You guys and your lockdown governors… pretty soon, you’re gonna provoke the p-boi to stop by and explain how New England, PA, MI, et al were all (ab)using their citizens as guinea pigs so TX would know how to cure the Blue Flu… or something.

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  12. You know demoncRat ship is sinking when they have to schedule a stop for basement Joe in MN(!)

    Biden’s campaign added a last-minute stop in Minnesota to his schedule on Friday. According to reports, he will hold a drive-in rally in St. Paul, in addition to events in Wisconsin and Iowa.

  13. Crapping their pants? Indeed! And I can just see the headlines – ONLY 250 people turned out to a Trump rally in MN.

    Minnesota’s 10 Electoral votes are up for grabs, remarkable in a state that has not supported a GOP presidential candidate for over half a century. So desperate are the state’s governor Tim Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison (a former Black Muslim spokesman) – both Democrats — that they have imposed an attendance cap of 250 people (how is this constitutional?) on today’s planned Trump rally at Rochester International Airport.

  14. 13% of Republicans who have voted so far voted for Biden. Although to be fair — I would except this to even out a bit with same-day turnout, but just…wow.

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