Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Looking at the recycle bin at my house, I’m curious how many trillion board-feet of lumber get turned into cardboard for Amazon boxes every year?

The lumberjacks and paper mills should be kissing the ground Jeff Bezos walks on.

Joe Doakes

Oh, I have a hunch they are.

And how long has it been since you heard someone protesting forestry?

3 thoughts on “Sustainable!

  1. When I get more Amazon boxes than I can cram into my recycling bin, I burn them. That’s right, climate change people. Create CO2. Not sorry either.

  2. I use Amazon as a search engine. Upon finding the product I’m looking for, I go to the manufacturer’s regular retail outlet, or order direct to make my purchase. They uniformly offer free shipping, and usually a small savings is obtained, having cut out the middle man.

  3. “And how long has it been since you heard someone protesting forestry?”

    I ask this question a lot, especially since we keep hearing how evil plastic bags are. I remember when plastic was marketed as the environmentally conscious choice to paper and logging.

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