Repeat A Big Lie Slickly Enough

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I rarely watch pay television, I’m generally reading a book or watching a movie on Netflix. So I was surprised at the quality of Joe Biden’s campaign ads.

If I didn’t know he’s been hiding in the basement the last six months, didn’t know he stumbles and flubs his way through interviews, didn’t know he’s been silent in the face of riots across the nation, I’d be impressed. He talks like a patriotic American. 

The ads are lies,  but they are good lies. 

We know hardcore conservatives will vote for Trump and hardcore liberals will vote for Biden. It’s the mushy headed individuals in the middle, who don’t make up their mind until right now, just before the election. Those are the ones who decide the election in the end. If these ads work for them, Trump is in trouble.

Joe Doakes

They are good – although if you listen to the audio, you can tell Biden’s voice-over track is spliced together. There’s no way the old fella did those reads sitting behind a mike in one take.

3 thoughts on “Repeat A Big Lie Slickly Enough

  1. I’ll admit I haven’t seen any of these ads – and why wouldn’t they be good if Hollywood is assisting? – however, I would mention that I have never in my life seen as many people as excited about a Republican as they are for Trump.

  2. Look how bad things are. None of it’s my fault, but it would get so much worse under Biden” ~ Donald Trump

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