Due To Covid

I used to drive to work, half-an-hour each way.  I listened to Sirius XM
in the car.  They sent me a renewal reminder: $160 for another year.

I called and told them to let it lapse.  I work at home, I don’t listen
to the car radio.  Oh, but they can offer me a promotional rate.  And
expand my package to let me listen on-line.  And . . .

No.  If you hadn’t tried to gouge me, maybe I’d have let it renew.  But
teaser rates and short-term promotions won’t lure me back; they only
serve to prove you could have offered me a better deal earlier, but
chose not to.

I suspect there will be a raft of business failures in the next year or
two, prompted by similar experiences.

Joe Doakes

I’ve got my own beeves with Sirius’ way of doing business. A company whose technology is that expensive and whose service is nonetheless that expendable needs to be a lot smarter than Sirius is.


Especially in these uncertain times.

I had to do it once.

6 thoughts on “Due To Covid

  1. Not sure when the last time I listened to Sirius XM.

    My 2012 Taurus has three sections as I scroll through my options. AM, FM, CD, Bluetooth/usb, and THREE Sirius options.

    Do new Ford’s give you that many Sirius options?

    I think it’s done.

  2. We had the same experience. They would give us the much better deal on the service with the caveat we had to allow them access to our account for automatic renewal going forward. We rejected their offer.

  3. FRESCH,

    Back in 2012, there were three separate satellite radio services, Sirius, XM and the lesser known and short lived, Worldspace. They all operated on a different signal. Ford’s audiophiles that design their sound systems, included the ability to pick u all three. I think they went back to just two in 2016, which, I believe, is what they have in the 2021 models.

  4. Lets see.

    $160/yr for Howard Stern and Sportsball or
    $65/yr for Audiobooks

    That’s a tough call.

  5. I hate having to negotiate for services, but I am often good at it. I have renewed Sirius XM every year at less than $10 per month for 8 years. We enjoy it online more than in car. When it becomes tedious, I will stop. But, I do it for lots of services. Would have been ok doing for trash, but St Paul took away that right. I wonder why so many companies make you negotiate deals, but I guess if I couldn’t negotiate, I would always feel like I was being charged too much.

  6. I haven’t commuted since 2014, so radio is all but dead to me (and I have streaming music services for road trips). I run errands in the car from time to time, and when I switch to the radio for a short trip I almost always seem to run into a block of commercials that are even more jarring now that I’m accustomed to commercial-free streaming. (One thing I did learn last week, however, is that the KFAN morning show is even more unlistenable than it was six years ago.)

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