Know Your Council

Two St. Paul City Council members want to completely abolish the St. Paul Police Department.

Nelsie Yang, representing Ward 6 (NE St. Paul, Phalen area) and Mitra Jalali representing Ward 4 (NW St. Paul, Hamline-Midway, Merriam Park, Saint Anthony Park, and parts of Mac-Groveland  and Como).

I wonder if they plan to replace the cops with armed citizens forming vigilance committees to dispense street justice? 

Joe Doakes

Jalali – who seems to have dropped the “-Nelson” from her last name just in time for prime ethnic virtue-signaling season – has been particularly Canoesque.

5 thoughts on “Know Your Council

  1. Sorry beforehand and I don’t mean to threadjack, but when JD was running through the areas that each of those fine council members represent, it occurred to me to wonder if those areas are gerrymandered. I mean both St Paul or Mpls are reliably leftist, do the voting districts make some sort of territorial sense? Or are they arranged to make sure that the votes of Our Host, JD, etc are diluted?

    Just ignore if you want… I haven’t finished my coffee.

  2. Not to seem racissss here, but, based on their names, if not them directly, their parents came to the U.S. from other countries. Funny that they wanted to join the DemocRAT party.

    I did note in a news report from last week that Democrat Representative Jim Clyburn, has declared that they are not going to defund the police department. Since he’s black, he probably won’t be told by Piglosi to get back in line. And, I provided a link to the story from a source that Emery can’t claim is fake news.

  3. So much white privilege these days that we have people choosing to be black, native American, and dropping their white last names.

  4. I already “knew” the Council, going back years ago when we categorically ruled out buying rental property in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

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