Let The Record Show

While Marquette University has always leaned as far left as any other American university, one of its graduates – my major advisor, Dr. James Blake – got his PhD in English from Marquette.

And Dr. Blake – who used to describe himself as so conservative he was a “monarchist” – was the first person to tell me that I wasn’t really a Democrat, and Wood in fact probably fit in best as a conservative.

But from the sounds of things, I doubt that Dr. Blake would get admitted these days.

2 thoughts on “Let The Record Show

  1. Why would any parent allow their kid to attend a shithole like that?

    Hinder Ackery is right. This girl is Hillsdale material, and as a continuing donor to that fine institution, I’m going to drop them a line.

  2. Pretty much what Swiftee says. Really, if Marquette kicked out every student who did something youthful and perhaps not totally in line with the views of their peers, they’d be emptied. Might as well help them along with that.

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