Governor Passive-Aggressive

Mayor Frey is going public with his complaints that Governor Walz stonewalled him on sending the National Guard.

Walz’s response shows Frey was right…

…and that Walz – aka “Governor Klink” – still has a little bit of that high school gym teacher in him, passive-aggressively torturing the wimpy kid.

Or perhaps, in this case, Dwight Schrute:

Either way, the former NCO seems to have a pretty terrible opinion of the Guard:

So…note to future mayors: When you go to Governor Klink to ask for the guard:

  1. Watch “Patton” so you have some idea how to “plan” riot control
  2. Specially request “no 19 year old cooks”.

Got that?

Now, let’s not for a moment pretend this public “squabble” between Mayor McDreamy and Governor Klink is anything but a public charade designed to give both the Mayor and the Governor political cover.

All I can say is, you’re in great hands, Minnesota.

14 thoughts on “Governor Passive-Aggressive

  1. Apparently after we de-militarize the police we need to militarize the National Guard.

  2. Now, let’s not for a moment pretend this public “squabble” between Mayor McDreamy and Governor Klink is anything but a public charade designed to give both the Mayor and the Governor political cover.

    I don’t doubt this but I don’t understand. How does exposing each other’s screw-ups provide cover?

  3. According to Minnesota law, you have to be a county sheriff, or mayor of a big city (Minneapolis, St Paul, and Bloomington). You would think that there’d be some training for these people on how to do it, but would likely be mistaken.

    I’m actually with the GOV on this, in regards to asking for what you want. Saying “send in the Guard” is great in theory. But, what capabilities do they need to have? There are riot-control trained units that would have been good. But, if you want to have presence patrols and checkpoints, that’s a different skill set. Or, maybe you need clean water. Point being – be specific about what your desired end state is, and then let people get to work. Frey’s emergency management team should have known that at least. Maybe they did, and he was so sleep deprived, he forgot.

    However, Walz is the elder, experienced person here. I’m pretty sure he know that Minneapolis didn’t need a laundry or water purification company. He could have helped guide and mentor, but apparently chose not to.

    And, regarding the 19 year old cook, that’s about what they got when they called up the entire MN National Guard. What possible purpose could there be in activating every single soldier and airman? You have Majors and Lt Col pulling guard duty at a hospital. Not that they are incapable, but is that really a good allocation of resources? And, without federal disaster aid, Minnesota is on the hook for all those extra bodies, as well as paying back the federal government for humvee miles driven, hours flown for fixed and rotary wing…

  4. Sorry – sheriff or mayor to request National Guard support. Not just be a sheriff or mayor.

  5. Walz had 25 years in the National Guard, pretending he didn’t understand Frey’s request is risible.

  6. Gov. Walz thinks northern MN is all rocks and cows, and the MN Guard (that he used to be a part of before resigning his position to avoid going to the sandbox) is made up of 19-year-old cooks. You’d have to say his grasp on what being Governor requires is also thin.

  7. Let’s cover some basics.

    What is the mission of the guard?

    Well, there are several missions. One of them is riot control (civil unrest).

    Where do riots occur?

    Lots of places, but mostly where there is lots of people, like Minneapolis.

    So if one of the prime missions of the Minnesota National Guard is riot control in Minneapolis, why isn’t the Guard trained, prepped and organized for rapid deployment in the central cities?

    Whose job is that to see that these things are handled?

    The governor’s.

  8. Both the Army NG and the Air Guard have MP units that are trained in riot control and I got this directly from a retired Colonel friend of mine who retired 6 years ago. Further, many of those “cooks” spent time in the Middle East, so they would be familiar with dealing with hostile crowds.

  9. Greg – without getting into specifics, there are trained riot control units in the Guard. Not every unit, but more than one. The units are likely trained. They are equipped. But, things take time. Let’s say I get a call or text to report to my armory for State Active Duty. I’ve got to go home (if I’m not there) to get my gear. Drive to the Armory, draw equipment. Hurry up. Wait. Wait some more. Hurry up. Finally, there’s enough people to respond, but orders haven’t been approved yet.

    Let’s just say if there was no notice, it might take at least 5 to 6 hours to get the main body of troops on the road.

    Boss – you are correct regarding there being trained troops. Not always MP’s. But, and this is not knocking cooks, I’m going to disagree on those cooks spending time downrange, especially at 19. They don’t have the time in service. Plus, we brought our cooks on deployment back in 2004, and I realized this – the mindset of someone that joins to be a cook and who joins combat arms is different. The training expands those differences. Cooks are not who you want doing riot control.

  10. the comment by Walz about “cooks” is an Emery style deflection or red herring – as a Sargent Major in the National Guard Walz knew exactly what units needed to be called up. He should have made the appropriate calls within minutes of his conversation with Frey. That he didn’t just adds dimension to his feckless malfeasance.

  11. Mac,

    Funny though. I’m betting that even on of those cooks, is ten times smarter than Emery.

  12. This is a hot potato. Walz probabbly didn’t send in the guard because he was afraid that they would shoot someone & he would get the blame fo r it. Frey probabky wanted the guard because he wanted the gov to be blamed for the violence & disorder.
    But I think that Frey comes out the winner in the contretemps.Clearly the riots were beyond the ability of Minneapolis police to control. Walz’s position seems to be that when cities burn, you do nothing.
    Walz seems a bit like Hawaii’s Governor Ige, not a “buck stops here” kind of guy.

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