Snappy Answers To Casual Gaslighting, Part V

“You should be voting in your ‘best interests'”

You mean, the “best interests” that gave voters Camden?




New Orleans?


Saint Louis?


North Minneapolis?

The destruction on Lake Street and University Avenue?

The carnage every summer in south Chicago?

Those “best interests?”

Just wanna be clear, here.

40 thoughts on “Snappy Answers To Casual Gaslighting, Part V

  1. The choice for voters this November is whether they want to keep the American system of Government, or allow Trump to finish the job of destroying it.

    The final lie about the government being the problem will be written in the dead bodies stacked up in morgues across the United States. For many, it will be the final rendezvous with “great again.”

  2. Stock chanting points duly noted – indeed, predicted down to the word.

    What about the “system of government” has Trump “destroyed”?

    Please be specific. Don’t Doggone the thread.

  3. Negroes are the ones who need to be looking to their best interests. Every GuataMexidorian that jumps the border means one less job for the 25% of Negro students that never make it through the public schools. They also vie for the same gibs that support 30% of Negro families that have no other means of support.

    The choice is clear; vote Democrat and say goodbye to the jobs and/or the gibs or vote GOP and get a new pair of Air Jordan’s every year.

  4. What about the “system of government” has Trump “destroyed”?

    I can feel it. This time I just know the Little Weasel will actually answer a question.

  5. Not morgues. Morgues will be overwhelmed by the Surge of Covid deaths the computer model predicts (with 95% confidence) is coming in mid-May, June, possibly July.

    That’s why the statebought the Bix Produce building for $7 million, it’s a 70,000 square foot refrigerated warehouse capable of storing up to 5,000 bodies at a time, until they can be trucked to the incinerators.

    This was all explained by King Walz 1st in his press briefings. Try to keep up, E.

  6. ^^ Any idea why Dear Leader cancelled his coronation in Florida at the GOP Convention?

    While you’re thinking of a snappy response to that query. Why does Trump now —all of a sudden endorse the wearing of face masks, going as far as calling it: “a patriotic act”?

    There is going to be a severe case of cognitive dissonance for the anti-maskers who love Trump.

  7. “Why does Trump now…”
    right out of Alinsky’s playbook
    What is most appalling about Alinsky’s 13 Rules For Radicals is the sheer sophistry, appealing as it does directly to those intellectually arrested at age 13. The text makes it clear that it was intended as a recruitment tool for adolescents and was never intended for adult audiences; exempli gratia – Emery.

  8. You know, maybe Liberals are right. Maybe we should learn from them, adopt their methods.

    Subject Emery to the ravages of “Cancel Culture.” Banned until he answers Mitch’s 12:01.

  9. Emery is so obsessed with Trump that he thinks that other people spend all of their time, as he does, thinking “why did trump do this?” and “why did Trump say that?”
    Trump Derangement Syndrome is a mental illness.

  10. “Did the lockdown do any good, at all?”

    South Carolina was briefly “locked down” for a couple weeks in May. We’ve been wide open since June1, and not looking back. No maskie mandate, either.

    Our rate is 26 per 1000
    Minnesota is 28 per 1000
    Wisconsin is 16 per 1000

    It’s all bullshit. None of the “experts” has a clue, and why would they? We’ve never conquered any seasonal flu, ever. Why would bat flu be different?

  11. All the top death traps are leftist hot spots. NJ and NY are way out in the lead, closely followed by CT, MA, RI, DC and MI. They’re all locked down tighter than Kelsey’s nuts, but still dropping like flies.

    Just think of it…all those reprobate voters souls lost.

  12. all those reprobate voters souls lost

    I’ve heard death certs are just as valid an ID to vote as a license in “NJ and NY are way out in the lead, closely followed by CT, MA, RI, DC and MI”. And IL of course.

  13. You will be told what your best interests are. This is a thing for experts to decide, not you.

  14. I think that it is the mass transit, Swiftee, as well as expensive housing that encourages people to share living space.
    When the media occasionally informs us that a “hotspot” is centered around workers at a meat packing plant, what they don’t tell you is that these workers share living spaces when they are off-shift. They don’t want you to know the truth, that many of these hotspots are the result of a dozen people living in what was once a three-bedroom home, sleeping in shifts.

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  16. I have a nihilist joke but who cares.

    I also have a Terry (woolly) joke but it’s short and not very funny.

  17. Why in God’s name would you post a comment like that on this thread?

    Is it supposed to be some lame attempt at doxxing?

    What is WRONG with you?

  18. Why in the world would ANYONE use their legal name here? I have no reason to believe anyone here uses their real name — but nice try JD.

    Furthermore—if woolly wants to engage me with name calling and derision— I believe it’s fair game to poke back with a joke.

  19. jd
    Emery is just trying to prove his tech skill by using his browser to view the page source where the user id you originally log in with is stored – standard script-kiddie skills meant to impress you or in this case as an in terrorem statement. This is what you must expect from creatures intellectually tethered to their early adolescence, in other words the Emerys are “progressives”..

  20. Let me be certain that I understand, Swiftee. Are you saying the answer to my question is “Yes, Emery just threatened to doxx MP but is lying about it, pretending it was a joke (Al Franken’s ‘kidding-on-the-square’ technique).”

    Do I understand that correctly?

  21. You have a couple of things wrong, JD.

    No, there is no connection between Pig Bodine and Swiftee as far as I know.

    No, the Little Weasel tried to look more technically adept than he really is by reading the HTML source for this page and finding any comments by MP who apparently logs in using the name “Terry”. Under the rubric of Clarke’s sufficiently advanced technology and magic equation, it’s very low level magic (which is what PB tried to say).

    As to the kidding on the square (a phrase older than Franken), no, we would need a more impressive display of ability than reading HTML source to think he could back up a “ha-ha only serious” claim (which is an internet age phrase, newer than Franken, meaning the same thing).

  22. jd
    While swiftee is normally shy and quite modest in his self presentation I’m sure he would hasten to tell you that he and I are two separate, very dissimilar individuals. But thanks for the compliment!
    Yes the Emery was being a rat bastard with his “joke”.

  23. Oh, it’s joke time? Excellent.

    Have y’all heard the one about the leftist rat bastard that got his IP address posted accidentally on a blog comment thread?

    Oh, crap; that’s not quite right, I’m messing it up… Berg, you tell it better, go ahead.

  24. While I’m convinced Pig is every bit as much the handsome and witty lad I am irl, we’re not kith nor kin, either.

  25. If this is doxxing, it’s not being done right. “Terry” is my wordpress login, used only at SITD.

  26. Black Rebel was doxxed. It is not a game without consequences anymore. None of it is. Just saying.

  27. Swiftee and Pid Bodine – my apologies for getting you two mixed up. No insult intended, to either of you.

    JDM, thanks for the explanation.

  28. JD, you’re welcome. I’m glad I could help but all I did was dumb down Pig’s explanation to something us old folks could understand. He did all the work.

  29. No worries, Joe.

    Through a few incarnations, I’ve only ever had one persona here; me. Although my decision not to hide my identity has not been completely without cost, I find myself as incapable of wearing a paper bag on my cyber self as I do a paper maskie.

    I don’t fear leftist reprobates or bat flu…put another way, I guess, rodents don’t scare me on the wing or on foot.

    That being said I certainly don’t blame real Americans for having a care. Mentally ill leftists can be quite annoying pests.

    That being said…

    Didn’t Berg once say doxxing was one of his unforgivable sins?

  30. Owen Wister is one of the all-time great Americans. _The Virginian_ is one of the great works of American lit. It isn’t recognized as such by many (other than me) because it seems cliche’d. In fact Wister is the one who originated characters and situations that were to become cliche’s in Western fiction.
    The nameless Virginian represents the new American frontier. His schoolmarm girlfriend Molly represents the civilized East. At various points each rescues the other from disaster. Only by joining together are they strong enough to defeat lawless violence & exploitation represented by the gambler Trampas.

  31. MP
    I read most most of Zane Greys stuff before I read Wister’s The Virginian. When I realized that The Virginian predated Grey’s work it was clear that nearly every Grey plot and dramatic device was modeled from that one Wister book.
    Grey made himself a millionaire utilizing Wister’s dramatics married with his own considerable descriptive skill.

  32. … a guy sure can learn a lot at this site what between the host and the commenters when the contents are unspoiled by trolls.

  33. Wister, along with Fred Remington (the sculptor) were friends and political allies. Both opposed the late 19th century/early 20th century mass immigration into America of Southern Europeans, Slavs, and Jews. They felt that this immigration was forever changing the character of America in a way that favored Eastern, cosmopolitan interests over Western interests.
    It is a battle they lost (capital, then as now, favored open immigration).
    Doesn’t mean that Wister & Remington were wrong.

  34. How it begins:

    “Some notable sight was drawing the passengers, both men and women, to the window; and therefore I rose and crossed the car to see what it was. I saw near the track an enclosure, and round it some laughing men, and inside it some whirling dust, and amid the dust some horses, plunging, huddling, and dodging. They were cow ponies in a corral, and one of them would not be caught, no matter who threw the rope. We had plenty of time to watch this sport, for our train had stopped that the engine might take water at the tank before it pulled us up beside the station platform of Medicine Bow. We were also six hours late, and starving for entertainment. The pony in the corral was wise, and rapid of limb. Have you seen a skilful boxer watch his antagonist with a quiet, incessant eye? Such an eye as this did the pony keep upon whatever man took the rope. The man might pretend to look at the weather, which was fine; or he might affect earnest conversation with a bystander: it was bootless. The pony saw through it. No feint hoodwinked him. This animal was thoroughly a man of the world. His undistracted eye stayed fixed upon the dissembling foe, and the gravity of his horse-expression made the matter one of high comedy. Then the rope would sail out at him, but he was already elsewhere; and if horses laugh, gayety must have abounded in that corral. Sometimes the pony took a turn alone; next he had slid in a flash among his brothers, and the whole of them like a school of playful fish whipped round the corral, kicking up the fine dust, and (I take it) roaring with laughter. Through the window-glass of our Pullman the thud of their mischievous hoofs reached us, and the strong, humorous curses of the cow-boys. Then for the first time I noticed a man who sat on the high gate of the corral, looking on. For he now climbed down with the undulations of a tiger, smooth and easy, as if his muscles flowed beneath his skin. The others had all visibly whirled the rope, some of them even shoulder high. I did not see his arm lift or move. He appeared to hold the rope down low, by his leg. But like a sudden snake I saw the noose go out its length and fall true; and the thing was done. As the captured pony walked in with a sweet, church-door expression, our train moved slowly on to the station, and a passenger remarked, “That man knows his business.””

  35. I find it interesting that Emery did not address the central hypothesis at all; that most of the absolute most dangerous, desolate places to live in the country are run by Democrats. In my area, Gary’s plunge into desolation was enabled in great part by Mayor Hatcher’s ban on real estate signs–and homeowners responded by simply abandoning their homes, whereupon the city would have to wait for years while the house decayed before doing anything.

    Those are the missing homes when you look at Gary in satellite view, and those are very significantly the crack/drug houses that plague the city. Same basic thing went on with rent control in New York City, where at one point in the 1990s, tens of thousands of buildings were owned by the city after being abandoned by landlords who could not rent them profitably.

    “They couldn’t have known”, they say, except for the fact that any decent economist was actually warning them when the laws were enacted.

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