While the Democrats work at quietly deflecting the nation’s attention from their senile soon-to-be-nominee, the media would seem to be working hard on keeping anyone from digging too hard into Kamala Harris’s past.

With good reason.

During her decade-and-a-half tenure as a chief prosecutor, Harris would fail to prosecute a single case of priest abuse and her office would strangely hide vital records on abuses that had occurred, despite the protests of victims’ groups.

Harris’s predecessor as San Francisco district attorney, Terence Hallinan, was aware of and had prosecuted numerous Catholic priests on sexual misconduct involving children. And he had been gathering case files for even more… Hallinan’s office had launched an investigation and quickly discovered that the San Francisco Archdiocese had extensive internal records concerning complaints going back some seventy-five years. In spring of 2002, Hallinan demanded the church turn them over to his office.

Now, there were reasons for this – some of them legal…

…and some of them apparently, er, convenience:

…many of the cases were past what had been the statute of limitations. And just as the cases were heating up, the U.S. Supreme Court decision overturned a 1994 California law that retroactively eliminated the statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases. So instead of criminal prosecution for the older cases, Hallinan was forced to change his strategy. He wanted to hold the offenders accountable by releasing the clergy abuse files to the public and aiding the victims in civil cases.

But then Terence Hallinan made a big mistake. He lost his reelection bid to Kamala Harris. Of course, she had a little help from the local Catholic organizations that were freaking out over the prospect for Hallinan releasing the documents and helping the abuse victims.

The media’s job is covering stories about Democrats.

With a pillow.

Until the convulsions stop.

15 thoughts on “Unreported

  1. Greg;

    I believe that Lacy Johnson, who is running against Mogadishu Barbie, has criticized them.

  2. But wait! Who cares about these so-called facts? Let me answer that: only [old] whypeepl care about facts.

    I have it on good authority that “the cameras love Kamala Harris. Trump can mock Sleepy Joe but Kamala Harris is going to be dynamically in full view on people’s TV screens a lot — if not every night. She is the face of this year’s Democratic party“.

  3. When an incumbent and his followers are unable to run on his record — because his record is one catastrophe after another — all he has left is attacks on the opposition.

    When his shambolic campaign is unable to coordinate a coherent message, his attacks will be nothing but juvenile name calling. The resulting barrage, as we see, is inconsistent, content-free, and unworthy of the office he holds. Shameful and embarrassing.

  4. Let’s get back to brass tacks here. Apparently Senator Harris’ record as AG includes a cover-up of child sexual assault that rivals that of my alma mater, Michigan State, with regards to Larry Nassar. (or Michigan with Robert Anderson, or Ohio State with Richard Strauss, or USC with George Tyndall, or the FBI with Richard Epstein)

    Kinda makes it a minor point that she kept a case going when it was clear her subordinates had withheld exculpatory evidence when you think about it.

  5. When an incumbent and his followers are unable to run on his record — because his record is one catastrophe after another — all he has left is attacks on the opposition.

    The incumbent has a majority of the media aiding the opposition party’s investigation into his record. The prior incumbent didn’t run on his record, because, as the first-term junior senator from Illinois, he didn’t have one. Didn’t stop him from and his media allies from vilifying a former POW and disabled vet.

    When the opposition party puts up a plagiarizing, career politician seemingly in the early stages of dementia, paired with another career politician with a questionable track record that doesn’t receive as much scrutiny as her record warrants (does her skin color, gender, and political affiliation shield her from media scrutiny?) apply for the job of president and vice-president, questions must be asked.

  6. Speaking of people that are unable to coordinate a coherent message, Emery.

    You are the very definition of hypocrisy!

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  8. “Senile soon-to-be nominee” , Mitch, I like you, but Joe Biden’s got more on the ball asleep than your readers, collectively do, full of caffeine. I dare you to pit his writing and speaking skills (considering his impediment) against your dottering old man’s speaking and writing abilities. Trump will lose, badly.

    On your personal score, you tried to make a claim about GOP lead states vs. Dem lead states and Covid and how (using a fatuous and cherry-picked data point about total fatalities contrasting TX to NY when NY went through their trial at a time when treatments were nascent) I give you this..


    That’s right, Florida, GA and Tada TX lead the nation in cases per capita… gosh…

    Who is senile, exactly? You, or the readers who drink the Kool-Aid served here?

  9. Last night, Trump said Obama spied on him, a lie. The FBI monitored the Trump campaign because of the contacts between Wikileaks and Roger Stone (and Carter Page). Obama wasn’t involved, at all. There’s no evidence the FBI turned anything over to the Obama campaign. In fact, the Obama Administration refrained from making public this threat to our national security because they thought it would bias the election. When, in 1 MILLION years would you ever, EVER expect Trump would do something with that much class or character? BTW Mitch, I have to point out with a chuckle that Trump uses Caps all the time – pretty ironic that you complain about me doing so. I was just channeling my inner Dicktator and Trumpie was showing once again he has paranoid delusions.

    He said Harris called Biden a racist, a lie, She never said it.

    He said Harris called Biden incompetent, a lie. Ditto

    Your preference to remain President can barely complete a sentence, can’t speak without lying, is paranoid (in the extreme), took a cognitive function test (a test only given to people who someone, normally a physician or a relative, believes may be suffering from cognitive decline. He believes in crazy theories like So, let’s count this up, he is delusional, he is paranoid, he apparently is showing cognitive declne.

    Who is senile again?

    On facts and data, SD has more cases per capita (now) than MN.. How did that happen?

    I guess I’m crazy, thinking facts matter.


  10. Joe Biden’s got more on the ball asleep than your readers, collectively do, full of caffeine

    Thanks, Paddyboy, I needed to clean my monitor, just didn’t think I’d be doing it with coffee.

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