For Posterity’s Sake

Stipulated in advance – we don’t know yet how the Rittenhouse case in Racine is going to end up.

Acknowledging up front that Berg’s 18th Law is in effect, it would appear that Rittenhouse’s first shooting might just be problematic, and that the second two appeared to be textbook legitimate self-defense.

Of course, earlier we noted the provenance of the two “victims”. The first person shot was a rather unsavory person whose behavior hash’t really been the subject of any public scrutiny:

The second person killed (and the ones wounded with him), either:

So – while it’s entirely possible the kid committed murder, it’d seem the idea that he’s a “white supremacist” might be just a tad bit of a stretch – and while all lives are precious to God, the path from the pedo and the thumper to “black” seems a little insurmountable.

With all of that exhaustively noted, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this tweet from Ayanna Pressley needs to not fall down the memory hole:


UPDATE: Lin Wood and Rittenhouse’s defense team is on the ground swinging.

More later.

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  1. Minors are prohibited from possession of handguns, not rifles, Fisch.

    That said, there is a misdemeanor charge made with regards to the open carry of the rifle. Wisconsin’s law appears to be less than 100% clear, given that they allow minors to rifle hunt, which naturally involves open carry of a rifle, even when not shooting at game. The lawyers will have to figure out whether it applies or not.

  2. Ok, reposting stuff I posted to an earlier thread. I did not know Mitch was going to revive it – proves I do not possess ESP.

    I am no lawyer but this kid will likely walk free and I am willing to bet the case will be quietly dropped when no one is looking. And then kid should sue the bastard DAs for malicious prosecution. Lin will have a field day with this one making the kid a very rich man.

    Pierce added, “Every person that has any sense at all is going to take a weapon to that location. It was a legal weapon. I can’t comment right now further on the specifics of where the weapon was obtained. It was obtained as a legal weapon. It did not cross state lines. That charge is incorrect as a matter of law in Wisconsin. Actually, that weapon can be possessed by anyone 16 years or older.”

    Pollak asked, “People are wondering why he would come to a violent scene. Was he looking to be a hero? Was he looking for confrontation? What was his motivation?”

    “Kyle was not there looking for a fight,” Pierce remarked. “He is a great kid who serves as a community lifeguard in Kenosha. He was there to protect businesses that were being destroyed and burned to the ground. He was also there to provide medical aid to protesters and others who might be wounded. He actually took a first aid kit there to help wounded protesters, which he did repeatedly.”

  3. Oh, and there is so much crammed into Prissly’s twit, it is priceless. She is actually embracing the reprobates that got shot.

  4. First, and this is a given, Ayanna Pressley is just another Democrat indoctrinated opportunist.

    Second, I’m just as shocked at the criminal records of the two “peaceful protesters” in Portland. Last week, Marquise Love, kicked a driver that was trying to get away from a mob. He’s got a rap long rap sheet. In 2017, he was arrested for domestic assault and domestic harassment. He wasn’t prosecuted, The New York Post reported, but a judge signed a protective order against him.

    His rap sheet also includes two separate arrests in 2016 for providing false information in connection with the transfer of a firearm, and domestic assault and criminal trespass. In 2015, Love was arrested for interfering with public transportation.

    On Saturday night, a member of Patriot Prayer Group and a Trump supporter, was executed in a very disturbing incident. Leftists were recorded cheering his death, calling him a nazi and saying that they “took out the trash”. Michael Reinoehl has proclaimed himself “100% Antifa and ready for war”. He has kids, but is estranged from his family. According to his sister, the miscreant has even stolen from family members. He was arrested, but was not charged by the Portland DA.

    In both cases, 4Chan users identified the perpetrators.

  5. Escape: 30% of adults have been arrested for a felony (that’s the last two guys), and 3% are under correctional supervision. So we’re talking somewhere in the realm of about 0.3%.

    Fairly unlikely, but not infinitessimal, especially given that you would expect those who would take on an armed man might have some “risk factors” in their backgrounds.

    Follow up question; given the propensity for Antifa activists to have criminal records and convictions, which juries are going to convict someone for unlawful carry (assuming it’s unlawful) in an antifa zone? If I were the young man’s father, I’d be telling him not to go into such places in the same way that my dad warned me to stay out of certain (most) neighborhoods in Chicago and all of Gary, but I don’t know that I’d convict someone.

  6. He was arrested, but was not charged by the Portland DA.

    This will only stop when this DA and his ilk are charged and convicted as an accessory to a murder. Qualified immunity? Fuck qualified immunity for these monsters! Police reform – you fucking bet!

  7. There seems to be some conflicting information on murderer Michael Reinoehl. The National media is claiming that he’s still at large, while reports yesterday said he was released.

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  9. Rittenhouse was chased down by people who witnessed him commit murder, and SiTD wants to defend him for “self defense” while on the ground having his weapon wrestled from him? Inconceivable.

  10. I see the new leftist spin for the Rittenhouse story came out last evening. Confirmed from NPR. The new story has the three criminal rioters suddenly being possessed by Good Citizenship.

  11. Same, golfdoc.

    Seems like everybody could come up with at least $10. We would be remiss in failing to remind all that Kyle rid the planet of 3, greasy leftist thugs; one a a pedophile. How much is that worth? Heck, that Kenosha POS who was killed trying to escape a sexual assault raked in $1.8 mil.

    But be sure your donation goes to Kyle. There’s a #fightback general fund, which I’m sure goes to worthy causes, but focus now.


  12. Emery: Rittenhouse was chased down by suicidal people seeking martyrdom…They succeeded in their quest.

  13. Correction: that Kenosha POS who was wounded raked in $1.8 mil.

    When Kyle is released, the Kenosha PD should hire him to train the troops in firearm handling and shot placement.

  14. Yea, George Floyd’s family raked in $1.5 million, then took down the gofundme account. How much will go to the black Michael Avenatti, Benjamin Crump?

  15. Imagine you’re under a curfew because a mob of protesters is burning and looting the city a few blocks away.

    Imagine the mob decides to move into your neighborhood, to bring the riot to your doorstep.

    Imagine an armed mob marches up to your house. You’re standing on the front steps with a rifle to defend it. Someone in the mob raises their gun to point it at you while stepping forward and screaming “Die, Mother*****. You shoot first. Your attacker falls. The mob surges toward you. You run.

    Three members of the mob, all convicted felons, all carrying weapons, chase you. You stumble and fall. One felon with a pistol raises it to kill you. Lying on your back, unable to retreat, you shoot him. Another felon tries to club you to death. You shoot him, too.

    When the other rioters back off, you jump up and run to the police, hands up, to surrender yourself.

    Emery takes the side of the felons you shot, the members of the mob who originally tried to kill you, pursued you to kill you, nearly succeeded in killing you.

    Whose side is Biden on? Harris? Governor Evers? The mainstream media? The local prosecutor?

    Who’s on your side?

  16. … hang on a sec… I see from a Joy Reid tweet from 19:24 yesterday (I’m only including the link as evidence, you’re eyes will regret it if you click through) that:
    If Trump wanted to end the violence in American cities, he could simply go on his Twitter feed and tell his supporters to go home

    So, the rioters shot by Rittenhouse are Trump supporters? I would think Emery and the gang would be pretty happy about that. I mean, Riitenhouse should be a hero, yes?

  17. “It was miraculous. It was almost no trick at all, he saw, to turn vice into virtue and slander into truth, impotence into abstinence, arrogance into humility, plunder into philanthropy, thievery into honor, blasphemy into wisdom, brutality into patriotism, and sadism into justice. Anybody could do it; it required no brains at all. It merely required no character.” ~ Joseph Heller, Catch-22

  18. Yes, Emery, we should always take a look at someone’s parents before deciding whether they committed a crime. Gosh, is it any surprise, given that line of “reasoning” on your part, why the rate of wrongful imprisonment of blacks (disproportionately born out of wedlock) in Democratic controlled cities is so high?

    For reference, your fallacy is the “genetic” fallacy, but if others just cut to the chase and call you a “bigot”, I can’t entirely blame them.

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