Let Them Eat Committee Minutes!

Minneapolis voted last week to change its police force into…

…well, something.

And if that makes you nervous, don’t worry – accountability for the results of this sweeping change is going to be split 14 ways. Because we all know the stories of successful enterprises in the worlds of politics, business and ideas that’ve had 14 co-equal chief executives.

What it does mean, so far, is a transfer of power from the mayor to the City Council, a transfer of wealth from the taxpayer to the myriad “community” groups and non-profits that will be part of the system – a system that feeds money, influence and people to the DFL…

…and a transfer of accountability for public safety from a police chief and a mayor (both of whom flunked the test terribly this past month) to…well, leave a message and someone will get back to you.

But hey – if you’re really worried about your safety, there are other options…

provided you’re part of the class that actually matters

15 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Committee Minutes!

  1. Oh, don’t forget, while they are disbanding the police, they authorized $4500/day personal protection for themselves, I am sure not a single personal cent went into paying that bill. How’s THAT for let them eat cake?

  2. Maybe a few months or years of anarchy will be good for the NPR-listening Prius-driving Carleton grads who live around Lake Harriet.

  3. golfdoc50
    one thing for sure, it will illustrate viscerally the hazards of going to the wrong part of town without your personal protection detail.
    For certain we can expect these “months or years of anarchy” to lay a solid groundwork for the prohibition and confiscation of firearms that is part of their long range plans.

  4. I would like them to prove that they needed the security. Jenkins claims that it has received threats via mail, email and phone. I would request proof. And, why haven’t we heard about any investigations into these incidents?

  5. On Saturday, a couple of people in St. Louis emerged armed from their manse in a private, gated neighborhood when a mob of angry Negroes broke down an entrance gate and marched in. They stood their ground and the mob moved down the street to find easier gibs.

    I was impressed at first with their tenacity to protect their shit until I discovered they are a husband\wife team of ambulance chasers. No wonder; nobody clings to their shit like personal injury lawyers.

  6. chopper;

    Yea, but butt hurt SJWs called for people to doxx them, so their names and employer’s names were published. The pathetic loser that started the call for doxxing, did it over TWITter, using his full name (hyphenated, of course), which leaves a trail for those homeowners to sue his worthless ass off. That’s the problem though. He’s likely an unemployed basement dwelling college student, so he is “worthless”, moneywise.

  7. Hoss, any dude who looks like Jenkins has a lot of balls saying he needs protection.

  8. Yesterday I read an AP story about riots and demonstrations in Saint Louis, with the headline “riots move into US Heartland.”
    What the Hell? Have the reporters ever been to Saint Louis? It’s no more “heartland” than Chicago or the Twin Cities. Saint Louis has a very progressive, very black population in the heart of crumbling Saint Louis itself, ringed by more affluent, sometimes very affluent, suburbs.
    Eliminating bad journalism would eliminate at least half of this country’s problems.
    Minneapolis has avoided the fate of Saint Louis, Detroit, etc., but it’s future doesn’t look good.
    There must be some body that measures & monitors the investment money flowing into Minneapolis and Saint Paul. I’d love to see what those numbers look like over the next twelve months.

  9. Over at powerline, they have linked to a copy of the Minneapolis Council’s draft charter amendment.
    What it does is create a new Department of community Safety & violence prevention. This department will be led by a director: “Indviduals eligible to be appointed as director will have non-law enforcement experience in community safety services, including but not limited to public health and restorative justice approaches.”
    The council may may maintain a division of law-enforcement “peace officers,” led by a director appointed by the director of community safety & violence prevention & approved by the council & mayor.
    Under the old system, the Minneapolis police department was under direct control of the mayor and was dedicated to law enforcement.

  10. I’ve lived around Liberals long enough to know that they’re all Humpty Dumpties: words mean what Liberals want them to mean, no more, no less.

    That’s how they can claim Republicans have cut education funding every year for a decade but the education budget is now larger than ever. Because “cut” doesn’t mean “spent less,” it means “spent less than demanded.” If you demanded a 10% increase but only got 4%, that’s a 6% “cut” in Liberal-speak.

    Similarly, “defund” the police doesn’t mean “spend less money on police.” It doesn’t mean “eliminate the police department.” It means renaming “police officers” as “community standards monitors” and increasing their budget to hire a whole lot more diversity supervisors, empowerment coordinators, etc.

    Meet the new boss – same as the old boss.

  11. Here’s a bit of fun homework, lads.

    Go check this twat out and see how many red flags you can count?

    “So tonight I decided to take my daughter to eat at Leo’s Grill & Malt Shop in Stillwater Minnesota. The weather was gorgeous and it was well before evening. As a very visible Muslim woman I’m always on my guard, especially when I venture outside the city, but tonight I was overall relaxed.”

    “Now, I’m no expert in idk facist motorcycle gangs, but I caught on pretty quickly that these were ACTUAL NAZIS. And they were making eye contact with me while talking between themselves.”

    “So my lovely wonderful server comes by (pictured below) and hands me the bill…I don’t remember what I said exactly but something came out of my mouth to the effect of “Oh my God, actual Nazis are right over there.” So she snapped into action, recognizing the danger of the situation and the power/privilege her whiteness had in that very moment. She called over her friends/the other servers.”

    “So at this point I was like, there’s no way I can really run away especially since I’m with my four year old daughter. There’s no way I can fight off these guys (even though I had on my Doc Martins I know um group of 15+ ACTUAL NAZIS is just above my combat skills

    I happen to know the ABC are a HA support crew…it’s a verified fact; leave it there. The 81 has completely denounced Nazi’s and Nazi paraphernalia since they have German charters and it’s illegal. The 81 are a law abiding bunch.

    This cunt made news, and she has fucked up. If I know the 81 (and I do), I’m guessing she will be getting a letter from their legal team zippy quick.

    You should reach out and get her on the shoe Mitch….that’s an interview I’d stream.

    You’re gonna have to wade through a few posts…fucking WordPress still wont let me post links/

    www (DOT) facebook (DOT) com/sophia (DOT) rashid

  12. I’ll be cruising through Stillwater next week on the motorcycle. I have kind of an aryan look. While I am there I’ll try not to look at any Muslims.

  13. I think the left needs to consider that be delegating things to social services instead of the police, what they’re doing is creating a new group of armed workers, but without the institutional knowledge of the traditional police, and one that, when the fit hits the shan, will be reluctant to work with the real police. We are talking some bad results here.

    And then you have the outright budget cuts to boot. Yikes.

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