Some Animals

A family watches their grandmother die, through a window – if they’re lucky.

More often, they are barred from the hospital where their loved one spends their last hours.

Thousands – possibly as many as 30,000 – cancer patients die because their needed care has been, and is being, deferred due to absurd coronavirus restrictions. Nobody has even estimated the toll for other diseases.

A father is barred from his pregnant wife’s ultrasound. This isn’t just missing a cute gender-reveal or a heart-warming first-encounter; the wife has had several miscarriages; a lot of mental health is riding on this test. No dice, Dad. Wait in your car until summoned. Put a mask on, while you’re at it.

Nancy Pelosi gets a blow out.

You have just discovered the meaning of socialism.

22 thoughts on “Some Animals

  1. It’s safe enough for an 80 year old to go out and get their hair done. More proof this virus is not the Category 5 Kill Storm that’s been ‘sold’ to us.

  2. It’s bad enough that Nancy “Let Them Eat Ice Cream” Pelosi got caught doing this, but for a spokesperson to claim that the “The Speaker always wears a mask and complies with local COVID requirements”, even when there’s video? That takes real gall.

  3. It’s like “global warming.” The people pushing this hysteria clearly do not believe it themselves.
    They are literally unable to believe that we, the Ruled, are at least as smart as they, the Rulers.

  4. Don’t worry, all those mental health issue and delayed procedure deaths will be tallied in the Wuhan flu column, thus perpetuating the crisis. Intended consequence, no?

  5. Maybe CBS News will spend as much time on this story as they spent on the completely unsubstantiated, unsourced story about a series of “mini strokes” Trump is rumored to have have had earlier this year.
    The media is garbage.

  6. Oh yeah?? But …… Trump did or said, uh …… hold on. Socialism would be …… uh Trump was – wait Crap uhhhhhh this administration has screwed up hair salon safety regulations and caused thousands of bad hair days!! So there

    Damn – I’m new to the Resistance. Can someone help me out here – Does this have anything to do with Trump’s hair?

  7. I’ll see your Nancy Pelosi and raise you RBG.

    As Schlichter wrote: So Nancy Pelosi gets a blowout, whatever that is, RBG is hanging out with a bunch of people at a wedding, and of course protesting for leftist causes is great, but you can’t eat inside or go to church or do any other stuff because reasons and science and shut up.

  8. We can disagree with decisions Walz has made. There’s no rational argument that Walz doesn’t have the right to make the decisions he has made.

    Some of us have fallen prey to wishful thinking that there’s some kind of choice; either save the economy or control the pandemic. In reality, we have to control the pandemic in order to save the economy. There is no option, no matter how much we would like to pretend there is.

    If we had done a serious national lockdown from mid-March until June 1, like every other developed nation did, we’d be mostly done with the pandemic and free to work on restoring the economy.

    Unfortunately we allowed the toddler mentality and short-term thinking to set the agenda, so we have the worst pandemic situation in the world and our economy is teetering on the brink.

  9. … of course, distract from the hypocrisy of the authoritarians and their fellow travelers to complain about how those authoritarians should’ve been more authoritarian.

  10. If the United States had done merely an average job of fighting the coronavirus — if the U.S. accounted for the same share of virus deaths as it did global population — how many fewer Americans would have died? About 145,000.

    If Antifa had left 145,000 Americans dead the way Trump has, we would have already nuked Antifastan.

  11. Want to make sure the facts are on the table before the troll’s head explodes – only 9000 Americans died from Wuhan Flu… so far. As per CDC.

  12. Emery, we’ll help you with a correction; if the same Democratic governors who are cracking down on hair salons and weddings while going to the same quietly had been smart enough to realize that the key place to protect was nursing homes, and that they needed to exclude COVID patients from the same, tens of thousands fewer people would have died.

    If in addition, the governors of New York and New Jersey had decided to clean the ()*&()&() subways a couple of months earlier, thousands more might have lived.

    You’re welcome.

  13. Sniffin Joe’s care givers are outraged. They have put everything into convincing us that Bat Flu will kill us all unless Sniffin Joe is elected. If one more riot breaks out; they’re fucked.

    And there’s San Fran Nan out getting her formaldehyde topped off without her maskie. And right on queue, she blames the witless fag running the joint for setting her up, and demanding an apology…maybe a nice bottle of Cab Sav.

    I’ve never worn a maskie because I won’t participate in a charade. I haven’t said anything to anyone that I see wearing a maskie, because, who cares?

    But I’m gonna start gently speaking out because everyone that takes pause and considers the truth today, is one more pissed off ex-Biden voter tomorrow.

  14. In reality, we have to control the pandemic in order to save the economy.

    In what “reality”?

    Evidence is all around us that the answer is neither that black or white nor that complicated; protect the vulnerable, wash your hands, stay away from people get TF back to work.

    Our neighboring states, whether via competent governors or responsible Republican legislatures, have figured this out.

    DFL-addled Minnesota can not – because saving neither lives nor the economy is the goal.

  15. Note – I am extraordinarily loathe to excise comments, even thread-jacks. It’s a level of online hygiene I don’t feel I should have to fuss with.

    But I’m going to start enforcing the most basic courtesy there is; stay on topic. If you want to set topics, by all means start your own blog.

    As an example, about a decade back occasional commenter Paddyboy started his own blog. Along with compatriot Dog Gone, they started blogging away…

    …and found that building an audience is harder than they thought.

    But if you feel the need to set an agenda, by all means set up a property to set your own.

  16. ^^ A law and order conservative is a Rand Paul libertarian who has been mildly disrespected.

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