He’s Like The Sid Hartman Of Political Science

Larry Jacobs got dunked hard over this tweet last week:

I’m going to come to Professor Jacobs’ (partial, and let’s be honest, largely comic) defense.

I suspect he’s referring to the Uptown Bar. Which was at one point one of the most popular bars in Uptown, which is “in a college town” in the sense that Minneapolis has several colleges in it (rather than, say, Morris or Mankato or even my hometown). It was certainly a place to see and be seen back in the day – and I certainly saw and was seen there, a couple of lifetimes ago.

But it closed in 2009. Long before Covid.

It was replaced, by the way, by an Apple Store.

Which announced its impending closure last week, in the middle of a hamfisted lockdown and the Uptown neighborhood’s descent into crime and violence. While urbanists claim “stores close all the time in Uptown”, citing a number of flavor-of-the-month boutiques and restaurants, I’ll hasten to remind you – in the middle of a neighborhood full of hipsters with enough disposable income to, well, live in Uptown, it was an Apple Store.

And it’s gone. #Unexpectedly.

We interrupt this blog post for a song, which is not remotely thematic, nosirreebob.

Or, more to the point, Nosirree Bob:

Oh, yeah. The establishment in Dr. Jacobs’ tweet is…

…er, was the Uptown Theater. One of the signal arthouse theaters in Minneapolis, a place with some of my most treasured movie experiences.

But it’s gone, too.

Hey, how about another song?

Seems appropriate.

12 thoughts on “He’s Like The Sid Hartman Of Political Science

  1. I’m a bit shocked it took Apple this long to close a store. I can see it back when smartphones were in infancy. But, that’s 10+ years in the past. I can get an iphone at any wireless phone company store now. I could probably order one for same day delivery via amazon. So, keep paying rent and wages for a retail store or sell through other outlets? Is there a certain cachet to keeping them open?

  2. Dr. Frank-n-furter: Cards for sorrow, cards for pain

    Joe: [throws cards]

    Dr. Frank-n-furter: ‘Cause I’ve seen blue skies; Through the tears in my eyes;
    And I realize; I’m going home

  3. A business closing? Who cares! Let’s talk about Wuhan flu and the masks. Yes, the masks are all the rage these days if you had not heard. You either rage for them or against them. Talk among yourselves.

  4. While urbanists claim “stores close all the time in Uptown” . . .
    Seems like an awfully cavalier way to refer to the livilihoods of shop keepers and their employees.
    you have to be particularly hard-hearted to be an urban planner, but then we are in an age when political leaders consider themselves more successful if they can inflict new cruelty and suffering on the people they rule.

  5. Oh, MO, urbanists “can’t be responsible for every undercapitalized small business” in Uptown.

  6. Where will Antifa go in-between riots to hook up with slags?
    once the occupancy restrictions are lifted
    Birchwood Cafe in Seward or
    Bad Waitress @ 26th & Nicolette or
    CC Tap or
    any Starbucks between Washinton Ave and Lake Street
    otherwise they hang out in the bath and floor coverings area of the nearest Home Depot

  7. Parasole announced today they are closing Chino Latino in Uptown for good; they closed their Fig and Farro restaurant near there recently as well. Parasole actually cited the riots as part of the reason; most operators are careful not to mention the obvious if they hope to do business in Minneapolis again. Or not. They said Chino Latino would be back, but “elsewhere”. I’m guessing that won’t be uptown or downtown Minneapolis.

  8. A few weeks ago, due to a navigation error (I wasn’t driving), I ended up in downtown Minneapolis at 6 PM on a Saturday night. Right in the heart of downtown, between 9th & Washington, and Hennepin and Nicolette.
    The streets were empty, traffic almost non-existent, I saw maybe two couples out walking, no one else.
    All of the businesses had Floyd memorial signs posted.
    Minneapolis is dead, killed by leftists with their covid restrictions and their riots.

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