Virtue Confectioning

Let’s say you had again for a candy bar. Maybe even a whole bunch of them – like, you wanted to distribute candy bars.

A “Mars“ bar, perhaps, or maybe a pack of M&Ms? Which are, as it happens, a product of the Mars company?Where would you go? Especially if you are a diligent quarantiner, and can’t leave the house?

“Maybe“, do you think, “I can go to the Capt Mars Candy Company website“.

Certainly, you might think, that would be a place you could go to find out more about candy bars.You might think that.

And you would be wrong.

Go ahead – see how far down you have to scroll to find any reference to, well, candy.

3 thoughts on “Virtue Confectioning

  1. Here you are wrong. Mars is a holding company and the link you have is to their corporate site. A corporate site like any other, full of empty platitudes and self-congratulatory garbage. You have to click on “products’ or brands in this case to take you directly to where you want to be. If you had a hunkering for candy, first result in search for M&M would get you to

  2. That page was a 100,000 watt virtue signal.

    And JPA, a desire for something is a “hankering”. In today’s lock-down world, though. craving something high in calories while bunkered could be called a “hunkering”!

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