Blue Fragility – State Of The States

The pandemic is beginning its eighth month – and the lockdown is well into seven months of devastation America’s economy, mental health and well-being.

And you’re starting to see Big Left hopping up in down with glee – the case numbers are starting to move upward in “Red” America, justifying their almost onanistic, millenialistic desire to see the infidels pay for their impudence.

But how’s it really going out there?

I took the stats from Worldometers as of October 13th, and broke them down across a few different statistical groupings:

GroupingCovid fatalities per capita as of 10/13, 2020
National average666
“Blue” state average713
Red State average362
“Purple” state average (“red” states with major, usually Democrat-controlled, metro areas)569
States with > 10 milllion population704
States with > 20 million population863
States with <1 million population (all “colors”)354 (307 if you leave out hard-blue Rhode Island)

The Redneck Bloodbath just isn’t happening.

17 thoughts on “Blue Fragility – State Of The States

  1. I thought I was cynical about politics and the media, but this Fall has brought a new low.

    We’re supposed to be terrified that there are so many “cases” of Covid, but “cases” does not mean “health working-age adults who dropped over dead;” it does not mean “Second Graders projectile vomiting all over the classroom;” and it does not mean “college students who got drunk, passed out, and never woke up.” Those things could happen and probably do. But not from Covid. Covid kills sick people, mostly in the nursing home, and pretty much nobody else. The rest of us have no more to fear from Covid than from the flu.

    Why is that so hard to understand?

  2. Minnesota, the Northern state with a banana republic governor, is now showing an increase in Covid deaths despite the mask mandate and lockdowns and the pathetic hybrid educational fiasco.

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  4. Republicans only accept reality when it affects them personally. Racism? Not a problem. Climate change? Don’t care.

    Covid? It’s a hoax. Oh no my wife got it. Maybe it was true after all. Trump lied to me!

    Maybe a dose of the hoax virus will wake them up from being Trumpalos.

    Chris Christie (Trump Regime) was sent to hospital then spent 7 days in ICU.

    He urged Americans to wear masks to fight the coronavirus, ….. and warned that the virus is “something to take very seriously.”

    “I believed that when I entered the White House grounds, that I had entered a safe zone, due to the testing that and I and many others underwent every day. I was wrong. I was wrong to not wear a mask at the Amy Coney Barrett announcement and I was wrong not to wear a mask at my multiple debate prep sessions with the President and the rest of the team,”

    Chris Christie also appeared to distance himself from Trump, who said he felt better than he had felt in decades after he was treated with a different antibody cocktail for the virus.

    “No one should be happy to get the virus and no one should be cavalier about being infected or infecting others,……”It is something to take very seriously. The ramifications are wildly random and potentially deadly.”

    “as a former public official, I believe we have not treated Americans as adults, who understand truth, sacrifice and responsibility.” “When you have seven days in isolation in an ICU though, you have time to do a lot of thinking,”

    Christie also advocating that people “follow CDC guidelines in public no matter where you are and wear a mask to protect yourself and others.” “Every public official, regardless of party or position, should advocate for every American to wear a mask in public, appropriately socially distance and to wash your hands frequently every day.”

    Well, finally — but only after Covid-19 gave him bloody hell.

  5. EI,

    Deflection level: Elementary School.

    Nobody who matters says Covid isn’t serious. I had Covid. It was unpleasant. I know people who’ve had much worse. 200K+++ had it much much worse.

    The point of this post isn’t that Covid isn’t serious.

    The point is that “progressivism” is a death cult. The numbers prove it.

  6. South Dakota tops today’s list of states with the highest number of covid cases per 100k population, has run out of hospital capacity. A month ago a boastful Governor Kristi Noem announced she would use federally provided covid relief funds for a tourism advertising blitz adding these comments: “…because the elderly and people with pre-existing health conditions are particularly vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus, “that leaves about 95% of the population that is not at risk for serious infection” — citing no facts. She also asserted that more people in her state have died from accidental injuries than from COVID-19 in the past five months — again citing no facts. She told South Dakotans to “put on your positive pants, face covid with optimism.”

    The message in all this foolishness is we are NOT all in this together, are mostly on our own. Wear your mask, wash your hands frequently, socially distance, get sleep and exercise. Wishing us all good luck.

  7. Mitch, I beg to differ. Wuhan flu IS NOT serious. For most people. Certainly not as serious as cancer, and we are not shutting the country down until we find a cure for it. Infection level is meh – compare 5mil of made up infection numbers vs 60mil of confirmed (there was no political reason to make up numbers back in 2009) for swine flu. Wuhan flu, itself is not a hoax, but the “pandemic” declaration surely is, by any calculation – the numbers prove it.

  8. 👆 You can’t out-shout the body count.

    White House: Tennessee mask mandate ‘must be implemented’ ~ AP

    Is the WH finally showing some maskulinity?

    Has the Minnesota GOP has not received this memo from the White House? If they had, they would not be trying to sue Walz for “executive overreach” in this pandemic.

  9. The CDC itself caused a stir at the end of August by estimating that the virus directly caused only 6 percent, or now just over 11,000 of the 187,000 attributed deaths. Most of these deaths were in the elderly.

    The remaining 94 percent died with and not exclusively of the coronavirus. These people also were on average elderly and had 2.6 other health problems. This implies a good fraction who succumbed had three or more comorbidities. In other words, most deaths attributed to the coronavirus were in very sick people.

  10. S.D. has a population of nearly 900,000. The number of active covid cases in SD is 50. Get an effin’ grip, Emery.

  11. Trump told a rally … “it’s amazing what’s happening — we’re turning the corner.”

    As are train wrecks. Even slow moving train wrecks that just go on and on and on.

    I live in the US Midwest as do you. There are so many open spaces that the only way that the virus could be ravaging the place is if there is open flouting of the rules. Compared to the US south, the Midwest is not quite as religious. But, midwesterners like their football, bars and shopping. With Trump in charge, they have been emboldened to maintain these activities without wearing a mask or observing social distancing. Even though Republicans like to go after the NY area for their death rates in March—April, they should be introspecting on how they let it happen with the much lower density of population around them. The Dakotas are among the most desolate states in the US and among the highest hit. Inexcusable!

  12. You don’t believe for a second that Emery is serious about mask-wearing & covid, do you?

  13. If he’s not “serious about mask-wearing & covid”, he’s certainly serious about propagating and echoing all the mask-wearing & covid myths. I think a more interesting question is why.

  14. I never know what to say to you all. It’s one of those problems that I would hope just go away. Perhaps it’s just a case of sometimes you can’t help these people until they’ve hit rock bottom. By then I’ll have lost interest…

  15. Only morons believe anything coming from organized “science”, they’re all in on supporting the Dempanic.

    If you want the truth, you have to search the record from 2009, during the swine flu. For instance, what was America’s premier hospital, the Mayo Clinic saying back then?

    “ In some cases, wearing a mask might help protect you from the human influenza A and B viruses — the ones responsible for most seasonal outbreaks of flu (influenza). But the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) generally suggests that only health care workers who are in close contact with people with influenza wear masks. The CDC doesn’t recommend that people in public areas wear masks to protect themselves from influenza.

    Of course, no one was willing to panic the country to attack black Jesus back then. As I recall, H1N1 was handled just like any seasonal flu. No one altered their lives at all, and the flu faded into the viral white noise.

    I don’t sneer at dimwits in their Dempanic maskies. I laugh.

  16. I was in Texas last week. Mexicans are poster children for Dempanic believers; they’re all wearing little maskies…under their noses. Even the cloth maskies with the Mexican flag printed on them.

    I don’t laugh at them though. Most of them don’t read English (or Spanish) well, so they can’t read the disclaimers on the boxes and they’re used to following orders anyway.

    Mocking people with low IQ’s for low IQ behavior is boorish. Mocking people with low IQ’s who parade around touting their big brains, however, comes naturally.

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