10 thoughts on “Lest Anyone Forget

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed when Trump said our troops took over the airports in the revolutionary war. Not sure he’s senile though. Just really, really, really dumb.

  2. If Trump were actually smart, he’d be prepping for tonight’s debate with some tax and criminal lawyers.

  3. It is odd that all the head-shrinkers who confidently diagnosed Donald Trump as mentally ill during the last elections, suddenly have no comment about Joe Biden.

  4. They are both old men. But Trump is the more incoherent of the two by a wide measure. Biden often actually talks in complete sentences. Anyone who speaks English and watches TV news would tell you that.

  5. Biden has had brain surgery on two occasions to repair aneurisms. One of the aneurisms leaked blood into his brain for hours before the surgery. Blood damages the brain tissue it contaminates, so it is certain that Biden has some amount of brain damage.

  6. Pseudo Neurologist Marimba Overload > 🤡

    Trump’s campaign spent a year lying to his supporters and claiming Biden didn’t know where he was and couldn’t string a sentence together, and now are desperately attempting to pivot to “Biden is a super-genius who has memorized all the questions and answers in advance.”

    Now it’s Biden has some microscopic ear piece and a steroid dealer.

    The ear piece conspiracy is truly absurd.

    Everyone knows the truth: Biden’s handlers implanted a Soros-funded microchip that allows Antifa to control his voice.

    My sources on this are unimpeachable.

  7. Emery-with no problems found on his tax returns, why in the world would he need tax and criminal lawyers? Good luck

  8. *Tug on your left ear and Chris Wallace will toss you a softball

    I’ll be; that really was a leak of Biden’s debate notes. I think Sniffin’ Joe’s ear lobes are still numb enough to run a knitting needle through, this morning.

    Not kidding; Rachel Maddow would have done a better job than Wallace last night. He conducted a partisan debacle.

  9. Trump’s entire strategy was to drag Biden into the mud with him. I don’t think he entirely succeeded, although Biden was clearly furious, he stayed on the high ground.

    But my goodness, it is horrifying that Trump is the sitting President. That was a manic performance. He seemed incapable of holding a coherent thought. He couldn’t condemn white supremacist hate groups, he doesn’t have a plan for COVID, doesn’t have a plan for health care, and his plan for climate change was an absolutely nutty rant about “forest cities” in Europe.

    Trump is not well.

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