This Is Our Ruling Class

My MN House rep, Rena Moran, on Twitter yesterday:

The part Rep. Moran is missing, of course, is that Florida has over four times as many people as Minnesota has.

And that when you look in terms of fatalties per million people, it boils down (as of today) to:

  • Minnesota: 276 fatalities per million
  • Florida: 210 fatalities per million.

Now – does Rep. Moran truly not know the different between raw numbers and per capita numbers?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But the typical DFL voter, be they in the Midway or Wayzata, certainly does not.

29 thoughts on “This Is Our Ruling Class

  1. “And, you know, when you say “per capita,” there’s many per capitas. It’s, like, per capita relative to what? But you can look at just about any category, and we’re really at the top, meaning positive on a per capita basis, too. They’ve done a great job.” ~ Trump in a Meeting with Governor Hutchinson of Arkansas and Governor Kelly of Kansas May 20th, 2020

  2. But let’s look at raw numbers:

    According to the 2019 census data found here on the most vulnerable population, those over age 65.

    Minnesota has 920,382 over 65.
    Florida has 4,497,337 over 65.

  3. Digging a little deeper into the numbers on the most vulnerable population of all, the very old:

    Minnesota has 122,610 residents over the age of 85.

    Florida has 581,454 residents over the age of 85.

  4. Rep. Moran might not be a Mental Titan, but she’s not as dumb as her obvious nickname would indicate. Even if she didn’t understand the phrase “on a per capita basis” when she was first elected, she’s finishing up her fifth term in the MN House, so she should be very familiar with it by now. I’d say that she’s merely helping to further prove the maxim, “There are three types of lies; Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics.”

  5. Greg beat me to it.

    Crx, Moran is smaller than a mental midget – and it proves her constituents are even dumber. Scary, uh?

  6. The inability to understand how math works is central to the panic over covid-19.
    The inability to reason factors in as well.

  7. …it proves her constituents are

    Hey, now…

    In my defense, I’ve voted for whoever is on the ballot against her every single time.

  8. What Moran also misses is that Ron DeSantis is not using dictatorial powers on his constituents. He is allowing each municipality to handle things as they see fit. Now, with Florida correcting the actual numbers and percentages, the left still challenges it. Meanwhile, here in the feifdom of Kim Jong Walz, he is consulting with mystics and soothsayers using made up charts that only he has access to, while literally killing his constituents.

  9. So the number of detected infections is increasing dramatically in the US.
    But the number of covid-19 deaths per capita is the same or dropping.
    When you divided the number of covid-19 deaths by the number of infections, you get a ratio called the IFR — Infection fatality rate. The smaller this number the better, and that number has been dropping like a rock because, as mentioned, the number of positive tests is increasing dramatically, while the number of deaths is not.
    Yet you never hear about this good news in the MSM. Instead you hear about “skyrocketing” infection rates, with an occasional anecdotal story about the most unusual kind of covid-19 death — a child or otherwise healthy young adult.
    So what you learn about covid-19 from the MSM is not how to best address the spread of the disease, instead you are taught that the fatal cases of the disease are spreading fast, and that everyone is at equal risk of getting and dying from covid-19.
    Neither of these things is true.

  10. Rep Anne Neu Brindley was called out on the floor of the legislature the other day for using “fake data” – data that came directly from the CDC.

  11. I’ll take “op-eds that didn’t age well for $200, Alex.”

    There Isn’t a Coronavirus ‘Second Wave’
    With testing, treatments and vaccine trials ramping up, we are far better off than the media report. ~WSJ

  12. Republicans scale back convention in Jacksonville due to coronavirus concerns ~ The Hill

    That Democratic hoax certainly has Republicans scared.

  13. Emery’s right about one thing – the Democrats and the media have done an absolutely astonishing job of terrifying ordinary Americans with the Covid hoax.

    Fatality rates:

    SARS was 9.6%.
    MERS was 34.3%

    The fatality rate for Covid-19 is yet to be determined, complicated by lying about the numbers, but appears to be around 0.4%. Less than one percent. Millions of people got it, but hardly anybody died from it. Just like the flu.

    The existence of the virus is not a hoax – it does exist – the terrorizing panic response is the hoax. It’s The Big Lie in action, and its working.

  14. Just a reminder: about 1,600 Minnesotans died of Covid-19 (using the phony numbers). The population of Minnesota is 5,600,000.

    1,600 -:- 5,600,000 = .00028. Converted to a percentage = .02%. Rounded to the nearest whole number = 0.00.

    Covid-19, even using the phony numbers, has killed zero percent of Minnesotans. This is not a public health emergency. It’s a political hoax.

  15. NY tops the list for bat flu victims. NYC tops the list in NY.

    What lives in NYC?

    Q: How many leftist slobs will have to send their ballots absent from the planet?
    A: Not enough.


  16. swiftee, don’t worry, they’ll mail their ballots in. As often and as many as they can.

  17. Has anybody asked MN GOP chair Jennifer Carnahan how she feels about these “extreme communist” moves by the GOP to restrict attendance at their convention?

  18. No, because we know that tu quoque is a logical fallacy and we’re not blithering idiots.

    You go right ahead, though.

  19. Don’t know if it’s a mixed metaphor or mixed fasteners but it appears that a wing nut has a screw loose. People who truly hold those kinds of beliefs should seek professional help.

  20. Oh my, is it already time for stupid non sequiturs that dumb people think are smart? Where *does* the day go?

  21. “People who hold these beliefs should seek professional help”. But they’d be second in line behind all those who hold the belief that the police should be de-funded…

  22. Perhaps JD could help teach jdm about the substantial truth doctrine.

  23. More blather from today’s “Emery.”
    I’ve heard that schizo’s believe that their mad ramblings are the truth, perfectly conceived and articulated.

  24. Not to worry, Woolly. Donald Trump yesterday:

    “So shower heads, you take a shower, the water doesn’t come out. You wanna wash your hands, the water doesn’t come out… Dishwashers you didn’t have any water… In most places of the country, water is not a
    problem. They don’t know what do with it. It’s called rain.”

    I just tried to take a shower but no water came out.

    It’s not raining outside.

    Now what?

    Try kayaking the Kinnickinnic River or go over to Interstate Park and kayak the Croix down to the Osceola bridge landing. 🌞

  25. Apparently you are one of those thick people who can’t take a hint, so I’ll be even more blunt: you are a crazy person who is obsessed with Trump, Emery. Stop blathering.

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