These Are Our “Elites”

NPR’s Mara Liasson, over the weekend, observing the anniversary of D-Day. Or, more accurately, “observing” the anniversary of “D-Day”, really.

When talking with progs about “Anti”-Fa – a group whose origins were as the Communist version of the Nazi “Brownshirts”, and nothing else – I’ve found “progs” (and “elite” media types like Liasson fall out into two camps:

  • They judge the book by its cover and nothing more; “Antifa is anti-fascist! That’s a good thing!”. Comprehending this level of see/hear/speak-no-evil ignorance is like looking at a tornado for the first time; you’ve heard about ’em, you’re read about ’em, but they’re incomprehensible when you see ’em in person.
  • They think the idea of Big Left having an army of thugs is a necessary evil – or a necessary good, depending on the relative level of depravity.

I’m going to guess Liasson, cocooned in the DC area, is the former.

The DFL bobbleheads who run the Twin Cities? Much more mixed.

8 thoughts on “These Are Our “Elites”

  1. The original anti-fascist terrorists, which the current antifa explicitly links itself to, was a Stalinist organization run from Moscow. And the “fascists” they were fighting was everyone who was not taking their orders from Stalin, including liberal democrats.

  2. Ooooh, so the domestic terrorists were simply re-enacting the Normandy invasion? Well, that explains the swath of destruction they left in their path, but unless I’m mistaken, there were no Italian troops in France; it was Germans Nazi SS Panzer and artillery Corps, so no Fascists, and the allied troops never stopped to loot the towns.

    Hopefully, they’ll get the details straight before next year’s anniversary invasion.

  3. As Mitch points out, the 1940’s version of Antifa were dedicated Communists. Judging strictly from historical records, who has the worse record of atrocities; Fascists or Commies?

    Anyway they try to slice it, the reprobates are supporting the world’s most prolific mass murderers and architects of human suffering Satan himself couldn’t have dreamed up.

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  5. Yea, but the Anti-Fa flag is deliberately patterned after the flag of the Brown Shirts. Democrats that instructed their PDs not to interfere with Anti-Fa and arrest anyone who does, are calling for the removal of those PDs, are right out of the Nazi playbook, ala Hermann Goring. I submit that the recent riots were similar to Kristal Knacht, which again, is out of the playbook.

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