Netflix is taking heat for a show about young girls dancing.  They dress in skimpy outfits, wear makeup, do sexually suggestive dance moves like running their hands over each other, twerking their little behinds and thrusting their tiny pelvises.  People are outraged at the implicit pedophilia.

Bad news, people, you’re about 30 years late.  Dance teachers were putting kids in these costumes and teaching them the same moves, when my daughter was a kid.  At that time, all the sophisticated people assured me it was adorable, not perverse.

Of course, that was before Pizzagate and #metoo and Epstein.  Has the pendulum begun to swing back?

Joe Doakes

When you’re in the middle of a bad swing, it’s hard to remember that pendula do – or at least can -move both ways.

6 thoughts on “Timing

  1. JD is correct – this stuff is not new – think Jon Benet Ramsey or for that matter Shirley Temple – Netflix with the expert moral guidance of Barack & Michelle Obama is just cashing in on the very lucrative market for precocious sexualized children

  2. I watched Cuties expecting to be enraged and disgusted and to turn it off immediately. I wasn’t. I didn’t. I was caught up immediately by the scene a young girl in the mosque where there was plenty to rebel about, not the least of which was the complete covering of the women’s bodies.The scenes everybody is incensed about are few and indeed very uncomfortable. Where did they learn such things? Um, has anyone ever seen a Beyonce or a J-Lo performance. These girls and their dancing group are not a one-off, their perception of what it means to be a grown-up woman is part of the culture. Amy is a rebel, a kid, curious, and wants to be part of the group.

    I would suggest you watch the whole movie and not what you perceive as the offensive parts.

    I would only add that this painful period in her life does not lead Amy into a life of exploitation and degradation.

    BTW I would guess that a coming-of-age film about 11-year-old boys exploring a sexuality that they don’t understand would be greeted in an entirely different way. After all, boys will be boys.

  3. Yep, that was the same reasoning I heard when I objected to the dance routines. Coursening of American culture, sexualization of little girls, snide sexism – you’ve got it down pat. The destruction of traditional values by Liberals continues.

    Thanks for confirming my analysis.

  4. EI, I made it about ten seconds into the trailer before thinking “it’s only a matter of time before someone starts prosecuting people who watch this.” It was really the same thing I thought when I saw the glamour shots of JonBenet Ramsay after her murder–“what kind of sicko does this to a six year old girl?”

    For that matter, beauty pageants aren’t much better. There are many things that occur to my mind when I see every body feature “carved out of stone and every muscle definition is visible”, but “feminine” and “beautiful” are not among them. It is every bit as much a caricature as porn, in my view.

  5. also with the Epstein flight logs coming out I’m starting to think the the conspiracy theory that the worlds elite is a bunch of. . kiddy lovers is just a secret that is going to be exposed very soon

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