If Looks Could Kill

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Stopped at the liquor store on the way home. As I was walking to the store, a car pulled into the handicap spot. 

Beater car, young black male driver, young black woman passenger. Came in behind me wearing a bandana. No signs of handicap. No sticker on the car. No handicap license plate.

I had to actually grit my teeth not to say something. I know, could have been a white man, Asian man, any young man ignoring the rules and parking in the wrong spot. But it exacerbated The Stereotype of a young black man who thinks he’s above the rules because of his race. That, or is too stupid to follow the rules.

Either way, he’s a threat to orderly Society. People who don’t follow the rules, starting with little ones and working on up, undermine the foundation of civilization.

So I shot him.

Joe Doakes


Betcha Sally Jo Sorenson has a field day with this one. (Is Sally Jo still a thing? I have no idea).

3 thoughts on “If Looks Could Kill

  1. Legend has it that Sally Jo Sorenson’s first Bluestem Prairie post was a seventeen thousand word essay titled, “What is humor?”.

    She has repeated the question repeatedly (if one could say something like that), which proves she still doesn’t understand the concept.

    So Sally, this is how it works.

    “Gosh Joe, where did you shoot him?”

    “In the liquor store, like duh.”

  2. .Peaches, one of my barn cats, just brought to my attention that MinnPost had published a concise six thousand word answer to Sally Jo Sorenson’s question, “What is humor?”.

    Ironically, their article titled “Humor explained” contains no humor.

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