In The Past Week…

…I have gotten more furtive, almost samizdat, questions from liberal/progressive friends of mine about buying and carrying firearms than ever before. Other “out” shooters (or in my case, gun rights activists, since all my guns fell into Mille Lacs in 2018 and I’m terrified of them anyway) have reported the same. And on Saturday, the line out the door at Bill’s Gun Shop in Robbinsdale, while admittedly exacerbated by “social distancing” requirements, was still an hour long. To get in the door. Not to mention finding a firearm, and going through the paperwork, if applicable.

The opportunity is there for law-abiding gun owners to win a whooole lot of the support we’re going to need to weather what may well be a challenging decade in Minnesota.

Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Question – are these liberal/progressive “friends” buying firearms to protect themselves or to rain terror on the law and order abiding citizens? Remember, there will be no police to protect you in case one of these BLM/Antifa vermin decide to pull the trigger – fact they are above the law is on display each and every day.

  2. Time to renew the offer I make whenever a new group – Blacks, women, gays, trans, liberals – get scared enough to buy a gun for self-defense.

    I offer to show you how to use it safely, for free. No politics, no lectures.

    The last thing the gun rights movement needs is bad PR from an accidental discharge.

  3. I certainly hope that Bill’s is offering discounts for NRA members, or NRA signups.

    And I’ll take this opportunity to shill for my friends at the Virginia Citizens Defense League. The VCDL is the preeminent 2A organization in the country right now, and they can thank a slate of top notch officers for that.

    Everyone knows about the 50,000 that turned out last January to express their outrage at the actions of the leftists that took control of the assembly, thanks to NY Bloomberg’s billions. But that couldn’t have happened unless they were already a force to be reckoned with.

    These boys (and girls) are every bit as organized as the NRA, without the top heavy administrative overhead; they’re all volunteers. The VCDL gets donations from all of the firearm manufacturers and VA firearm retailers. They have “watchers” in every county in the state who keep tabs on what their local pols are up to, and spearhead massive get out the vote campaigns using their thousands of members. They have the full support of the majority of VA’s Sheriff’s, who proudly pose with them.

    They flipped the 2 local elections that occurred last month, tossing leftist reprobates to the gutter. They will be a game changer this November, and next November when the VA assembly is up for election I expect they will be surfing a sea change.

    I encourage the MN 2A rights groups to reach out to VCDL; they know what they’re doing and are eager to help other groups.


  4. Mitch,
    As an FYI, I found a couple of those guns in Mille Lacs, but sadly, they were too rusted and warped to restore. I’m waiting for the next “buy back” program. If I make any money, I’ll buy you a couple of beers.

    I would also bet that your liberal/progressive “friends” were just shocked to find out that couldn’t “buy guns all day off the internet”, too.

    I couldn’t help but notice that one of those elected gun grabber authors of the confiscation bill, was caught vandalizing property during the riots. Funny, he has totally disgraced his service in the Marines. Allegedly, he served.

  5. Beware the trojan horse. Or being the frog in the slow cooker. You pick a metaphor you are going to die by while libturds are sneaking their noses inside the tent. Like Lenin said, “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” So go ahead, educate your liberal progressive “friends” how to eradicate you.”Game? This wasn’t meant to be a game. NEVER.”

    “2nd Amendment is for everyone including black men with long guns but it’s fucking time for us white liberal men to stand up for our brothers & sisters,” tweeted Arnold. “Borrow our dad’s hunting rifles & go nose to nose with Trump’s gang of misfit tools.”

  6. Option 1 – do nothing. Let Liberals buy guns, handle them improperly, kill a child, run crying the media and politicians, who take everybody’s guns because they’re so dangerous.

    Option 2 – teach Liberals how to handle guns safely. Won’t make them expert marksmen, but it might save a child’s life and my guns.

    You do as you like. I choose Option 2.

  7. jpa, I understand your point, but I don’t really expect more than a few liberals, in particular those that “hated” guns until it became inconvenient, would ever become the threat you envision.

    They would probably take a gun safety class (good idea) and perhaps even a Carry class. But I can’t them progressing from there to Advanced Handgun Use and on to Defensive (or even Offensive 😉 Use. Add in all the hours needed at the range to become truly proficient. And so truly dangerous. Man, I can’t see it.

  8. JD, all of a sudden you no longer believe that rule of law will prevail and that media and politicians are going to stop to subvert the constitution? That they are not going to continue to do so regardless?

    jdm, do you know if your libturd friend is not a closet antifa/blm thug? DA’s around the country are refusing to press charges, which makes it possible for these reprobates to obtain guns legally due to their “clean” criminal record.

    Hey look, I am all for 2nd amendment and safe handling of firearms and all, but things have changed in the past 6 months, and not for the better. It is nice for JD to live in a pollyannaish world of yesterday and I envy him. I wish I could do the same – my health would definitely benefit. But unlike you, I have seen the other side, and it is far, far worse than what you think. This is just the beginning and I caution you to mind who you sell the rope to.

  9. JD;

    I think that I have said this before on this forum, but liberals that I have convinced to take a C&C class, just to prove me wrong that they don’t teach us to have Dodge City style gunfights in the streets, come away admitting that they were wrong. One told me that he totally had his “eyes opened wide” and that he would continue to perfect his skills, just in case. He also knows the Second Amendment backwards and forwards, and realizes the importance of it to the rest of the Constitution.

  10. jdm, do you know if your libturd friend is not a closet antifa/blm thug?

    Perhaps I was unclear; it wouldn’t be the first time. My point is that becoming a proficient gun-user requires a commitment of time and money that is backed up by an interest. I doubt that interest is or will be there for all of these newfound admirers of the 2A.

    I don’t have any libturd friends.

  11. teach Liberals how to handle guns safely.

    Get around mentally ill people with guns? Hard pass.

  12. Get around mentally ill people with guns? Hard pass.

    Oof. That’s a hard argument to beat.

  13. Lighten up, guys. I have made the same offer many times, right here on SITD, to many new gun owners. Because here’s the thing – I don’t sell guns. The newbie already BOUGHT the gun. She/he/it simply doesn’t know how to safely use it, yet, and that poses a danger to the gun owner and to others. There’s no political advantage for us in that situation.

  14. You think I’m kidding, JD? No, when I say leftists are mentally ill, I mean they’re mentally ill. When I say I wouldn’t be around them while they are armed, I mean not within a mile.

    (Still do not understand why I cannot post web links HTTPS and . where applicable)
    “New study out: Mental Illness and the Left ”
    h tee tee pee ess//emilkirkegaard(dot)dk/en/?p=8718

    The fact is, the more to the left they get, the closer they get to being ineligible to own a firearm at all. We’ve all seen triggered leftists suddenly go completely insane with rage at meetings and rallies, do I want to see it happen while they’re holding a loaded pistol? Not no; hell no.

    But U do U.

  15. JD, I see your point on noobs who already had been through the vetting process if they bought a gun. However, with recent developments were DA’s are refusing to charge and prosecute people caught in the middle and sometimes on camera committing a felony, arson and other general malfeasance, the vetting process re criminal record check had just been rendered moot. If one part of the system fails, the rest are suspect. Sort of like the fruit of the poison tree, no?

  16. Yellow bike, the race of that guy is irrelevant. Cops kill more white guys than black.

    Most cops are not virulent racists; they’re cops. They see life as “us vs. them”, “them” being everyone who is not a cop.

    Cops are a necessary evil. They are not your friends. The best advice I can give anyone is to make every attempt avoid cops. The best way to do that is avoid sketchy neighborhoods and don’t do crimes.

  17. Yes, correct, This Chopper , I was somewhat aware of that, Tony Timpa, a white person died in TX under similar circumstances, there have been stories on him.

    That said, what’s this about this being while a reality show was being filmed? That doesn’t sound too good.

    But yes, I’m aware, Cops shot and killed 19 unarmed white males last year while they shot and killed only 9 black males.

  18. “The best advice I can give anyone is to make every attempt avoid cops. The best way to do that is avoid sketchy neighborhoods and don’t do crimes.”
    This is very good advice.

  19. Apparently “don’t do crimes” part of the advice does not resonate with some people. And then they complain or end up dead, and in some cases, canonized.

  20. Just like alcoholics and drug addicts, liberals first have to acknowledge that they have a problem.

  21. Yellow bike, these live cop shows really piss me off. The fact that at least two LEO agencies in SC participate in the really pisses me off.

    The cops are paid to chase low IQ criminals and collect evidence to use against the ones they do catch. They are not paid to provide content for television production companies.

    I’d complain to them, but that would only result in my house being put on a rotating watch schedule.

  22. hoss, like many people suffering from mental illness, most reprobate leftists do not know they are sick.

    It usually takes an intervention or a crisis to get them to acknowledge they need help. David Horowitz was a committed Communist until the Black Panthers (whine he had ban assisting) killed a white, female fellow traveler.

    The shock caused an epiphany in him and he’s spent the remainder of his life earning others of the existential threat leftist present to America.

  23. justplainangry on June 10, 2020 at 7:44 am said:
    Apparently “don’t do crimes” part of the advice does not resonate with some people. And then they complain or end up dead, and in some cases, canonized.

    Back when I was a student at West High School, I had black and native American friends who were ALWAYS getting in trouble with the law. Kid stuff for the most part, simple drug possession, public drinking, shop lifting, things like that. I was appalled at how little they thought of getting caught. Rather then duck behind a building to smoke a joint, they would just light it up on while walking down the street.
    I think that they were so stupid about getting caught because they thought that no matter what they did, innocent or guilty, they were going to spend a good deal of their lives dealing with LE, so f*ck it.

  24. I’d complain to them, but that would only result in my house being put on a rotating watch schedule.
    C’mon, Swiftee. As far as the cops are concerned, you are golden.
    The only people who have to worry about mistreatment by the cops are black people, brown people, and “differently gendered” people.

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