The New Kulaks

Remember when “racism” meant “hating, disparaging or discriminating against someone because of their ethnicity?”

And the good guys and gals sought “equality” – the whole “judging by the contents of peoples’ hearts rather than the color of their skin” thing.

Those were quaint days indeed.

Today? Big Left isn’t seeking “equality”. The goal is “anti-Racism”.

And the “racism” they are against is, when you dig beneath the twaddle, all of Western CIvilization.

4 thoughts on “The New Kulaks

  1. Well, I don’t know if Kulak is a right word for it. Kulak is a name for a peasant-stock property owner and unless you are brainwashed by the apparatchiks, it is a good thing. I do not see any connection here, unless I am missing something. Komissar is more appropo based on the context, no?

  2. I noticed that Ibram X. Kendi’s books won the National Book Award in 2016 and appeared at the top of the New York Times nonfiction best-seller list.

    It is really no surprise.

    Do any other kind of book win National Book Awards or appear at the top of the New York Times nonfiction best-seller list?

    I mean…. is there really any other subject worth reading?

  3. … and yet they all come here from all over the world and stay here and piss and moan and complain about whypeepl with their Western Civilization who created this hellhole.

    “A big part of the reason white Americans have been willing to go along with policies that are prejudicial on their face, such as affirmative action, is that they do not view themselves as a tribe.” That which cannot be continued, won’t be.

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