You Have Questions. Berg’s Law Has Answers

“So, Mitch – why are the Democrats and media (ptr) spending so much time saying that Trump wants to delegitimize the election?”

The answer, of course, is because they need to deflect away from the fact that they are trying, in advance, to delegitimize the election.

13 thoughts on “You Have Questions. Berg’s Law Has Answers

  1. How long would you last, in the newsroom of one of our “unbiased” MSM outlets, if you told your colleagues that you believed Trump’s election was legitimate?

  2. Republicans have insufficient evidence to call elections ‘rigged’ and ‘fraudulent’

    “The president’s words make his and the Republican Party’s rhetoric look less like sincere concern — and more like transactional hypocrisy designed to provide an electoral advantage. And they come as Republicans trying to make their cases in courts must deal with the basic truth that four decades of dedicated investigation have produced only isolated incidents of election fraud.” ~ Benjamin L. Ginsberg

  3. Emery, Emery, Emery.
    The WaPo wrote, in 2016, an anti-endorsement of Trump, the first it had ever written in its history. It is chock full o’ irrational Trump hatred.
    And once again, you cite an OPINION column as though it were an unbiased news article.
    The reason you are consistently wrong about, well, everything, from Hillary’s landslide win in 2016 to Mueller’s Folly is because you no ability to evaluate evidence or argument.

  4. The problem Trump and his defenders have is the worst thing imaginable you can say about the man is instantly believable, and his supporters react faster than anyone else denying it because they believe it just as much as the rest of us.

  5. I am not defending Trump, Emery, I am attacking you.
    And landing punch after punch while you flail.

  6. Pseudo Epidemiologist Dr Marimba Overload

    I don’t try to get people to admit they’re bad or that they’re gullible fools who have been duped by bad people. It’s not going to happen. They’re going down with the ship.

  7. Well, Emery, members of the leftist party, were concerned about the likelihood of fraud when voting by mail years ago when it was first brought up by Jimmy Carter and James Baker. Trump didn’t just invent this, the Democrats are using it to scare their gullible sheep and it obviously has worked. Yesterday, a video of mail dumping in CA surfaced and now that the Dems have revealed their plan, we know that it will happen.

  8. Emery equates “convictions” with “occurances.” If nobody got convicted, then the crime never occured. I wonder how he’d feel if we used that reasoning for other crimes?

    There’s a dead Negro hanging from a tree, but nobody got convicted for lynching so it never occurred?

    There’s a Muslim girl with an acid-burned face and her throat cut but nobody got convicted of honor killing, so it never occurred?

    Leave aside the ballots found in the trunk of the car, and precincts in Michigan that reported more votes than eligible voters, and people who admit to buying votes with cigarettes, what do you THINK will happen if the United States Postal Service is charged with choosing the next President?

  9. “Republicans have insufficient evidence to call elections rigged or fraudulent..”. Why yes that true, Emory, because the election hasn’t happened yet. But funny nonetheless, this coming a party that tried in effect to nullify an election any way they could, starting with “Russian collusion” that had……not insufficient evidence but zero evidence.

  10. Joe, that’s apparently how too many liberals think–because nobody bothered to investigate, let alone indict or convict, it never happened. Just ignore the fact that tons of precincts have had more votes cast than eligible voters, move along now. Nothing to see here.

  11. I remember a few elections ago that Milwaukee had a bunch of day of vote registrations and votes. And when the election clerk sent followup mail to those new voters, the mail was returned as undeliverable / unknown or no building at the address. But nothing to see there, and the votes had already been counted. nothing to be done.

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