Talk About Injustice

Budget cuts have claimed Live From Here with Chris Thile, the show that picked up where A Prairie Home Companion was amputated when Garrison Keillor got #HimToo-ed.

While I don’t think its move last fall to the Town Hall Theater in NYC helped it one little bit (it had to be a lot harder to meet the nut there than at the Fitz in Saint Paul), the show was one of the few local MPR non-news productions to be genuinely worth the time.

And yet Keri Miller just ticks on and on.

4 thoughts on “Talk About Injustice

  1. Keri Miller is one of those creatures that, when the time comes, will be seamlessly replaced by a Google/FB/Disney AI

  2. LFH had a nice mix of alternative and Americanna type bands.

    It was trying to move on from the crabby, creepy, gas bag that had that time slot before him that boomers loved. Maybe the GenX crowd just wasn’t listening because they have so many options.

    Want some fun? Follow former MPR newsman Bob Collins on Twitter. Mylittleblogie. He retired about a year ago. He has gone off the rails. He carries two five gallon buckets full of bad bile all the time. He has Trump Derangement Syndrome big time. He’s fun to follow

  3. I didn’t think that NPR had budget cuts.
    So, the story is, while Keiler and PHC were the centerpiece, no budget cuts, after Keilor and PHC are #canceled, budget cuts.
    So many levels of failure on the Left.
    The latest is making heroes out of violent street thugs,.
    Heroes of the Right: people who are strong, protective, who exercise self-control and integrity, and who realize that their greatest battle is with their own weaknesses.
    Heroes of the Left: drug addicted, violent criminals who get killed by cops.

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