Blue Fragility: It Never Ends

This is not the Babylon Bee.

“Alternate reality”.

New York still has a per capita death toll triple the national average. New York City’s economy – off Wall Street, anyway – is in the tank. It’s school system is saved from being a shambles only by having been a shambles before the epidemic. Fredo Cuomo and Ratzo DiBlasio spent the last six months playing out petty intra-party political squabbles as New Yorkers died in box lots.

Progressives do, indeed, exist in an “alternate reality”.

16 thoughts on “Blue Fragility: It Never Ends

  1. I would not use the term “alternate reality” because that implies some form of reality. Progressives live in a fantasy world that bears no semblance to any reality.

  2. “alternate reality” like binge watching The West Wing over and over on Netflix as though it’s a documentary series.

  3. Never, forget who steered this country into a sea of coronavirus denial, incompetence and masklessness.

  4. Never, forget who steered this country into a…
    Nancy Pelosi in Chinatown,
    Joe Biden railing against Trump closing the border,
    The WHO telling us its nothing to worry about,
    the CCP also assuring us its nothing to worry about,
    the CDC’s bumbling,
    Dr Fauci’s assurances

    go ahead emery tell us

  5. Yeah, Emery, would it be the Governor of New York, who kept telling nursing homes to accept COVID patients and waited MONTHS before sanitizing the (*&)(*&) subways?

  6. Always good to have Emery for comic relief. It’s a poor homage to angryclown, who I miss, but perhaps a new name is in order.

    Emeryclown? Fecklessclown?

  7. nw
    agreed Angryclown was original, by comparison the Emerys are a study predictable mediocrity when not engaged in outright plaigerism.

  8. Angryclown was entertaining. A good troll is hard to find. Haven’t had one around here in a very long time now.

  9. Since he’s not quite as entertaining, maybe “Emery Bored”?

    Seriously, it’s really infuriating to see the media carrying the narrative that Trump dropped the ball when you’ve got people like Gretchen Whitmer actually vetoing bills that would have allowed nursing homes to refuse to care for people with active cases of COVID. One would think that “throwing a deliberate interception”, as Whitmer did, would be more newsworthy and worthy of condemnation than “dropping the ball”, but there’s today’s media for you.

  10. Oh, I am deep in corona virus denial.
    Hawaii County, aka the Big Island, with its quarantine and paranoia, has more infections, per capita, than laid back Polk County, WI, despite the thousands of tourists from the Twin Cities who passed through Osceola every weekend throughout the summer and fall. More than 8 times as many deaths, per capita,on the Big Island, as well (with more than 80% of the deaths in Hawaii County occurring in a government managed “care” home for disabled vets).
    What a “corona virus denier” is these days is a person who denies that the self-interested actions of our corrupt and incompetent leadership class has any effect at all on whether I contract the virus & get ill and die from it. These witless morons couldn’t lead a pack of boy scouts to a corn dog stand at a county fair. Instead of teaching the scouts to bury their trash, they would have them throw it all over the place, and then have them brawl.
    This is the theater of the absurd.

  11. Yeah, kinda miss ac sometimes, what with the quality of the trolls today.

    Florida still has 1/10 the death rate of New York.

    If New York were a country, it would be fifth in the world in death rate. If you took NY’s numbers out of the USA, we would be around 25th. Not too bad.

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  13. “Emery, I knew Angryclown. Angryclown was a friend of mine. You’re no Angryclown”

    ~ Hunter Biden

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