There Are Two Americas

One of them thinks the other is wrong, and a little crazy – in both the “annoying” and, increasingly, “dangerous” senses of the term.

The other hates the other America. Also America itself.

The longer this goes on, the less I think there’s any point in trying to preserve a union, barring some unforeseeable commitment to radical federalism.

7 thoughts on “There Are Two Americas

  1. Before the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidlago, California was part of Mexico & slavery was illegal. California was admitted as a free state in 1850.
    So the insanity continues.

  2. I wonder how all the Asians and Hispanics feel about paying reparations for slavery?

  3. I wonder how all the Asians and Hispanics feel about paying reparations for slavery?

    Here’s the part I wonder about: there were hundreds, maybe over a thousand, black slave owners in the south before the Civil War. They, along with their former chattel, have gone on to have countless descendants. Any given black American has a non-zero chance of being directly descended from a slave-owner…

    …which is one non-zero chance more than I have of being descended from slave owners (within the past 800 years, anyway); Five of my great-grandparents (and the parents of #6) were born overseas in nations that banned slavery in the 1200s (and were not, shall we say, from the social class that did the slave-holding). The other two were from Scottish and North-English families – which, being parts of the UK subject to either Scottish or Danish law until the Magna Carta, also didn’t do the slave thing – and lived in the North, with no record whatsoever of having owned humans.

    So let’s tally it up.
    Average African-American: Non-zero and non-trivial chance of being descended from slave owners in the past 200 years.
    Mitch: Zero chance of being descended from slave owners going back (let’s be conservative) 800 years.

    Wanna collect reparations from me?

    Mitch, please.

  4. Again, I remind that “reparations” will not mean individuals writing checks to individuals. That is not how collective guilt works. What will happen is that tax moneys will be required to be set aside (perhaps constitutionally) for public services for the approved race.
    Sounds kind of ugly when you look at it that way, doesn’t it? Kind of like when you see that racial preferences to make college more “inclusive” means that the child of a black millionaire will get 200 added to SAT score, while an Asian or white kid from a poor family, raised by a single welfare mom, gets nothing.

  5. I wonder what the overall cost is of Federal anti poverty programs since 1965? Looking at that as an attempt at reparations which has had debatable impact in terms of creating equity. In fact, I’d argue that the status of black Americans has worsened despite it. And because of it.

  6. As I’ve said before, go far enough back in anybody’s family tree, you’ll find both oppressor and oppressed.

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