Heroes Walking Among Us

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Went for a walk, saw this sign, having trouble identifying the symbol for “government bureaucrats.”  

Hey, we’re essential, you know.  Those papers aren’t going to shuffle themselves.  
Joe Doakes

Sardonic as Joe is, he knows as well as anyone that government workers of all kinds are the most essential workers there are. They’re public employees union members – the backbone of the DFL.

They’re essential to his and the DFL’s power.

But we all knew this.

14 thoughts on “Heroes Walking Among Us

  1. You went to work, and did your job?Yeaaaah! Way to Go!! Woooo hoooo! Yeaaaaah! *confetti*

    Get in here you big lugs….everyone gets a trophy.

  2. I fully expect every stinking leftist Governor to propose a monument to all the heroic garbagemen, nurses, 7/11 cashiers, uber drivers, coppers, EMT’s, Guatamexidorian landscapers …hell, everyone who set foot outside their bat flu bunkers.

    Probably a wall of highly polished black marble with all the names inscribed. Everyone can bring their kids to get rubbing of their mom and dad’s name to frame and hang in the living room, next to Jack Kennedy’s photo.

    They’ll be called the “Lest we forget” memorials which is fitting since very few of the millions of newly unemployed Americans will forget who did this shit.

  3. Let’s not get to carried away, Joe.

    The grocery cart doesn’t represent government workers, neither does the symbol for maintenance workers.

    I’m a little confused by the teachers. I’ll give you points there.

    Most fire fighters (FD) are volunteers, who when a beeper goes off, rush out of church, leap off their tractors or lock their businesses to put out fires, aid heart attack victims or roar to the scene of a grisly car accident.

    The other symbols represent nurses, police and nursing home and red cross workers, who put themselves at risk to serve…

    … just like soldiers who are also government employees.

    Let’s not forget that on Memorial Weekend.

  4. I see Generalissimo Walz has purchased a vacant warehouse in SP for $4 million and change…spent some of those sweet, sweet Trumpbux(tm).

    It used to be a distribution center, but whatever it was distributing has left for greener pastures. Walz is repurposing it…

    Walz bought it to hold the piles, the heaps, the mountians of bodies that will be pouring out of the overwhelmed hospitals when the SURGE gets to MN.

    Haven’t seen the report, but I’m sure he bought a fleet of 40′ tractor/trailer combos to haul the deceased. Gonna happen, lads. Aaaany day.

    Brace yourselves. You’re all fucked now.

  5. Say doc?

    What temp does a dead body need to be maintained at to delay decomposition?

    I’m trying to calculate how many tons of refrigeration is going to take to keep that warehouse cool. Then I can tell how much it’s gonna cost to buy and run the AC units.

  6. The calc will be easy since there will never be a heat load applied unless the SP Public works lads keep their beer stored in there.

  7. My first thought when I heard about the warehouse purchase was “why?”

    Ice arenas abound all over MN. Problem solved.

  8. “My first thought when I heard about the warehouse purchase was “why?”

    Reverse Potemkin village.

    The Junta must keep you peasants believing the end is near or you’ll start noticing like us hillbillies. But not the end of times! Oh no, not that, because that would get all those Evangelical bigots riled up.

    And then the wyte supremacist militias would start shooting all the Guatamexidorians, alphabet people, women with penises, men with vaginas, and all the other disadvantaged voters.

    And the Generalissimo can’t send their riddled corpses to his big refrigerator because y’all think it’s already full! What a pickle!

    Clown world.

  9. I figured it was less devious Swiftee. I just figured he had a friend that owned it, and would kickback some of the purchase price.

  10. I wonder what the Dempanic would have been like if Jesse the Mind was still Governator up there.

    I’m thinking it would have been an epic spectacle. Drumpf would be all butt hurt because Jesse was sucking all the air out of the media, and the two of them would be one-upping each other with wacky shit.

    In any case, lt would have been a lot more fun than what y’all got going now.

  11. golfdoc50;
    In the Air Force, he would have been called a (breast)less WAF.

  12. Brace yourselves. You’re all fucked now.
    Sooner or later the supply of diabetic 90 years olds will dry up.

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