Only A Couple Of Explanations For This

This is Senator Tim Kane, father of an “Anti”-Fa thug who punched a 17 year old girl at a Trump rally, and who came within an electoral miracle of becoming the Vice President of the United States:

Now, there are a few reasons he might say something like this:

  1. The Babylon Bee hired an impersonator, and this is satire beyond parody or reason.
  2. He’s really that stupid.
  3. He knows better, but he believes his audience actually is that stupid.


14 thoughts on “Only A Couple Of Explanations For This

  1. Given the insanity exhibited by the racism-mongers nowadays, I’d say 3. For example, the exercise ropes hanging from trees in a park in Oakland or, even more weird, apparently a mortgage company in Atlanta has fired the step mother of police officer Garrett Rolfe.

  2. I gotta go with jdm. Option 3.

    He’s a sitting US Senator. He swore an oath to obey the Constitution. At some point in his life, someone must have told him that the Constitution was the document that formed the United States, and the 3/5 rule was included in the Constitution because of slaves. Therefore, slavery existed before the United States was formed. The Founders inherited the existing problem of slavery and reached the 3/5 compromise to side-step it while creating the new nation.

    Senator Kaine’s statement is worse than historically ignorant. It’s bigoted and racist, besides.

    All the Jews who celebrate Passover – the time when the Angel of the Lord killed the firstborn of Egypt to convince Pharaoh to release the tribes of Israel from slavery so Moses could lead them across the Red Sea to the Promised Land – they’re all fooling themselves. No such thing as slavery in ancient times, says Senator Kaine, we invented it. I guess the Jews in Egypt were simply voluntary unpaid independent contractors, probably undocumented aliens to boot. No wonder Pharaoh kicked them out.

    Throwing Jews under the bus to gain points with Blacks – how anti-Semitic can you get?

  3. Jews… Are they even in the Oppressed Groups playoffs? Oh, wait, they’re a wild card group.

  4. As usual with multiple questions, the correct answer is D: All of the above.

  5. I would go with 2 & 3. If I can only pick one, then 3.
    Kaine is, allegedly, a practicing Catholic, who have traditionally been opposed to abortion, until the left infiltrated it, but he’s old enough that he was brought up in the old doctrine. By identifying himself as a Democrat, he defacto supports Planned Murderhood, which is the most tolerated racist organization in the world, followed closely by the hypocritical National Association of Womyn. I heard that the boyfriend of the girl that his thug son punched, wasn’t able to attend the rally with her, because he had to work. If he had been with her, I would speculate that tough guy Woody would have had his back side handed to him.

  6. Option 4. Enunciate an absurdity, then attack anyone who contradicts it.

    I will go with 4.

    The ultimate expression of power is to humiliate others. It is one thing for a schoolyard bully to say that your mother wears combat boots, it is quite another to force you to say it.

    The left is now in charge and they are vocalizing their control by forcing everyone to wear their underwear on their heads while marching backwards around in circles.

    Why do they do this, other than for the sheer exhilaration of power?

    The answer is obvious, anyone not wearing their underwear on their heads while marching backwards in circles has identified themselves as the enemy and therefore can be singled out for denunciation and attack.

  7. Greg, you’re dead-on with that humiliation angle, but I think you overlook the possible advantages of those people who accept their humiliation. As Voltaire put it, Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.

    Or Dalrymple’s quote about political correctness is useful in the same vein.

  8. jdm,

    Totally agree.

    Soon we will learn that 2020 has become Year Zero. Best ditch your glasses now (uh, that includes sunglasses).

  9. jdm, many of the craziest, most committed leftist reprobates are Jewish. Jews as a group are a reliable voting bloc and source of donations for the reprobate party.

    As a group, they’re not gonna get much sympathy from me.

  10. You’re absolutely correct, Swiftee. I was just remarking that antisemitic behavior barely moves the leftist give-a-s**t meter anymore. And yes, some of those leftists who don’t care are, like Marx, ethnically if not religiously Jewish.

  11. Every race has their share of reprobates. Don’t go there. At least Jews had (have) a history of millennia of oppression to formulate their world-view of what “freedom” means. It bears to note that most if not all the reprobate blood-thirsty Jews, from Marx to Trotsky to Soros have all renounced Judaism before embarking on path to destruction of freedom as we know it. In the east, most became atheists while in the west, some converted to Christianity. But yeah, thanks Swiftee for lumping me in with these monsters. When do you plan on burning Atlas Shrugged since it was written by a Jew?

  12. I am with justplainangry on this one.

    Yes, as a demographic group, Jews support the left – but much of that is the afterglow of the left supporting them when few others would – which they no longer do, but it takes awhile to adjust.

    But let’s talk about Lutherans, especially the white suburban women of the ELCA. Now there is a group to loathe. 🙂 🙂

  13. But let’s talk about Lutherans, especially the white suburban women of the ELCA. Now there is a group to loathe

    For me, this is a ha-ha-only-serious issue. Given their normalization of all sort of radical policies and political positions of the recent past, I would include white suburban women of the ELCA among the reprobate lite.

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