Tag It And Bag It

Dennis Prager puts it well – the Left (today’s extreme left, not the center-left American liberalism of Hubert Humphrey or John F. Kennedy) destroys everything it touches.

The American Civil Liberties Union of the sixties and seventies, the ACLU of Nat Hentoff and other principled center-left civil libertarians was an organization with a political point of view, but that realized civil liberties were for everyone; that if the Manhattan crowd infringed rural Missouri’s civil liberties, they’d eventually regret it.

I’ve been joking – and then “joking” (see Berg’s 21st Law) – since the nineties that the ACLU should obey truth in advertising laws and change its name to the San Francisco, Hollywood and Upper East Side CIvil Liberties Union (SFHaUESCLU), since that’s really all they represent.

So I’m not sure if I should be happy or concerned that the ACLU has dropped all pretense to the contrary.

4 thoughts on “Tag It And Bag It

  1. It isn’t that the left breaks these things. They still function.
    What the left does is corrupt them. They have always been about corruption. They believe that aborting a pregnancy is “feminist,” e.g., a woman acting like a man (can’t get pregnant) is “feminine.” The insanity just rolls out from them like a tidal wave.

  2. One would hope that such a letter, even in private, would be enough to persuade the old ACLU–the one that stood up for Nazis marching in Skokie–that he was a bad fit for the organization. No such luck anymore.

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