Ham Radio

It’s dying, like hoop rolling and tethered airplanes and lots of other 1930’s activities, because young people don’t care for it.

What, you just talk to people?  You can’t see them, no interactive video?  So the people are in different countries, so what?  It’s basically a telephone.  What fun is that?

Joe Doakes, ham radio license KE0GCG, on the 2 meter band

It’s been on my long “to do” list for years. May just accelerate that.

8 thoughts on “Ham Radio

  1. Very interesting article. As a kid I was fascinated by the mysterious giant antenna I would occasionally see in someones back yard, and what kind of secret conversations they may be having with people in distant parts.

  2. When I was in the Air Force, there was an amateur radio club on base and it was in a pretty good sized allocated space that could be locked. I guess that it helped that our First Sergeant was also a member. If I recall, there were about 30 men and 7 or 8 women in it. We could only be in the building until 9:00 p.m. on weekdays, 11:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturdays, but the guy it the room next to mine in the barracks, had a radio in his room. I still remember that he was from Roseau, so his handle was 1 Polaris. Since there were no outside antennas outside of the one outside of the club’s facility allowed, he ran his antenna along the ceiling on all four walls. I remember hanging out in his room with a couple of others on Saturday nights (when we didn’t have dates or weren’t on weekend duty) into early mornings during the winter months, when we would connect with people all over the world. These were the same guys that jumped into CB radios. On another note, this article brings back the scenario for the movie “Independence Day,” where they touted the HAM radio operators connecting with resistance and pockets of military in hiding. In fact, the big battle was organized using “old Morse code.” I’m thinking of follwing the lead of a couple of preppers that I know and getting one myself. And, just like them, I will put it in a Faraday cage to protect it from the EMP that, according to some defense department reports, China is planning on launching. In case the SHTF, those radios may be needed, if we can find anything to power them with after the batteries die.

  3. I’m not a ham myself, but the message I remember from when I was younger is that ham radio is one thing that the government will have trouble monitoring and controlling. Maybe it’s time to get started.

    Now yes, the antennas are big and hard to hide, but on the flip side….forests and attics. Plus if you only turn it on every once in a while, it’s awfully hard to trace.

  4. Am gonna have to read the entire article much more thoroughly. I am actually very surprised the feds and globalists did not shut down this industry altogether. I cannot imagine they want to allow the continuation of unfiltered and uncensored thought out there on the radio waves. One of the first things a totalitarian regime does when it comes to power is confiscate all types of unregulated communication equipment – been there, done that. I am sure the FCC swamp creatures are giddy about the declining memberships. Plus, it does not look like a cheap hobby.

  5. if we can find anything to power them with after the batteries die.

    Get rechargeable batteries and solar cells to keep them charged up. Goal Zero gear is quite good for that purpose. And you can scale it to suit your charging needs.

  6. I read until…

    “There’s something about this post-9/11 group, having grown up with technology and having seen the impact of climate change,”

    …and lost all interest

  7. bikebubba,

    That’s why if I do get one, I will probably not get an FCC operators license or not renew it. That will make it harder for Democrat socialists do decide to confiscate them, it will be harder for them to find me.


    Yea, I have been researching solar generators. The reviews on the Gear stuff are generally good, but storage capacity seems to be an issue.

  8. boss, who cares about storage capacity as long as there is sunlight to recharge it? Oh, wait, you still live in MN. Nevermind.

    But seriously, you can size it to whatever amperage you need and keep it topped up.

    Regarding license, you only need it for compliance? It does not come with a special code you need to operate the equipment? I’ve no idea, I did not research this much.

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