Just One Life

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Governor Walz killed a man today.  He won’t be prosecuted for it. He’s
safe behind papers and attorneys and statutes.  But the man is dead by
Governor Walz’ act, same as if he’d done the deed in person.

Governor Walz killed a health care worker today.  The dead man was laid
off from a hospital.  They couldn’t afford to keep him. They were losing
too much money since the Governor banned non-emergency medical treatment
to keep hospital beds open for the surge of Covid patients that never
came.  But for the shut-down, the dead man would have been at work,
caring for patients, doing what he loved.

Governor Walz killed a father today.  The dead man was married, with
children ranging from 3 to 9 years old.  His wife is still in shock.
Family is staying with her.  The older ones are quiet, trying to
understand.  The little ones hear: “Daddy’s gone to Heaven” and ask:
“Yes, but when is he coming home?”  They don’t understand why he’s never
coming home.  None of us do. There will be no visitation, no memorial. 
They are illegal.

Governor Walz killed a son today.  The dead man’s parents still live in
the house he grew up in.  The father, in his 90’s, crying, asking, “Why
him, Lord?  Why not me? He had so much to live for.” The Governor claims
he had to shut down everything to save lives. But the lives saved are
those like the father – old, sitting at home, waiting to die – which are
never weighed against the lives lost.

Governor Walz killed a brother today. He was the smartest of us all: honors graduate, advanced degrees, quick with a quip but heart as big as the world. He was my baby brother.

Joe Doakes

My condolences to Joe’s family – to say the least.

Pass it around.

28 thoughts on “Just One Life

  1. What amazes me most about Donald Trump, is how he misses the obvious wins. When he titled himself a wartime president, while tens of millions were losing their jobs, he could have hired an army of several million Americans to scour the nation with testing and tracking. He could have used his wartime powers to focus companies, across the nation, to create the protection and detection tools necessary to fight this war. Many more millions of Americans could have been hired to produce those weapons. He could have been a wartime hero. Instead he turned away from that to take a leading role as the buffoon on his nightly TV show.

    How do you miss a softball pitch, like this, by so much.

  2. Well, Emery, maybe it was because many left wing news outlets,the leader of the Chinese puppet the WHO, the speaker of the house, the mayor of the largest city in the U.S. and the fraud doctor that everyone is following like the Nazis followed Der Fuhrer, all said and acted early on like that this virus was no big deal.
    By the way, according to the CDC web site regarding testing, here it is:
    And, if the “trackers” show up at your house, make sure that you let them in to test you.

  3. I’m won’t be reading comments, not in the mood to play with trolls.

    I’ll be taking some time off to spend with family. Take care, all . . . .

  4. New York reported that 60% of all new cases of virus infection, were people who have been at home.
    Open the country!

  5. Oh man, really sorry about your tragedy, JD. You are the 1 person that I know who has been hurt by bat flu; not once, but now twice.

    Mitch, for the love of God, take out the trash: get rid of Dunning_Kruger.

  6. I’m so sorry, Joe.

    Praying for a lot of friends of mine who are suffering with Mayo’s furloughs and pay cuts, for coworkers laid off because business has plunged, and the like. Friend from church’s option is to spend 8 weeks in Dubai–I can hardly imagine being away from my family that long, and I think he’s as sweet on his family as I am on mine.

  7. Oh damn – very sorry for your loss JD. Will be keeping you/yours in my prayers.

  8. So sorry Joe.

    Mitch: ban hammer time. You know it, we know it, hell he knows it.

  9. Jeeze. Right after I read this, one of my good friends called and told me he’s got lymphatic leukemia.

    I’m out for the day, too. Maybe for good, idk.

  10. Joe, my deepest condolences. It’s a hard situation, but know that we stand behind you and are saddened by your loss.

  11. By the way, Emery, you’re a complete, tasteless, insensitive ass with no common decency or humanity.

  12. my condolences Joe I cannot imagine what you and your family are going through right now. and my anger at Walz now is rising.

    And D_K kindly go fuck yourself with a rusty, AIDS infected nail.

  13. Sorry, how did Walz kill him? By insisting that beds be for critical patients? I don’t think Walz in any way said non-covid patients who need to be hospitalized aren’t to be cared for. So, no I’m not going to sift through the comments to find out, but since, Joe, like always, your posts are more screed than substance, perhaps you can clarify?

    By contrast, President Trump killed 3,000 fathers, sons, and brothers today, he killed them by pretending this wasn’t an issue, wasn’t a disease with which we needed to be concerned, by saying he had it under control when he didn’t, by telling people to use hydrochloroquine (sic) or to try to self-sanitize with Lysol, he killed them through ineptitude, through mismanagement, through erroneous and fake news and terrible guidance. You guys will find any shred to blame Walz but are blind to Trump’s gross mismanagement. That’s the only real news here.

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