The governors “reopening plan“ – it might be better referred to as a “slow strangulation plot” – Might not actually be is designed to destroy small businesses, especially in low density parts of the state.


But if it were, it would be hard to tell what they would do differently.


Representative Mary Franson voiced her displeasure yesterday:

I’m in decent health – I’ve never missed the 80 pounds I lost over the last two years less than I have this last two months – and so I have to say in all honesty, I’m a lot more worried about surviving governments response to this epidemic that I am the epidemic itself.

That’s not to say I don’t take it seriously, Karen: I have people in my family who are in several of the various risk groups.But it’s time for the real people of the state to ratchet up the opposition.More later this week, maybe.

11 thoughts on “Unimpressed

  1. The Dempanic has really turned into a pie in the face for reprobate politicians from town councils to Senators.

    You can measure the truth in that statement from the increasingly frantic bleating sto he heard from the reprobate herd; they’re losing their minds.

    Case in point: The Red Star has a lengthy piece this morning describing the growing backlash to Generalissimo Waltz’s iron fist.

    The comment thread that follows is broken cleanly along IQ lines. The lower the IQ, the more fervent the support for martial law.

    What I find most amazing, is the ease with which the junta has managed to get their troops to march backwards without their realizing it. Consider this comment, from a cadre directed at his intellectual betters:

    “If you own a small business and you aren’t using this time to change your business model and get with the times, maybe you shouldn’t be in business- for each one of the crying points above there are about 100 different ways to bring in money safely if you aren’t able to operate how you used to. Times like these call for innovation and creation. Not to sit around like some pansy babies. There are many generations who have come before us who have had to give up a whole lot more. Mask up, change your business model and stop crying like a spoiled toddler.”

    Did you catch it? That leftist reprobate is ordering heretofore successful business people, willfully devastated by government, to pull themselves up by their bootstraps!

    Evidently the antifa party has always been the profa party, Wilson.

  2. More from the Red Star story.

    We recall yesterday, when the Red Star shielded the number of bat flu patients occupying ICU beds through very poor sleight of hand. Evidently they didn’t realize we saw them palm the truth, and feel confident in doing it again today.

    Pay attention rubes; nuthin up my sleeve…

    “The risks of ignoring state health guidance were evident when a group in Minnesota tried to set up a graduation event in violation of Walz’s order.

    One infected person involved in setup exposed two others, who didn’t know their risk status when they participated”

    Asshole. We saw your shitty palming again!

    The miscreant exposed two others who failed to contract the flu, because they didn’t have any known risk factors.

    We know that because if they were currently occupying an ICU bed, the fake news jockey would have surely shamed them for taking beds that Memaw and Poppy needed.

  3. I’m sure that anti business comment was signed Eric Dayton or Keith Ellison.

  4. boss, I’m sure it was or would have been approved by Dayton or Ellison, but no. The problem is that there are an awful lot of people who have no idea what it takes to be in business. Nor do they care that they have no idea. They also “know” that small business people are literally swimming in pools of cash at home like Scrooge McDuck.

  5. This is the type of think I expect from Lefties. Socialist Thugs gonna Socialist Thug. What really pisses me off in when I hear stuff from conservatives like, “Well, this is the way the Market works.” Having your business shutdown by Government Decree is NOT in any way shape or form the Market. Oh, and stop telling us that people will be too scared to go to restaurants, theaters, and ballparks even if they are allowed to reopen. I think Wisconsin is disproving that canard.

  6. SmithStCroix;

    My brother lives in Ohio, was a union goon district level stooge and is fully baked into the leftist culture. He made that same claim to me last night while we were talking; “even if the restaurants were opened, no one would go”. I called him on his B.S. and told him to look at Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida and Wisconsin. People are going out to the restaurants. He is also a die hard Catholic (probably the only one of my family members that still is), yet he seems to have no problem with the pro-choice stance of his chosen party. I love to set him and especially my sister-in-law off by pointing out their blatant hypocrisy.

  7. I’m with boss, everyone I talk to wants to get back out and interact with friends and family. The local joints, restaurants, fraternal clubs, churches, etc… is where that interaction always has and always will take place. Minnesotans are no different than out neighbors in Wisc., when the ban is lifted we’ll line up to get into our favorite places.

    I’ve now completely convinced that MDH models for the virus where based on the readings of Tarot cards, Rune dice, and thrown chicken bone deciphering. The same government that gave us MNLARS debacle. Their inherently incompetent!

  8. Scott Hughes;
    And don’t forget the Met Council’s mass virus transporting choo-choo trains.

  9. MVTU — Mass Virus Transporting Units.
    The choo-choo’s only fulfill their purpose when they are densely packed, all of the time. New York’s Death Trolleys became more effective MVTU’s when ridership declined in the early stages of the Wuhan Flu. MVTU officials countered humanity’s survival instincts by reducing the number of cars, increasing the concentration of potential Wuhan Flu carriers on each car.

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